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WBAN Responds to Team Mrdjenovich
By Sue TL Fox
March 29, 2006
©Photo by Tony Duffy



(MAR 29) You wrote a response to WBAN, in regards to our story on the Jelena Mrdjenovich-Biggers bout, and we would like to address some of those comments.

You referred to WBAN’s article as making “ridiculous comments.”  Was it “ridiculous” for the Canadian news source, the
Edmonton Sun,  to state that the bout was “One-sided"?   Didn't your own trainer/manager of Team Mrdjenovich tell the Edmonton Sun that the fight was like "target Practice"?  Making that comment in the news article would lead most to believe that the fight was not competitive.

Speaking of “ridiculous”---was it not ridiculous that you stated in your response that if WBAN, puts up $20,000 that Jelena would fight in the United States. Why would a news source for women’s boxing put up purse money?

You talked about “records.” Anyone who has any knowledge about this sport knows that records can be very misleading. Many of the best women boxers in the world have checkered records. Why? Because many of those boxers take risks, and happen to be some of the toughest warriors in the sport. They will take fights anywhere, anytime.  Keeping that in mind---women boxers with pristine records, may not necessarily be the best and/or the most skillful. 

Lastly, you stated that you would have no problem bringing the top ranked women boxers to Canada that we mentioned in our ratings. How about making it simple: bring the TOP fighter, Chevelle Hallback and fight the very top ranked boxer. Hallback has already said that she is ready and willing.


To Team Mrdjenovich: In your recent letter to WBAN you stated that your WBC/WIBF Champion, Jelena Mrdjenovich will fight ANY worthy contender. In truth there is only 1 worthy contender and that is Chevelle Hallback. When Jelena fought and won the titles last November she was ranked #5 by the WBC. Chevelle was at that time ranked #1 and she still is ranked #1 by both the WBC and the WIBF. She is also ranked #1 by the WBA & NABF and is the present IBA & WIBA world champion. She is in fact Jelena's MANDATORY defense. Chevelle is packed and ready to go to Jelena's hometown of Edmonton to take what is rightfully hers, the WBC & WIBF titles. So the Gauntlet has been thrown, will Team Mrdjenovich live up to it's statements and fight the best there is or are they willing to give up the belts to avoid fighting Chevelle Hallback, the BEST 130 pound female fighter in the world.

Butch Gottlieb
Infinity Boxing LLC
Team Hallback

To Team Mrdjenovich:  First of all, I did NOT have a "sore hand" as everybody but Team Mrdjenovich seems to understand. You only have to look at the x-ray. Secondly, we are all aware of your careful opponent selections for Jelena, but remember that you did make a mistake once when I kicked her butt in Edmonton. No disrespect intended, but I cannot describe it any other way. (I weighed 129 by the way as Jelena weighed 134). I do not deny losing the second fight, although I fully attribute that to being injured for the second half. We cannot fairly speculate what would have happened otherwise in that fight. The facts are this: Jelena and I are 1-1 officially, in her hometown. Team Mrdjenovich needs to forget Tracy Byrd, Belinda Laracuente, and everyone but Chevelle Hallback and myself. To be the best, Jelena must rise to the occasion like she did in our second fight, and step up to Round Three of McCarter/Mrdjenovich. I previously offered Team Mrdjenovich much more than I made for the rematch in Edmonton to fight me in Las Vegas. They never responded to the challenge. Could it be that with two arms, I am too much for them? Let's find out with a good legitimate fight offer: Team Mrdjenovich claims that they will not fight in the U.S. for less than $20,000.

Offer by Manager Luis Tapia: “We want Jelena Mrdjenovich in June in the United States to fight Layla McCarter. Each girl makes a mere $5,000, but the winner takes an additional $20,000. That is $25,000 for the winner.”

”If you are so confident that Jelena is the best, come here, kick my butt like you say you did last time, and make $25,000 free and clear”, Added McCarter.

To Team Mrdjenovich:  Get a life - To make things real and short, Jelena Mrdjenovich Don't get all mouth happy talking trash. Belinda Laracuente has never been off her feet let alone Kayoed. Don't get gassed about your win over Biggers. Belinda will put her purse on the line to fight you. When she wins just give your belts up like a lady. But... When she Kayo's you give us you purse and the belts. By the way Jelena Mrdjenovich you're not worth 20k your a 5k or less fighter. We saw you fight and quite frankly you suck. So in words of a New Yorican. "Traelo Gringa" (bring it chump").
Team Brown Sugar (Laracuente)





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