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WBAN’s "Wish List" for 2008
By Sue TL Fox
December 22, 2007


(DEC 22) It is time to think about what would make Women’s Boxing “Hot” for the year 2008. This is only a “Wish List” and unfortunately reality is that many of these fights will never take place, and/or the boxers who were missing in action, just may not return to the sport---but anyone can have a wish list! First off, we would like to see some of the following fights take place that we feel would be a “Wish List” for not only WBAN, but boxing fans.

TOP 2008 “Wish List” Matches:

Holly Holm vs. Mary Jo Sanders
Duda Yankovich vs. Terri Blair
Jeannine Garside vs. Melissa Hernandez
Chevelle Hallback vs. Terri Blair (Rematch)
Leatitia Robinson vs. Laila Ali
Natascha Ragosina vs. Laila Ali
Holly Holm vs. Anne-Sophie Mathis
Jessica Rakoczy vs. Terri Blair (Rematch)
Laila Ali vs. Ann Wolfe
Carina Moreno vs. Susi Kentikian
Layla McCarter vs. Chevelle Hallback (rematch)
Jeannine Garside vs. Jelena Mrdjenovich
Kelsey Jeffries vs. Jeannine Garside
Ann Marie Saccurato vs. Holly Holm (rematch)
Missy Fiorentino vs. Chevelle Hallback

Other “Make a Wish” Matches
     that would be interesting fights:

Christy Martin vs. Mary Jo Sanders
Jill Emery vs. Holly Holm
Jeri Sitzes vs. Melissa Hernandez
Layla McCarter vs. Melissa Hernandez (rubber match)
Rhonda Luna vs. Kelsey Jeffries (Rematch)
Eileen Olszewski vs Elena Reid
Cindy Serrano vs. Chevelle Hallback (at 129 lbs)
Laura Ramsey vs. Leatitia Robinson
Eliza Olson vs. Mary Jo Sanders (Not in Michigan)
Holly Holm vs. Myriam Lamare
Christy Martin vs. Ann Marie Saccurato
Hollie Dunaway vs. Susi Kentikian
Melinda Cooper vs. Alesia Graf
Christy Martin vs. Angel Martinez (rematch)
Anita Christensen vs. Nadia Hockni (not in Denmark)
Vanessa Juarez vs. Julie Rubalcava
Natascha Ragosina vs. Leatitia Robinson
Wendy Rodriguez vs. Carina Moreno (rematch)
Jessica Rakoczy vs. Eliza Olson (rematch)
Marcela Acuna vs. Alejandra Oliveras
Layla McCarter vs. Myriam Lamare
Emiko Raika vs. Missy Fiorentino (not in Japan)
Duda Yankovich vs. Holly Holm
Duda Yankovich vs. Angel Martinez
Nathalie Toro vs. Terri Blair
Mary McGee vs. Melissa Hernandez
Mariem Brakache vs. Giselle Salandy (Not in Trinidad)
Jill Emery vs. Ann Marie Saccurato
Ana Marie Torres vs. Mariana Juarez (rematch)
Ana Julaton vs. new competent boxer
Jenifer Barber vs. new competent boxer
Hulya Sahin vs. Hollie Dunaway (Not in Germany)
Monica Lovato vs. Mariana Juarez (not in New Mexico)
Mariana Juarez vs. In-Young Lee
Terri Cruz vs. Heather Percival (rematch)
Dakota Stone vs. Giselle Salandy (Not in Trinidad)
Ann Marie Saccurato vs. Sumya Anani
Cindy Serrano vs. Rhonda Luna (Rematch)
Elena Reid vs. Melinda Cooper
Terri Moss vs. Hollie Dunaway
Vanessa Juarez vs. Kaliesha West
Jackie Nava vs. Alejandra Oliveras
Sharon Anyos vs. Marcela Acuna (not in Australia)
Ina Menzer vs. Marcela Acuna
Sumya Anani vs. Holly Holm
Kelsey Jeffries vs. Jackie Nava (Not in Mexico)
Sumya Anani vs. Ann Marie Saccurato
Jill Emery vs. Karolina Lukasik (not in Germany)
Jelena Mrdjenovich vs. Chevelle Hallback
Belinda Laracuente vs. Esther Phiri (Not in Africa)
Ramona Kuehne vs. Melissa Hernandez
Kara Ro vs. Melissa Hernandez
Ada Velez vs. Kelsey Jeffries
Jaime Clampitt vs. Eliza Olson
Jaime Clampitt vs. Holly Holm
Jeri Sitzes vs. Brook Dierdorff
Elena Reid vs. Mary Elizabeth Ortega
Ada Velez vs. Anita Christensen (Not in Denmark)
Laura Ramsey vs. Shelley Burton (rematch)
Mary Elizabeth Ortega vs. Jeri Sitzes (rematch)
Nathalie Toro vs. Anne-Sophie Mathis (rematch)
Maureen Shea vs. Melissa Hernandez
Kelli Cofer vs. Esther Phiri (Not in Africa)
Terri Cruz vs. Heather Percival
Jane Couch vs. Jaime Clampitt (Trilogy bout)
Asa Sandell vs. Teresa Perozzi (Not in Sweden)
Kaliesha West vs. Elena Reid
Frida Walberg vs. Melissa Hernandez
Frida Walberg vs. Jeannine Garside
Chika Nakamura vs. Domingo Olivo (rematch)
Nadia Hockmi vs. Simona Galassi (Not in Italy)

WBAN's “Wish List” for the following
      boxers to return in 2008--they were 
     "Missing in Action” in 2007!

Yvonne Caples
Liz Drew
Kwang Ok Kim
Valanna McGee
Ann Wolfe
Yvonne Chavez
Cristy Nickel (busy with other boxing related projects)
Stella Nijhof
Ria Ramnarine
Kara Ro
Natalie Brown
Liz Drew
Leatitia Robinson
Eliza Olson
Angela Woolum
Stacy Reile
Sumya Anani
Marianne Chubirka

WBAN's “Wish List” for boxers to stay
     Far, FAR Away in 2008

Kim Colbert
Willicia Moorehead

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