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Women's Boxing "Best Kept Secret" is Interviewed!
By Bill Whaley
February 15, 2004


(FEB 15)  At the end of 2003, Valanna "Dynamite" McGee was WBAN's Pick for the  "Best Kept Secret" female boxer of the year....She was SUCH a "secret" that WBAN did not even have a photo of her! BUT....that did not keep boxing fans from talking about this new up-and-coming professional boxer on the scene who was quickly making a name for herself...I got an opportunity to interview McGee to find out just WHO this boxer really was!

Bill W:  WBAN said that you were the best kept secret in 2003. Who is Valanna McGee?

I was surprised when I saw my name as best kept secret. I didn’t know anyone know my name. I was born November 21, 1980, I am 5’6, I prefer to fight at 126 but I do fight higher when I have to. I am originally from Redding Ca; I now live in Sacramento Ca with my Fiancé Cory (Who also boxes) and my 2 year old daughter Chayla.   We moved to Sacramento in February of 2003 to further my boxing career a year after my first professional fight against Eliza Olsen.

In Redding the city that I am from there is no boxing trainers, There are boxing gyms but no “real training” so I never thought I would have the chance to be a professional boxer.

So when I got the opportunity to have a professional fight,  I didn’t care who it was against----I just wanted to do it. I just wanted to be able to say that I fought Professional. My first professional fight was against t Eliza Olsen.  I now know that taking that fight was not a good choice I had just had a baby 6 months before that fight I weighted 145 pounds and I was extremely out of shape. Even though I lost that fight that night I decided I was going to continue my boxing career and take it seriously. So a year later me and my fiancé and my daughter moved to Sacramento for me to train with Nasser Niaveroni, Who is also my manager.

I am glad that I moved to Sacramento, Nasser has turned me into that boxer that I always new that I could be and I know I still have a lot more learning to do.

Bill W:  Did you box in the amateurs? Did you fight anyone in the amateurs who is pro now...a name we might recognize?

  I fought as an amateur over a course of 2 years from age 17 – 19. I had a record of 6-1 my one loss to Myra Trevino who is now professional, in that fight I learned a bout hometown decisions. Other names that might sound familiar are Jamie Barron Who at the time was ranked #2 and Gail Webb.

Bill W:  Tell us about the fight with Kel-C. Do you think that you won the fight or was the judges decision a good one?

McGee:  The Jefferies fight let me start my saying I took that fight on 3 days notice. But I did not lose that fight, I will admit that I did get a little tired as the rounds went on but me my coach and a whole lot of other people that came up to me after the fight felt that I won that fight. People were coming up to me saying that they were there to support Kelsey but I was robbed. A few people got my Email address to let me know they were impressed with my boxing skills and that I won that fight.   The reason I throw out that I took the fight on 3 days notice is because when/or if I get the rematch we have been trying for I will have much more time to prepare Kelsey doesn’t stand a chance.

Bill W:  Got any fights coming up?

I don’t have a date set yet but we are working on getting a fight soon. And in March, I hopefully will be on a card at the Arco Arena in Sacramento.

Bill W:  The WIBA has you ranked at #13 and Dee Williams computer rankings have you at 5th. Let me throw a few names at you that are also ranked in your division...give me your take on them. Jo Jo Wyman, Kristy Follmar, Rolanda Andrews, Keli Cofer…..

McGee:  I have read about all of those women and I am sure that they are very tough and have good skills but I believe in my heart that there is no female can beat me all I need is more experience. I have learned so much in the past year thanks to my coach Nasser, and with a few more fights I will be ready for anyone.

A Few words from WBAN:  McGee's Biography will be posted soon.  WBAN received permission from McGee's mother to use the above shown ©photo of McGee. 


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