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One on One Interview: Julia Fikus of Germany
By Marcin Zimerman -Poland
November 12, 2009


(NOV 12) This week I had an opportunity to interview Julia Fikus, of Germany, one on one about her boxing and Thai boxing career and about her upcoming fight that will take place this month.

WBAN: Tell us something about your childhood.

Originally I am from Magdeburg [Germany] which is the regional capital of Saxony-Anhalt. I was born there and raised within a big family which is spread all over the entire country. However, I have no siblings. I was raised in a decent family, my parents were always hard working trying to give me the best. When I was a teenager I grew up in a rather shady area in Magdeburg. Our district was quite known for socially deprived people and I had to learn how to defend myself against some dipshits trying to rip you off or kill you to get your stuff. Luckily me and my parents moved to a better area when I was 16. That was the time I started focusing on the real important things in life. I successfully graduated from school and finished my vocational education. At the age of 23 I moved to Berlin.

WBAN: When did you start boxing? Was this the first contact sport that you participated in?

In Magdeburg, I first began with thai boxing, and initially took my first steps towards traditional boxing. I have always been extremely interested in Martial arts, especially Asian martial arts. I do think it is a very tough and violent sport. You can hurt your opponent by kicking as well as using your elbows and knees towards your opponents head---quite thrilling. I have also tried Karate but that was just boring and I skipped it. Coach Daniel Hiller, who is currently my trainer, and friend introduced me to professional boxing. .

WBAN: I know that you have been successful in kickboxing--can you tell us something about your career in boxing?

Actually I never did kickboxing, thai boxing was always my thing. Back in the days I started thai boxing at the LaOnda Gym in Magdeburg. It was always a good opportunity to fight. There were huge events in Magdeburg where I had the chance to fight in front of 2000-3000 people. The crowd was sizzling and we had quite a big fan base. Even the media was interested. It was a great time which on the other hand also left its marks. And I am not talking about my injuries! There are a lot of freaks and maniacs in the martial arts/boxing scene.

WBAN: What is more important at this time---boxing or thai boxing?

At this time, it is definitely professional boxing. I am not doing any thai box ing bouts any longer. I am totally focused on pro boxing.

WBAN: Can you describe the difference between boxing and Thai boxing?

Pretty easy! In Thai boxing you can use fists and legs whereas boxing is rather straight, kind of cleaned up. This makes the boxing even more dangerous. If you are a proper boxer you can systematically place your punches which can be a tremendous weapon. To me pro boxing is also a very aesthetic sport especially when it comes to women's boxing. As it is a very strategic thing you have to have a certain intelligence and understanding in order to be successful in this sport.

WBAN: Can you describe your personal style in both sports? Can you describe yourself as a more "technical" boxer, or a "Classic" puncher?

I would say that I am rather a technical puncher in both sports.

WBAN: Do you have an idol in sport/life.

In sports I do not need any idols. I do have a couple of fighters who I really like to watch such as Lucia Ryker (now retired), Floyd Mayweather, Tomazs Adamek, Arthur Abraham or Mikkel Kessler. For me, my parents are who I look up to.

WBAN: Many people say, that "boxing is not a sport for a woman", what is your opinion when you hear this kind of statement?

Ballet is not a sport for men, but there are men who dance it any way. This is stereotyped thinking.

WBAN: Is there any particular female fighter that you would like to fight? What is your goal in sport of boxing?

At the moment I have no specific idea. When the time is right---I would like to fight against every woman in the world with no mercy. My goals are: I would like to be one of the leading figures in the world of boxing. I would like to present emotionally good and fascinating fights.

WBAN: What is the state of female boxing in Germany? Here in Poland we had Agniesza Rylik and Iwona Guzowska but now female boxing is not so popular in our country...

In my mind it is the same in Germany. In Germany, there are so many opinions: They love it, they hate it. I think that the way of presenting (on television) was not the right one. To watch boxing, especially female boxing, at the prime time with no additional fees, has glutted the market. But now there is an end. They stopped it.

WBAN: What is your agenda for 2010, where and with whom do you want to fight?

In 2010 there is a lot to do. I will come to Poland to make one or two fights and one „Interconti”. There is the title of WBF (I am the newcomer of 2009). In early 2010, I will box in Africa, a fight which was already planned in 2009. I would really like to fight more out of Germany, more international fights.

WBAN: Your next fight is scheduled for November 15, 2009, do you know who your opponent will be for that fight in Berlin?

Yes, I will be fighting on that date, and there is a „Heimspiel“(Home Game) for me. I can not really say something about my rival. I hope that she has the right experience and knowledge.

WBAN: Do you want to say something to polish boxing fans?

I have heard a lot of good things about polish boxing fans. The people in Poland are fair and competent and anyway--- that is why I am so excited to come and box. I will do my best to not disappoint the polish fans. Who knows what the future is going to bring, but for now, I am really excited about this opportunity in Poland.

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