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One on One Interview with Brooke Dierdorff!
By Sue TL Fox
April 19, 2009


(APR 19) WBAN had an opportunity to talk with Brooke Dierdorff this week and go one on one in an interview.  Dierdorff just had a "big" win in Mexico when she won the WBC International title. 

TL Fox: Brooke, in your bio on WBAN it says that you first got interested in boxing when you were enlisted in the U.S. Army, and saw a female fight---can you go into more detail about who you saw fight and what impact it had on you to get into boxing?

Brooke: When I was stationed in Fort Carson, Colorado, in the Army,  I went to fights at a local place weekly and watched it. It was more of a tough man/woman competition anyone there could fight in them for fun type of thing! I got interested in boxing at that time and after I got out of the Army I wanted to take up boxing.

TL Fox:  When you began training in boxing, what was initially your goal when you got into the sport?

Brooke: When I first started boxing it was just for the fun of the sport and to stay in good shape. I was always very athletic and played all sports in school and missed the competition of it all. After only a few weeks of training, I wanted to start competing in the amateurs so I did and I had a natural talent in the sport 'so I was told'  so stuck with it! After I started competing in the amateurs my goal was to win the golden gloves nationals then turn pro which I did several times!  After training for a few weeks with trainer Jessie Torres in Aurora, Illinois, he said I should compete in the golden gloves in Chicago IL that next week so I did. I entered in the open division and took 2nd place at the golden gloves.

TL Fox: We have a 12-2 amateur record on you as a boxer---do you feel that you turned pro at the right time, or in retrospect, do you wish that you had stayed longer in the amateurs?

Brooke: I feel that I turned pro at the exact right time.   I wasn't able to travel as much as some of the amateurs when I was fighting and I wasn't able to get show fights in my area any more at that time,  no one would fight me.. So I was only getting to fight once a year at best at the golden gloves in Chicago and was winning those fights. The last year that I was amateur I went to the gloves and there were a full roster of girls in my weight class.  When I went to fight there were only a few--- they had changed weight classes. At that time I felt it was either time to quit competing or try out the pros.  II couldn't give up the competition, so I decided to turn pro!

TL Fox:  In today's sport, what is your opinion on women boxers who skip the amateurs, and go directly into the pro circuit?

Brooke: You know what---honestly I don't think that its the best choice but for women its harder to get fights as a pro or an amateur fighter unless you have someone that will help you pay for the costs of traveling to all the tournaments, etc.  So, I know that there are a lot more girls just going pro without amateur careers and its ok in my eyes. They would be much better prepared for the pro's if they would take the time to compete in the amateurs some before doing this but some girls just don't have that luxury.

TL Fox:  You just recently won the WBC International title, where do you want to go from here?

Brooke: Now that I'm the WBC International Lightweight Champ,  I want to go back to my regular weight class at featherweight (126 lbs).   I want to fight Ina Menzer for her WBC World Title or Myriam Chomaz for the WBC International title.   I also want to fight for the WBC title at Super feather weight 130!   My goal is to have 3 WBC Titles in 3 different weight classes so I can go down as pound for pound!   I will also fight anyone who is willing to get in the ring with me. I get so sick of girls not fighting challenging fights and taking all these walk over fights when they should be fighting girls in there class! I have had the hardest time my entire career getting girls to fight me and I'm sick of it. If you don't want to fight the best get out of this sport! I can honestly say that I earned my title it wasn't given to me... I will fight anyone from 126-135! But prefer 126-130!

TL Fox:  Has there been any contact with the promoter or team of Mary McGee or Kristy Follmar for any future fights?

Brooke, No I have not been contact to fight either of these girls, I know that after I fought Mia St. John the first time everyone asked me after that fight if I would fight Mary McGee and I said yes I would fight her but I don't think that her or her team will allow that to happen. I will fight either one of them or the winner of the fight for their titles too! You already know me well and I will fight anyone anywhere that is a known proven fact!

TL Fox:  Out of all of your pro fights, who has been your toughest opponent in the ring?

Brooke: That is a hard question to answer for me because I have only fought the best fighters out there, either girls that were ranked in the top 5 or were at the time champions or former world champions so all my fights have been very competitive!

TL Fox: When you are not boxing, what do you like to do?

Brooke: When I'm not boxing I like to go dancing, have BBQ's, hang out with my daughter, fiancée, family, and friends. I also like to go boating, camping, play any sports, etc..

TL Fox:  Are you able to train in boxing full time, or do you work and train at the same time?

I unfortunately don't have a promoter or any sponsors at this time in my career so I'm not able to train full time. I work a full time job 7:30 to 3:30 and do my training in the evenings. I run the office at a garage door company do everything to keep the business running! I also help train other fighters with my fiancé! If there are any promoters that would like to talk about making a deal or any sponsors interested in helping me out I would love to talk with you about this and see what we can work out! I would love to be able to train more often and work less hours!

TL Fox:  What advice would you give other women boxers who are entering the sport? The pros and cons they are facing.

Brooke: Well the sport of boxing is as we all know it a very tough business to enter especially for women. If you are serious about boxing and want to give it your all go for it but be prepared to work twice as hard as the men in the business and be ready for all the negatives that come along with the sport! If your a woman in boxing you need to do it for the love of the sport more so than anything else because it is extremely hard for any women in this business. The pro's to boxing is the training, traveling, meeting other fighters things like that. The con's of women's boxing is getting fights, getting good offers, dealing with mostly men in the business, things like that. But if you want to do it, do it to the fullest and give it your all! Follow your dreams and your heart!

TL Fox:  Is there anything I have not asked you that you would like to comment about?

I will fight anyone, anywhere from 126-135 so please contact me! At this time I don't have a promoter to put on shows so you will have to have a venue and promoter to put on the shows! Any promoters or sponsors that are looking for fighters to work with also please contact me! I also want to fight anyone from 126-135 that has titles any titles but especially WBC titles so I hope that we can make this happen now that I'm the WBC International Champ! Please contact my trainer/manager Chris Millbrook 630-687-3746 or email WBAN and they can contact me as well! I'm comfortable at 126-130 especially!  Also,  I want to thank my trainer for everything he has done for me in my life and my career! I also want to thank all my family, daughter, mom and dad, brothers & my friends for all their love and support always no matter what! Thanks I did it!

WBAN would like to thank Brooke for taking the time to be interviewed!

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