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WBAN Meets Up with Trish Hill!
By Sue TL Fox
January 11, 2004

(JAN 11) WBAN got an opportunity to speak with Trish "TNT" Hill this week about her boxing career and what she plans to do in the sport.  Hill fights out of Atlanta, Georgia, and has taken on some of the top women boxers early in her boxing career. She continues to moves forward in the sport and has impressed the boxing community with her impressive technical skills and talent.

TL Fox: What made you decide to get into boxing?

Hill:  Well,  I started boxing about a year after I had began kickboxing to help my hands. My "then" trainers (Gary Brown & Marshell Davis ) helped me get involved in amateur boxing to keep me busy. I fell in love with it and have been boxing ever since.

TL Fox:  How long did you box in the amateurs, and what made you decide to turn pro?

Hill:  I boxed in the amateurs for about three years before I turned pro.   I had an agreement with my trainer that I would not turn pro until I had at least 50 amateur fights. Which is what I did, this also included my kickboxing fights as well.

TL Fox:  Having a background of kickboxing, did you have a problem with changing your style of fighting to box?

Hill:  At first yes, the two are different in there own way. In kickboxing your distance is farther apart and you stand up a little more straight. But, I think because I started doing both so early and I am still actively doing both it has become easier. I always tell myself if I have shoes on I can't kick :).

TL Fox: Do you feel that it is a detriment or an advantage to first kickbox before boxing, or do you think that it is difficult for kickboxers to make that transition?

Hill:  I think kickboxers can make the transition to boxing easier than a boxer to a kickboxer. With kickboxing you still learn your foot and head movement. You also have to be in superior conditioning the same as you do in boxing. Going from boxing to kickboxing,  I think would be more difficult because of the distance issue. In boxing,  you have to be in close distance to your opponent and some times that is a hard habit to differenciate from, you don't want to be that close to your opponent in kickboxing.

TL Fox: In your last fight against Kelli Cofer of Ohio, you fought to a majority draw against her. Do you want a rematch with her?

Hill: Most definitely, I want a rematch with Kelli. Not taking anything away from her she is a good fighter, but I had fought exactly one week before that in a five-round Thai Boxing match in Miliwaulkee. I know I was not 100% for that fight, even though it was close. I want to rematch her knowing I'm giving a 110% of myself in the fight, I think that is fair.

TL Fox: Before fighting Cofer, you took on Isra Girgrah, who was not only your opponent, but the promoter of the card. Did you feel that you were fighting the odds to fight the boxer/promoter of the event?

Hill:  Any time you fight someone in their home town you are always fighting the odds. With Isra being the promoter as well as the opponent some may think my chances were even worse. I went in the fight knowing I would probably have to knock her out to win, and that is what I stuck to. Isra is a great fighter and I think a good promoter. Unfortunately,  I don't think the boxing forum like too see you doing both at the same time. I know in my heart I won and so did the majority of people that were there.
(according to the write ups after the fight) that's all that matters to me.

TL Fox:  You caused quite an upset when you stopped Lisa Foster in the second round. Can you give some details as to what happened in that fight?

Hill:  When I fought Lisa it was shortly after I started training with my new coach Kelly Leo. Again,  we knew I would have to pretty much get a knockout to win this one. Kelly and I had been working hard for this fight, because we knew Lisa would be a tough opponent. After the first round,  Kelly told me what my opening was....he is very good at feeling people out and seeing things that not everyone else does. So I started timing her and waited for my opening to throw the overhand right.

TL Fox: Out of all the women you have fought professionally thus far, who has been your toughest opponent?

Hill:  I think I would have to say Isra because she has more ring time in the 8 & 10 round fight than me. When I fought her it was my first 8 round fight, and she has has more experience in the later rounds. She knew how to use the ring size and keep her distance from me toward the end of the fight.

TL Fox: You have told WBAN that you have changed trainers, what are you getting now with the new trainer, that you may not have been getting under the old regime?

Hill: Yeah my trainer Kelly and I have been working together for a year or so now, but I have known him for about 4 years. He is a professional kickboxer and K-1 fighter. He takes my strong point and focuses on them as well as teaching me new things. Some trainers try to mold you into what they want you to be and that doesn't always work. In fact I believe it can hurt a fighter. With Kelly being a fighter himself he knows what I need to be doing to be the best fighter I can, it's good because we can push each other. He came up training in the same boxing gym I started in ( Doraville Boxing Gym ).

TL Fox: What are your TOP THREE goals that you would like to achieve in the sport?

Hill:  well #1,  To win the World Title, #2,  Push myself as far as I can go and fight the best out there, and #3  Make my parents proud :) they love to watch me fight & they are ringside every chance they get !!

TL Fox: Do you plan to continue to fight both kickboxing and boxing, or do you feel that doing both are too difficult to do at the same time?

Hill: Yes I plan to continue doing both for as long as I can. I love fighting---it is my life, I know I will not be able todo both forever but until that day comes,  I will keep pushing myself.

TL Fox: What would you tell new boxers on the scene to look out for in the sport?

To look out for themselves and make sure they have a good amateur background before they turn pro. There are so many great fighterd out there today and you have to protect yourself and be ready to fight before you step into the ring.

WBAN would like to thank Trish for taking the time to be interviewed!  For Promoters and Matchmakers, if you are interested in this Dynamite boxer on your card, email WBAN and we will put you in contact with Trish, and/or her team! 

Sue TL Fox



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