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  Top Comments: Reid - Halmich
comments?  Round By round    Report

(SEPT 15) In the decision made in Germany of the Reid vs. Halmich fight predictable? Ah...yes...Hopeful that a fair decision would be made if Elena "Baby Doll" Reed fought hometown queen  Halmich and beat her....absolutely.  But that is only in a perfect world---and on Sept. 11th proved again,  that there is no "perfect world" in the sport of boxing. Hear what some boxing fans and some of the media had to say about this controversial decision between Reid and Halmich!
Open Letter by Regina halmich   Elena's Read "Open Letter"


I am impressed with the attitude both these fighters have shown.  There are so many fighters that don't show respect to their opponent.  Nor do they present their honesty in fights that weren't scored in honesty.  I
am glad there are fighters with this type of personality and heart.  I'd be VERY interested in watching this fight again as well as continuing to follow their other future fights.  Thanks, Larissa Overbey



I know it is impossible to win a match against Regina Halmich in Germany ....and Regina Halmich knows that. 
Regina,  I am your fan but please you destroyed the women boxing, you lost the fight and you know that. If you are honest please don´t destroy women's boxing. In Mexico you have many fans but we are angry with you.
Note: Elena, you won the fight. Victor M. Fonseca



First I would like to state that I am impressed by the German fans and their sense of fair-play. They were quite vocal about their unhappiness with the decision. I have never seen so much support for an out of town opponent.
Elena earned many new fans and friends that night. Unfortunately "bad decisions" are a part of boxing, and I would be the first to state that I thought Felix Strom beat De La Hoya. Two wrongs do not make a right! Elena
out punched, out threw, and out landed Regina throughout the fight. To the Judge that scored the fight 98 to 94 for Halmich your decision was completely incompetent! I will refrain from accusations of foul play. All I can say is that there must be a re-match, and we would be happy to go back to Germany (to Regina's home town) to right this wrong. I know there will be many happy German boxing fans delighted to have Baby doll thrill them again with her action packed boxing. Thank You, Chris Ben Tchavtchavadze -Trainer of Elena Reid



I didn't get to see this fight unfortunately.  I did see Regina's fight against Caples on video.  Yvonne, I thought was ahead but it could have gone to Halmich.  Even then there was considerable booing of the decision by the Germans.  I think what is most distressing about these controversial decisions is that they just keep happening.  One or two questionable decisions in favor of a certain fighter is acceptable and scandel accusations I think can be overly exaggerated.  However, we have come to expect them from Universum promoted fighters, Halmich in particular.  I applaud both fighters for how they handled the post fight controversy.  It would be great to have a rematch in the United States.  However, from what I hear, Halmich's star power in Europe is so much bigger than it is here so there is more than just the judging keeping her overseas.  Also, even if the fight were to occur here, can we really be sure that a biased decision would not follow Regina to the U.S.  After all, she would still be promoted by Universum.  Then again, maybe the promoters would be intimidated by trying to pull a fast one on a hometown fighter.  Even though the Germans were upset, a scandelous decision here could cause more problems than just booing.  I don't think a womens bout has caused a riot yet though.  The ladies fans seem to have a good track record so far. Erik



Even before the fight,  I made the bet that Regina Halmich would defend the title. Opponents like Alina Shaternikova and Yvonne Caples hit Regina hard and were the real winner. However both lost their fights in Germany. So I was convinced that Regina would keep the belt. The only way to succeed in Germany versus Regina Halmich is a victory through k.o. The fight was obvious last Saturday. Elena Reid showed a clever and convincing fight. She was the Champion in the ring.Patrick Trachsel, Switzerland



What took place after the world title fight between Regina Halmich and Elena Reid late Saturday night in Karlsruhe, is a disgrace to the sport of boxing. With an incomprehensible clear vote in favour of the obviously inferior Regina Halmich, the German judge Oliver Evers has not only made a laughing stock of himself and his guild, but also kindled the discussion of the credibility of boxing world wide"  Boxing Writer in Germany



 I'm from Germany, I saw the Halmich-Reid-bout on TV last Saturday, and IMHO Reid won seven or eight rounds out of ten... when I heard the result "draw!", I thought it was a mistake - but it wasn't. I think those fans booing showed that my opinion about this fight isn't only mine but that of a few thousand else. Greetings to that very nice girl Elena Reid. That bout is a sad thing for her.



I am from Germany, I am a fan of Regina Halmich, and even I think that Elena Reid was better, at least on that evening. I would have scored the fight 97-95 for Reid, but there were indeed a couple of close rounds, so in my opinion any vote from the 97-93 of the Belgian judge to a
draw can be justified - maybe even a narrow victory (96-95 or so) for Halmich would have been barely acceptable considering a champions bonus.  The vote of the German judge is ridiculous.  In general,  I think that it is a big problem in professional boxing, if one of the judges is from the same country as one of the contenders.  That is something that simply should be avoided by all means, even - or rather especially - if the fight takes place in one of the boxers home country!
Volker L., Germany



In my opinion, Reid did won the bout. This is the same thing the German people do. Two german judges and one american judge. Most the time German judges score the win to Halmich. This is the same display when Delia Gonzales and Regina Halmich fought. Gonzales did won the bout but it was stolen from her and gave it to Regina. When will the german judges learn how to watch a GOOD fight? Is it because Felix Sturm lost to De La Hoya when Sturm won the bout? Come on people, if you gonna score a good fight, score it right. Don’t give the fight to the one that actually lost it. Pedro



Now that both the American and German contingents have made a breakthrough, by agreeing that there will be a rematch between Elena Reid and Regina Halmich, the rematch ought to take place in America, regardless of where, but to accommodate fraulein Regina's concerns about Las Vegas, where she last lost convincingly when Yvonne Trevino dropped her on her can, let's have it somewhere else, say, Tunica or on the gulf somewhere, even the east coast would be cool. At least then, I might be to able cover it for you. Regardless of where the venue will be, either Yvonne Caples or Kim Messer or both should be working Elena's corner. After all, they've both earned that privilege, when they both were, shall we say, 'shortchanged' when they had the misfortune of fighting the lovely fraulein in the past. Longjab



Last night I watched the Halmich - Reid fight. It was a great fight with two attacking boxers really fighting each other. Pity it ended in a scandal. Elena Reid was the better boxer of the two, scoring a lot more points. The verdict was scandalous. The German point referee saw the match 98-94 in favor of Halmich. He was the only man in the hall (apart from a few diehard Halmich fans undoubtedly who saw the match this way. Immediately after the match Halmich avoided the question of the fight being a scandal. "I am not a point-referee", was her response to the question about the scandalous result. Jean Marcel Nortz from Universum said that Regina had been lucky. When a short interview with Elena started in the ring she got a big applause from the crowd. She also avoided the question about a scandal by saying:" I do hope everybody has enjoyed the fight, I do hope there will be a rematch".  After the match in the studio Torsten Schmitz didn't answer the question about his advice during the fight to Regina from which you could conclude that the match didn't go well. Also he didn't comment the question about how the final result sounded. Halmich concluded in the studio that when the match would have been lost with a single point difference she would have accepted the result.   The final question to Regina was about the cooperation between Elena Reid and her stall mate Daisy Lang. She confirmed that she was very touched about this and that she never expected Daisy to inform Elena about how to fight against her.  Kees of Holland



Poor Elena, who had fought so well, bursts into tears on hearing this decision. The Germans TV-presenter calls it “an incomprehensible decision” and “a scandal”.  Regina doesn’t want to comment on the judges’ decision but admits that she was worried that she ‘d lose her title and indicates that she would have accepted it if the judges had given the fight to Elena.  Jean Marcel Nartz from Universum Box Promotion admits that Regina “was a bit lucky” and that Elena would’ve won the fight if it had taken place in the U.S.   Elena herself is a real good sport about the whole thing. When she’s interviewed, she has already regained her charming smile. She doesn’t comment on the decision either and says she’s looking forward to the rematch and that next time she will “win even more”. Upon this she blows kisses and thanks the crowd who cheer her once more.  It was definitely a good fight with two crowd-pleasing athletes who lived up to expectations.Especially Elena made a great impression.  As for the decision… the good news is that everybody agreed on having a rematch! Peter Geudens of Belgium



I have checked the German press during the day. Still the same picture. Everybody cries FOUL PLAY.  Eventually Universum put up the result on their page. They simply took the wording from the press agency DPA, saying: "Regina Halmich remains WIBF world champion in flyweight. The 27 year old citizen of Karlsruhe defended her title with a draw, in her hometown in front of 5000 spectators.  For Halmich, who has only one defeat in 47 fights, this was her 36th win in 36 title matches." 
(how can she have 36 wins in 36 title fights, when this was a draw?)  WBAN Insider from Europe



Elena Reid has just fought a draw with Regina Halmich in Karlsruhe but this was a bigger robbery than any visited on Caples, Sutcliffe and various other talented but ill-advised fighters who chance their arm in Germany.  The scoring was as follows:  Roger Tillemann (Belgian) 93/97 for Reid
Leslek Jankowiak (Polish) 97/97; Oliver Evers (German) 98/94 for Halmich.  I scored it 99/93 for Reid who put on a fine display. She was constantly staggering the champion and backing her up with really solid left/right combinations interspersed with effective body punching. In fact I thought two or three times in the course of the fight that she was going to send Regina to the canvas. Though clearly (and understandably) upset, Elena was gracious about
the denial of victory. However, she did say in a post fight interview that she would like to come over and fight Regina again and "win even better" next time. Good on you, girl. The German crowd clearly loved you and shared your disappointment
Jon F. of UK



It seems that there is a growing amount of 'Anti-Regina Halmich' fans developing out there, including those that have fought her. Perhaps, I should be the U.S. Chapter President of The Anti-Regina Halmich Fan Club! Longjab



Baby Doll Reid should be the Champ.  No If And's or Buts!  About the Draw, BS!  Ray GR - United States



Translated from Germany: The German Boxing press website headlines their story: " Halmich keeps title through questionable draw"  Here are some excerpts from the article, translated.  The writer, Dr. Constantin Hofmann, was in the arena for the fight. He scored the bout  98-96 for Reid, giving all close rounds to Halmich as her "home town bonus" He writes in his report, that Elena Read fought aggressively from the start, and that Halmich never found the means to counter the strong punching southpaw from the US. Halmich fought bravely and went forward herself, but she simply took too many punches. She proved that she could give as well as take, and didn't shy away from taking risks, but Reid simply threw more and cleaner punches in most of the rounds. Even if you gave two or three close rounds to the world champion, anybody with some boxing knowledge must have realised, that she didn't do enough this time, if everything was done right and square. But it didn't. The first judge saw a reasonable 97-93 , the second saw a dubious 98-98, while the third seemed to have been at another arena for another fight. No other explanation can be found for  a hardly defendable 94-98 in favour of Halmich, which saved Halmich a draw and thereby kept her title. Halmich was unusually reserved at the following press conference. She admitted, that she would have accepted, if Reid had been judged 1 point ahead and won the bout. She thought that the booing was out of place, as it was a very close fight.  Her trainer Thorsten Schmitz was more to the point. "We went away with a black eye".  Elena Reid was remarkably fair in her comments. She avoided to use terms like of wrong decision or even scandal, even though everybody present would have understood. "You all know, boxing is boxing". She thanked her fans and said she was pleased to be in Germany. Both fighters expressed, that they would look forward to a return fight." Link to the copyrighted story



Baby Doll Reid should be the Champ.  No If And's or Buts!  About the Draw, BS!  Ray GR - United States

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