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One on One Interview with ďLethalĒ Lindsay Garbatt!
By Rick McLean
April 21, 2008

(APR 21) Just recently WBAN received an opportunity to Interview  ďLethalĒ Lindsay Garbatt, a featherweight who fights out of Canada.  Garbatt talks about her life, boxing career, her two fights in New York State and what the future holds for her in the sport.

WBAN - Are you in school or do you work?

Lindsay - I am a nuclear security officer at a nuclear power plant just outside Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

WBAN - What are your interests away from the sport?

Lindsay - Iíve been interested in body building since I was 15; it has been a hobby of mine. I love sports, especially basketball. Iím into nutrition as well. Any spare time I have after work and training I spend with my friends and family. I am very close with my family. My parents and grandma live in Niagara Falls, Ontario where I grew up. My sisters both live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. So I definitely miss everyone but I try to visit Niagara Falls as often as I can. I was so thankful to have my Mom and sister come to my fight in New York. It made me so happy! My sister was even in my corner which was an extra bonus. It was very special to share that experience with her.

WBAN - What got you into boxing? Why do you compete in boxing?

Lindsay - Iíve always liked boxing. I have a background in martial arts and played all different sports growing up including basketball, hockey, soccer, rugby and wrestling. When I went to college I played basketball and soccer. When I finished school I needed to find something to compete in so I thought I would try boxing, one of the only sports I had yet to compete in. I dedicated myself right away.

WBAN - Who is your coach? What club do you train at?

Lindsay - My Coach/Manager/Trainer is Don Nelson. Iím very grateful that he has taken me under his wing. I wouldnít have it any other way. He is a great coach and has become a great friend. Don founded the Motor City Amateur boxing club in 1993. It is a non-profit club that has attracted many great coaches and great boxers who also have helped me the past few years.

WBAN - You have an excellent amateur background; what are some of the highlights of your amateur career?

Lindsay - To tell you the truth there isnít one highlight or fight that stands out in my mind in my amateur career. Itís been a great journey so far and I feel like Iím just getting started. I really am just a rookie still if you think about it. I look forward to training and getting better everyday. Every day in training is a highlight.

WBAN - What is your preferred fight weight? Any plans of moving up or down in the future?

Lindsay - I guess my preferred weight has been anywhere from 119 to 126 pounds. Whatever weight I can get fights at. I donít see myself going anywhere below or above that.

WBAN - You had a tough and controversial majority decision loss to Ela Nunez in her backyard. What did you learn from that loss? Any regrets from taking that fight? Would you like a rematch?

Lindsay - I have no regrets from taking that fight against Ela. It was controversial but after watching the tape a million times she probably did have the edge on me but it was a great experience. My family was there to support me, it was a cool venue, I trained like an animal for the fight and at that time couldnít have done much better. But Iím not even the same fighter now. I am training hard and getting better so I would love a rematch as long as itís with more rounds. 4 rounds go by too quick!

WBAN - Were there any major changes you have made since your last match or between the Nunez and Hutt fights?

Lindsay - I think I fought a little too "amateurish" against Ella. By that I mean I focused more on lots of punches instead of power. After that fight Don and I made some adjustments and I have been working a lot more on my power punches.

WBAN - What was it like fighting in New York City?

Lindsay - Iíve always wanted to go to New York City. It was really cool to go there and see the places that you see on television and in the movies in real life. Getting to do the thing I love most "fight" to me is living the dream! I loved the city and Iíll never forget the car ride from the Newark airport into the city at night. Very cool, I hope to go back soon!

WBAN - You are coming off one of the most impressive knockouts wins in womenís boxing history against Tracey Hutt. The fight looked fairly even going into the 4th round. Did you feel you were behind and pushed for the knockout? Did you see the opening to land the combination? Describe you feelings about achieving such an impressive win. Would you give Hutt a rematch?

Lindsay - Unfortunately I had a slow start. I felt like it was way too close going into the fourth. Don told me I had to go out and finish it and I guess I did. I hit her with a straight right that made her kinda stumble back so I just stepped in with another one and landed it. Iím really happy about the win but disappointed in the way I fought the first two rounds. But itís over now and ill move forward and learn from my mistakes. A rematch is a possibility but I guess we will just see what the future brings.

WBAN - How is training going? Are you doing anything in particular to train?

Lindsay - Training is great. Iím always training and always trying to get better and stronger. I train because its fun to me. Everything I do is focused towards boxing and becoming a better boxer. I donít eat junk food and I donít drink or party. Iím single with no responsibilities other then work, so all my time goes into training. Iím very focused! On my days off I am doing at least 2 workouts a day. My morning workout is weights and running then boxing in the evening. On the days I work I am at the gym at 4:30 am before work. I am always thinking of what other things I can do for training to give me the edge on my opponents.

WBAN - Do you have trouble finding sparring partners? If so how to you get around this obstacle?

Lindsay - I usually donít have trouble with sparring. Our club (Motor City) has some of the best amateur boxers in Canada. The guys are all bigger and stronger than me but they give me good work. For my last fight I did get some great sparring with Lisa ďBad NewsĒ Brown and Sandy ďLil TysonĒ Tsagouris who are both great fighters with different styles so I am grateful for that.

WBAN - What are your short and long term goals for this year?

Lindsay - For this year my goals are to get as many fights in as I can and obviously win all my fights. I want to gain more and more experience then hopefully make myself a contender for a Canadian Title in the not too distant future.

WBAN - Are you planning to box in Canada in the future?

Lindsay - I actually signed a contract to fight in Belleville Ontario on July 19th.

WBAN - Are there any boxers in particular that you want a match with? Is there any chance of an all Canadian matchup?

Lindsay - No, Iím not head hunting yet. Iím not picky right now. I just want to fight and get some more wins under my belt.

WBAN - What do you think about womenís professional boxing in Canada/Internationally? What changes or improvements would you like to see in the future?

Lindsay - Like I said, Iím still new to the pro game so I feel like I havenít been exposed too much yet to make any judgments on what I would change in womenís boxing. But itís obvious to see that itís an up and coming sport that I think people like to watch so I hope we see a lot more of it in Canada and all over the world.

WBAN - Is there anything you want to say to your fans or supporters?

Lindsay - I just want to say thanks to Don for believing in me and thanks for being a great teacher. That goes for all the other coaches at Motor City that take time out of their own lives to help train me and all the other boxers. They truly make a difference. I would like to thank all the boxers and friends that I train with that are working hard and doing the same. We thrive off each other and have fun doing it. And all my friends and family who are always so supportive, they are the best!

WBAN Ė Lindsay thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to go 1 on 1 with WBAN!

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