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One on One Interview with Hollie Dunaway!
By JollyDee
October 22, 2006


(OCT 22) This week I had an opportunity to interview Hollie "Hot Stuff" Dunaway of the United States about her upcoming bout against Kristina Belinszky that will take place on November 25, 2006, at the Wekerle Sándor Leisure Complex, in Mór, Hungary.

JollyDee: I would like to ask some questions about  upcoming bout against Krisztina Belinszky. I am interested in your opinion  about Krisztina as a person and as a sportswoman. Also, I would like to get to know more information about yourself, so I can introduce you to the Hungarian boxing fans.

Dunaway: I have a very high opinion of Krisztina Belinszky as a boxer and person. She seems very professional and serious about her career. Krisztina and her team have worked very hard to further women's boxing. We have exchanged e-mails and all were very friendly and courteous, most of our conversation was exchanging congratulations for our victories. I have followed her career over the last year or so and I am sure that she has followed mine as well.

JollyDee: When and why have you decided to fight Krisztina?

Dunaway: I knew that Krisztina and I would be facing each other in the ring a long time ago. We are both World Champions in the same weight division. In order to truly call yourself a champion you must face the best in your division. If you want to be the best you have to beat the best. Krisztina and I are both recognized as the top two but only one of us can be the best. Krisztina believes that she is the best and I believe that I am the best. On November 25 that will be decided in the ring.

JollyDee: Did you see any of the freely downloadable fights of Krisztina?

Dunaway: Yes, I have seen Krisztina's fights with Dobbs, Moss and Churbirka.

JollyDee: Did you already start training, and if yes who's helping you now?

Dunaway: Yes, I have already begun training. I am still training with my same team, my husband Brian Jones and Clifford May. I still train with my fighter Ashlin Hensley and sparring partners Ivan Garcia and Josh May. I am fortunate to have good coaches, training partners and sparring partners.

JollyDee: When I look at your fight results I find it very similar to Krisztina's, because if I am correct,  both of you started your career as "opponents" and both of you became world champions. Do you also see some similarity in your careers?

Dunaway: I have always been aware of the similarities in our career paths. Our styles and skills are similar; we are both good technical boxers. We have almost the same amount of fights and the same amount of losses early in our careers. Now we are both World Champions who want to be the best in our division and will meet in the ring to decide who is the best.

JollyDee:  You had the same opponents, i.e., Stephanie Dobbs and Terri Moss---how do you rate your and Krisztina's results against them.

Dunaway:  Krisztina and I both beat Dobbs the same way, we outboxed her and used our jabs and movement to control the fight. Our fights with Moss were also similar.

JollyDee:  Bobby Dobbs and his hitchers asked Americans on many internet forums to boycott Hungarian events, but you still accepted this bout and you are coming to the "lion's den". That means you don't believe them?

Dunaway:  I have read the complaints on the forums. I have been warned about my chances of getting a bad decision in Europe by people in the business, both American and European. I have never been scared to fight someone in their hometown or country. I beat Stephanie Dobbs in Oklahoma where she lives. I beat Teri Moss for my World Title in Atlanta, Georgia, also her hometown. I am not naďve. I realize that I am taking a risk by fighting in Belinszky's home. I must take that risk in order to accomplish my goal as a fighter and a champion. In order to be successful I cannot concentrate on the politics and business surrounding the event. I must concentrate only on my performance in this fight and afterwards hope that I will be treated fairly. I may be going to the "lion's den" as you call it. I may be treated unfairly in a decision I don't know. I will deal with that situation if it happens. Until then my only concern is being at my best in the ring on that night. So far I have been treated fairly. I was given everything that I asked for and everyone has been polite and professional.

JollyDee:  I read on the internet that you've been accused of using illegal substances, what you admitted and served your ban but you're still continuously attacked and discriminated. How do you see your position at the moment under these circumstances?

Dunaway:  I think most intelligent people realize the motivations of the people who still make the accusations. It is only a couple of people who still make an issue of the incident. It is true that I made a mistake and I paid for it dearly. It was an isolated incident, I served my suspension and have tested negative on every test since then. I will be tested after this fight and I will test negative now and for the rest of my career.

JollyDee: You probably know Krisztina wanted to fight Ria Ramnarine, but Ria stepped back in the last minute from the fight, she didn't even show up in Budapest instead she went to London on holiday on Team Belinszky's costs. What are your thoughts about this?

Dunaway: I am not familiar enough with this incident to comment on it.

JollyDee: You are very young, just few days ago you had your 22nd birthday but you already have 21 fights so you are a very experienced fighter in the women field. This is your occupation too or do you have any civil-job?

Dunaway: Boxing is not just an occupation, it is my life. I only work a few hours a day as a Certified Fitness Trainer at World Class Fitness in my hometown of Fort Smith, Arkansas. I train other fighters such as Ashlin Hensley who recently won her professional debut last month.  The rest of the time I train and prepare for upcoming fights.

JollyDee:  I know you married your manager a short while ago. How long do you wish to keep up your boxing career, because I supposed that both of you wish to have children one day? Or did you set an age, like "I'll box until that, and afterwards I will be with my family"?

Dunaway:  Brian and I have no plans to have children. As far as we are concerned my career is just beginning. I have no time limits or certain age that I want to stop. I plan to box for a long time. I have many goals that I want to accomplish in this sport and I will continue until I accomplish them.

JollyDee: How do you manage your sport and your family?

Dunaway: I am fortunate to have my family behind my career 100%. My mother has always supported me in my career and my husband is my trainer.

JollyDee:   This might be a strange question from me, but if you win on 25th of November will you give Krisztina a rematch?

Dunaway:  Yes of course, I would rematch her regardless of the outcome.

JollyDee:  Thank you for your openness in this interview, and we will see you soon in Hungary!

Dunaway:  Thank you for taking the time to do an interview. You are very welcome!  I look forward to meeting you in Hungary in the coming month.

(JollyDee of Hungary is the head of the press department for SlimTrax Promotion.  Belinszky is promoted by SlimTrax Promotion.)

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