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Chubirka-Belinszky on-going saga
September 1, 2006
Photo by JollyDee
updated with more comments


(SEPT 1) On August 26, 2006, at the Emperor Garden, in Budapest, Hungary, and promoted by SlimTrax Promotion, Krisztina Belinszky, 102.5, won by decision (points) over Marianne Chubirka, 111.  It did not take long for the controversy to surround this bout.

WBAN received noticed that Marianne Chubirka had posted on Dee Williams Forum stating the following: "Tonight my heart is heavy and I feel a little stupid for taking this fight in Hungary...I guess I really didn't believe I could dominate an opponent (read: win EVERY round) and just be ROBBED ...WOW...it wasn't even a hard fight for me...other than the fact that she was holding on to me for dear life (while I was warned for it?)...I EASILY won this...not even close...at the end of the fight they just declared her the winner...no judges...only the referee scored the fight...it is so sad that I work hard and this happens...I will not let it get the best of me..." Related story of fight results of Belinzsky vs. Chubirka that took place last night in Hungary

WBAN posted a story on this fight, and at the end of the story, since the bout was becoming a "He Said...She Said.." bout that if anyone who saw this fight, and would like to send their comments or observations to email WBAN.

We then received a statement from Chubirka's manager, Bobby Dobbs. WBAN listed this as a story, called, "A Birdseye view by manager of Chubirka.  Linked Story dated August 27, 2006.

On August 30, 2006, we received an official statement by Team Belinszky.  In this statement they said that the bout will be televised on Saturday, and according to the agreement with the www.profibox.hu  website it'll be downloadable only after that, so we're not hiding anything because we don't need to hide anything, as the
important bouts of Krisztina are all downloadable from the internet.
.Linked Story

WBAN suggests that this may be what boxing fans need to do to check out the fight itself when it is available for download on this site.

WBAN has also received a RESPONSE from TEAM CHUBIRKA, in regards to TEAM BELINSZKY's Official Statement.  Bobby Dobbs sent in this reponse.

There are certain items that people can differ on opinions from, but the statement just released by Belinzsky's camp contains blatant lies.  I don't even know where to start.

When we arrived in Budapest there was no one to pick us up, no one would answer the phone number we had and the hotel had no reservation under our names for us.

Marianne and I were in the process of trying to change our tickets to leave on the next flight when after two hours someone finally showed up. It is a shame we didn't just leave, this would have been much less of a headache.

The only thing I agree with in their statement is that Marianne came in overweight. She should have made the weight, but relied on a scale at the hotel as being accurate and missed the target.

If she had been asked she would have willingly gone back to the sauna.

I felt as her manager that due to the distance of the sauna and the time it would take to go there and back that we should just handle this by accepting a monetary fine. The Hungarians said that no fine was necessary and were very cordial about it. I later found out why.

The statement about the gentleman's agreement not to put on weight after the weigh-in is just false. There was never any discussion whatsoever about her rehydrating herself. I would have never agreed to such a thing.

I would also like to point out that Marianne weighed 108 in her last fight which proves she is capable of making that weight and the overage was not intentional.

Another complete lie told in that statement was that we demanded the payment of the purse upon arrival. We never asked for, implied, or hinted to be paid prior to the fight. Nothing remotely like that happened.

However, the worst lie told in that statement is that I "acknowledged defeat". Immediately after the fight I shook their hand out of sportsmanship. As soon as the verdict was announced I went to the commission table and demanded to see the scorecard. I then told the referee to his face that he is a "disgrace" (among other things)

I then had a long argument with the woman who runs the commission, and then in the dressing room another argument with Zoltan Kiss Jr.

I clearly expressed my outrage to every single person I came in contact with in Hungary after the fight. For them to write that...shows they are just liars.

I have taken fighters to four European countries. Germany, Ukraine, Denmark and Hungary. I have only had a problem in one of them. I guarantee you any other promoter I have worked with in those other countries would have no problem with us fighting there again.

But, in Hungary there is a certain level of corruption that is worse than anything I have ever been involved with. In my opinion these people are running a fight fixing scheme.

The best way for the truth of this fight to be revealed is for them to release the tape as promised. I don't think it will happen. I think that tape will end up "accidentally erased" or severely edited.

I hope that after the video is made available that WBAN readers will have a chance to comment on the bout and make up their own minds.

Why is it out of the four fighters who have faced Kristina recently, Dobbs, Moss, Chubirka and Ramnarine, that every single one of them has a problem there? Is it just a coincidence? Are they that unlucky? I urge every intelligent person to make up their own mind.  Bobby Dobbs -
Team Chubirka

September 1, 2006

Dear WBAN!

I've read Your request for information regarding the recent Belinkszy v Chubirka bout held in Budapest.  I'd like to state in advance that I'm an editor of www.profibox.hu, thus a collegaue of JollyDee, nevertheless, here's my opinion:

I've seen the fight and no way it was a robbery, it wasn't even close. There's not much to tell about it, as it'll be downloadable from our website this weekend (a TV channel will be showing it on Saturday, and we agreed not to share it until that). What really caught my eye was Mr. Dobbs' baseless, aggressive and offensive accusations both on the site and in the forums about JollyDee, the whole event, and my country. What shocked me even more was your official comment about "controversies" in Hungarian events which you published when You haven't even seen the fight in question.

You said "This is not the first time that there has been controversy surrounding fighters coming from other countries, and fighting in Hungary, and specifically fighting Belinszky."
May I point out that there are about 50 fighters from abroad fighting in Hungary every year, and generally every fighter (there are some exceptions of course, but I think You have to agree that's not unique) goes home telling that he/she was well treated, all except Mr. Dobbs. It is funny that every time Mr. Dobbs comes to Hungary, he claims his fighter was robbed, I wonder if that's just a coincidence... Of course it's easy to keep a good reputation of his fighters overseas with accusations like these "explaining" otherwise clear losses, knowing that most people would agree with him over people from a small European country automatically, even without watching the fight. This so far was kept at the level of Internet forums, with You declaring that the " Information provided and opinions expressed by others do not necessarily represent the opinion of WBAN".

However, with Your official comment speaking about "controversy" without having seen the bout, thus "blindly" agreeing with your fellow American manager, I think you've stepped over a certain border. May I kindly ask You to refrain from comments like these in the future. I have nothing against a different opinion about a fight, but I find it quite interesting that You already have an opinion about it (no offense). As I said, the bout will be made downloadable soon, and until that any discussion about the fight is pretty much senseless and can only spark unnecessary tension.

Yours sincerely,
Peter Garai

WBAN's Response: Peter, I will be happy to publish your comments. I think you may have misunderstood me saying it was without controversy. When I say without controversy, the controversy surrounds the fact that we have people, both sides, JollyDee, Dobbs, and Chubirka, all saying something conpletely contrary to each other. And yes, there were previous controversies with the other fights with Belinszky. That is a fact, if you review any of our archived news stories.
Sue TL Fox

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