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Protest Filing of Blackshear vs. Kim
by Kalina Fernandez
Trainer/Manager of
Jolene Blackshear
October 27, 2009



As Jolene Blackshear’s manager, please find this as our official protest being filed with the I.F.B.A regarding the above fight. First and foremost, Jolene Blackshear would like to thank the I.F.B.A. for taking their own action to file a protest of the decision rendered by the judges. Team Blackshear would also like to express sincere gratitude and appreciation to the promotion team Woon-Chul Shin and Ju Gang-Ho for providing their services leading up to and during, the week of the fight and for the opportunity to participate in such a well-orchestrated and meaningful event. The official scores were 97-94, 96-94, 96-94, all in favor of Dan-Bi Kim. After a careful review of the fight video, I am presenting the following comments.

(1) It is transparent and without question that some of the rounds should not have been scored for Ms. Kim, especially rounds one and two. Round one was clearly dominated and won by Ms. Blackshear, who controlled the tempo, pace, landed clean, solid, devastating blows and displayed clear ring generalship. Additionally, due to her solid defense, Ms. Blackshear was able to slip and avoid the majority of Ms. Kim’s punches; and, the minimal punches of Ms. Kim that did land were ineffective. Throughout the round Dan-Bi Kim was holding by the back of the neck and hitting Blackshear without subsequent warning or point deduction. Also, at 1:22 in this round, Kim punches Blackshear in the back of the head with no warning from the referee. At 1:20, Kim holds and hits behind the head of Blackshear again. Inexplicably, the scorecards show all three judges scoring this round 10-9 in favor of Kim.

(2) At 1:17 of the second round, it clear that Jolene Blackshear suffered a severe cut above the left eye caused by a headbutt from Dan-Bi Kim leaping in and grabbing Ms. Blackshear by the back of the head. Ms. Blackshear was winning this round, but the clash of heads was not ruled a headbutt. Despite this, Blackshear continued to finish the round as strongly as she started it.

Throughout the second round Dan-Bi Kim was again holding Blackshear by the back of the neck/head and hitting without point deduction, beginning at 1:40, occurring again at 1:15 after the headbutt. The scorecards did not deduct a point from Kim and add a point to Blackshear as required in the event of an accidental headbutt. As the ring doctor examined Blackshear’s cut, the commission surrounded the doctor and fight which did not allow the corner of Blackshear to hear what was being said to Blackshear or to view the cut itself.

(3) Beginning at 1:49 of the third round, Ms. Kim begins bringing her head down below the belt line, with no warning and repeats throughout the round. 1:19 of the third round, Ms. Blackshear was hit below the belt, and no warning was given. Throughout the round, Dan-Bi Kim was holding Blackshear by the back of the neck and hitting behind the head (1:38, 1:05, and 0:28); and, also clashing Ms. Blackshear with her head without warning or point deduction.

(4) At 1:44 of the fourth round, after a successful Blackshear combination, Ms. Kim is holding onto Blackshear and locking onto the ropes behind her.

(5) In the fifth round, at 0:59, 0:52 and 0:40, Kim is holding and hitting behind the head of Blackshear. At 0:46, Kim hits flush after break is called by the referee.

(6) At 1:06/7of the sixth round, Dan-Bi Kim’s coach pulls on the ropes to propel his fighter forward while she is sitting on the ropes due to a combination of connecting blows by Ms. Blackshear. At 0:36 of the sixth round, Dan-Bi Kim holds Ms. Blackshear by pressing her onto the ropes and with both hands, grabs onto the ropes behind her, thus preventing Blackshear from moving. Throughout the round (blatantly at 0:04), Dan-Bi Kim was holding by the back of the neck and hitting without point deduction.

(7) At 0:54 of the seventh round, Dan-Bi Kim’s coach flagrantly reaches in the ring (and onto the apron) and taps the leg of Dan-Bi Kim, while she and Ms. Blackshear are in a clinch in the red corner. At 1:58 of round seven, Dan-Bi Kim continues to hold behind the head and hit. No warning or point deduction given.

(8) In round 8 at 0:14, Dan-Bi Kim turns her back on her opponent, and then swings at Blackshear, followed by another hold and strike against the back of the head (0:10), with no warning from the referee.

Despite what action the Korean Boxing Commission may or may not take, we submit the following request. Upon your protest filing as the sanctioning body, we would urge you, the I.F.B.A., to set aside this decision, or declare a no contest at a bare minimum. Jolene Blackshear won this fight by landing the cleaner, more effective punches, displaying solid defense, counteracting repeated infractions that were never called or penalized and by displaying superior conditioning throughout the entire fight. As your I.F.B.A. governing by-laws allow for you to set a rematch where a questionable verdict has taken place, Jolene Blackshear welcomes that opportunity. Dan-Bi Kim had a legitimate loss in Thailand where the neutral referee, Franz Marti of Switzerland, regretfully indicated that he should have ultimately disqualified Kim after she was deducted an unheard of 5 points for excessive head butting, holding and hitting, and striking with the inside of the glove, the exact same thing that happened on Thursday (10/15/09) in the fight with Jolene Blackshear. I mention this because after the fight, Dan-Bi Kim approached Jolene Blackshear directly to apologize for headbutting her several times, admitting to their awareness of this tactic.

All in all, our trip was quite enjoyable and we look forward to fighting very soon. We are doing our best to find the positives out of this situation; however, we question ever returning to Korea for such an event. The size of the purse does not outweigh the lack of communication, unjust scoring and one-sided officiating. Jolene Blackshear not only deserves a rematch on neutral soil; but, she also deserves a complete investigation of the fight (Dan-Bi Kim vs. Jolene Blackshear 10/15/09) and a review of the original fight video. Also, the size of this purse does not adequately reflect the unparalleled hard work, adaptability and professionalism displayed by Blackshear. Our athlete and team adapted seamlessly to the travel, the time change, the culture, the people, the food, the continued shuttling around despite her needing rest, the lack of communication, the overall “unknown”, and still received an unjust decision.

I will continue to protect and advocate for my athletes at any cost and hope that the IFBA understands that we expect the same from them.

Kalina Fernandez
Trainer and Manager, Jolene Blackshear

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http://www.youtube.com - 1
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http://www.youtube.com  -4

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