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"Red Flags" that hinder Some Women in the Sport
By Sue TL Fox
August 26, 2009


(AUG 26)  WBAN has been covering the sport for a very long time now---eleven years in fact on the net as of this year. Through those years there are some very ugly "red Flags" that we see some of the women boxers fall into as they participate in the world of women's boxing.

If one of the listed "Red Flags" has happened on a rare occasion, they will eventually go unnoticed. But unfortunately, there are some women boxers in this sport that will not only repeat those "Red Flags" so to speak, but they may have more than one of these Red Flags!

Eventually, these boxers see their boxing careers diminish, and are clueless as to how they played a part in this dilemma.

Here is WBAN's Top Picks of what we see as "Red Flags" for women boxers:

EXCUSES. Excuses, excuses---and more excuses. Boxing folks can fill in the blanks as to the many varying excuses we hear. Like I said, if it happens on occasion, or it is obvious that they in fact are not making excuses but have been truly harmed by what happened---no harm done. But when it becomes a negative pattern of every boxing event in their career---it eventually becomes a "Red Flag."

BLAME GAME. It is amazing that WBAN can follow some particular boxers throughout the years, and it is a continuous onslaught of the "Blame Game." The funny thing is---with some of the boxers who fall into the "Blame Game", they never seem to see any fault of their own---It is always someone else.

BELLIGERENT EMAILS / FORUM-BLOG POSTINGS. When things do not go their way, or they are challenged in any way when they take fights, lose fights, make promises, etc.----they literally come back swinging via email or on public /blog forums. They send the Emails or post on forums/blogs to anyone and everyone. Again---anyone can vent on occasion, but when it becomes a pattern----the boxers who choose this way of dealing with problems in the sport and they appear to do it every time they have a problem, or disagreement with someone in particular---they come off as being a serious "Red Flag".

LOOSE CANNONS. These women boxers just seem really "out there". These are the women who people will comment about, and inevitably question: "Did that boxer take one to many punches?" It is sad to see this "Red Flag", because many times, that boxer is very talented----but because she comes off so strange, off the wall, or weird, it will hinder her chances of succeeding in the sport.

TAKING FIGHTS--THEN NOT TAKING THE FIGHT. Some of the women boxers are predictable when they take a fight--and that for one reason or another---they will not take the fight. WBAN could just about be a psychic in this area of "Red Flags". We have seldom been wrong when we see a particular boxer on a card, and know that somehow, some way, that boxer who does this as a pattern, will magically drop of the card.

THE PLAYER. Lastly, these women boxers take a fight, then they try to make changes at the very end--just when the card is to take place. They want a bigger purse, even though they negotiated the purse already. They want more airline tickets even though they were contracted for so many airline tickets to get to a fight. They say they did their medicals, just to find out on the day of weigh-in, they didn't have the proper medical tests with them, causing a promoter to get them to a doctor (very fast and costly) to get them approved by the commission. They come in way over weight the day of the fight---not ever giving the promoter any time to know this problem is going to happen. They sometimes will make unreasonable requests because they know they can do it and so they play with the promoter over these last minute changes.

The "Player" is definitely one of the more serious of what WBAN feels can keep a boxer from fighting. It doesn't take long to have the word spread that this boxer will be hard to deal with, is not reliable, is unpredictable, and will make last minute and frustrating changes.

Truthfulness, and honesty will go a long way in this sport---Women boxers who are the Players in the sport will hit a wall in the sport eventually by pulling these unfavorable tactics.

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