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One on One Interview with Hollie Dunaway!
By Rick McLean
April 6, 2005
©photo by Mr. John




(APR 6) On April 16, 2005,  at Boerdelandhalle in Magdeburg, Germany,  WIBF World Flyweight champion Regina Halmich, Germany, 46-1-1 (15KO),  will face WIBA Minimumweight World champion Hollie "Hot Stuff" Dunaway, 13-3-0 (8KO),  when Halmich defends her belt. I was able to interview Hollie for her upcoming match.

Rick: Regina Halmich is the WIBF Flyweight champion and has 48 fights. How much do you know about her?

Hollie: “I have researched Regina’s record and I’ve seen her fight. I know that she is a very skilled boxer.

Rick: Why did you decide to box her? What is your game plan heading into this match?

Hollie:  I decided to box Regina because it is a chance for another world title, it’s great exposure and a great opportunity. My game plan is to win every round convincingly.”

Rick: Are you in school or do you work?

Hollie: “I work part time at a couple of jobs. I work as a waitress and at World Class Fitness as a fitness trainer.”

Rick: What got you into boxing?

Hollie: I saw some other females at the gym I was training at, and it looked like it would be fun. After I was training for a couple of weeks,  I was offered a fight at the last minute and I took it.

Rick: Why do you compete in boxing?

Hollie: I compete in boxing because I love the competition and the challenge, and it’s fun!”

Rick: What is your best punch or combination?

Hollie: “I am not sure that I have any punch or combination that stands out over the rest. I try to do everything well.”

Rick: Is there any major changes you have made since your last match?

Hollie:  Yes, I’ve increased my speed considerably.

Rick: Are you concerned at all about going the 10 round distance?

Hollie: “No, I went 10 rounds in December and finished strong without tiring.”

Rick: You have had roughly 4 months off since your last match. What did that time off do for you and for your training?

Hollie: “It gave me a little break which is something I haven’t done since I started boxing. If you looked at my record you can see I’ve stayed pretty busy over the last two years.”

Rick: How is your training going? Are you doing anything in particular to train for her?

Hollie: I am training like I always have x 10!

Rick: After this fight, what are your short and long term goals for this year?

Hollie: There is nothing really short term now, I am just concentrating on the fight coming up. Long term---I want to defend my WIBA Title and avenge my losses. I’ve got one down and two to go.

Rick: Are there any boxers out there that you would like to have a match with someday?

Hollie: “Yes, I would like a rematch with Melissa Shaffer. That was my first fight and I took it on two weeks notice,  with no experience,  and I want a chance to avenge my loss now that we’re both experienced fighters. I would also like to rematch Vaia Zaganas for the same reason. I am also interested in fighting Holly Shores because she is the only undefeated Strawweight. I would also like to fight Nina Ahlin, or any Strawweight I have not yet fought.”

Rick: Do you have trouble finding sparring partners? If so, how to you get around this obstacle?

Hollie: “Yes, I have trouble finding a sparring partner close to my size. I usually spar with some teenage amateur boxers who are closer to my size.”

Rick: What is your prediction on this match?

Hollie: “It will be an exciting non-stop action fight.”

Rick: What would you like too see happen for the future of women’s boxing? Do you have any concerns about it?

Hollie: “Women’s boxing needs more television coverage and to be an Olympic sport. If women were training at a younger age for the Olympics, by the time they went pro, they would be more skilled and experienced. I think that if it were an Olympic sport it would increase participation in amateur boxing for women which in most small areas doesn’t exist.

I would like to thank Hollie for taking the time to be interviewed for WBAN.  Rick McLean riggs196@hotmail.com



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