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Behind the Scenes in New Mexico - Part III
By Sue TL Fox
December 11, 2009
Part I  Part II


(DEC 11) On December 4th, the day of the boxing event was the crescendo of what should have been a very solid and exciting boxing card featuring some very skilled and top-ranked boxers in the sport.

Reflecting on the time that I had spent in Albuquerque, I had visited many of the people who are in the boxing community, reconnected with others I had not seen in a long time, and met many of the women boxers that I had never met in person.

I was very excited to see this card--- it was what I had been waiting for, and I know everyone that I spoke to shared the same feelings.

Fight Time at the Casino

I, along with everyone else that was at the same hotel, shuttled over to the casino at about 5:00 p.m. I needed to make sure that my media credential would include being on the ring---and believe me, I have traveled to many boxing events, just to find out my credential did not provide me a spot on the ring---so I have always tried to stay on top of this when I cover boxing events.  Once I found my seating at the ring----I pretty much stayed in that area until the event began.

As I sat there, the first women boxers to enter the ring before the card began was Holly Holm and Jodi Esquibel, along with Holm's Manager/Trainer, Michael Winklejohn. The two came into the ring to warm up.

After Holm and Esquibel left the ring---Melissa Hernandez jumped into the ring. After she moved around the ring for a short time---she came out through the ropes just above where I was sitting. I was rolling my video camera at the time, and I said to Hernandez, "Okay, Melissa, say something you Bad Girl." 

Hernandez of course had no problem spouting off something clever, by retorting...."I am a bad girl, Rabbit season baby....Rabbit Season."  Video

First Women's bout on the card:
Amanda Crespin vs. Jessica Sanchez

I was very impressed with these two new boxers on the scene. Crespin came out of the amateurs, and was 0-1 going into the fight. Both Crespin and Sanchez kept the fight ongoing as they exchanged a barrage of punches. The fight ended in a four-round draw.

Women's Bout / Co-Main - Jodi Esquibel vs. Suszannah Warner

Another very solid fight between Esquibel vs. Warner. It was a rematch for the two. They had originally fought each other when both had one pro fight on their record, and Esquibel won the first time around. But, this night Warner would be the winner by an eight-round split decision and she retained her NABF Minimum title.

Women's Bout - Holly Holm vs. Victoria Cisneros (late opponent for Holm)

As I have already written about in a previous article, Cisneros put on a tremendous performance with a Last Minute Notice (Full Story).

n closing.....my personal thoughts on the Holm vs. Hernandez hand wrapping fiasco.

I am not writing any of this from secondhand information, speculation, or other witnesses, It is just a straight from the heart feeling of how this incident affected me.

Hmmm....how do I even begin to talk about this incident...

Let me see.. with the main event being the most anticipated fight on the card---it was why people bought the webcast and showed up in person to see Holm-Hernandez two mix it up---how would I personally describe what happened that night?

Does T-R-A-I-N W-R-E-C-K come to mind?

When I say this---I am placing no blame. I am simply telling you exactly what I was feeling when I got the news of this as happening on the card.

Imagine for one moment, if you will....I am sitting at ringside......I am so "Up", so "Happy", so "Proud" of these women boxers who are on this card.

You also have to keep in mind as I express this-----to understand my background as a person and my own mindset about fighting in general.

I am a past fighter from the late 1970's. I fought in full-contact karate when few women did so...I fought as a pro female boxer----when we were more like the "plague" and not respected athletics in this sport. I will tell you that I had never backed out of any fight, in karate or boxing at anytime---even when I probably should have. I do have a tough as nails attitude, and anyone who knows me will more than likely back that up.

At the same time, I was never offered such great opportunities as the women boxers of today, and would have probably given anything at the time that I boxed to have such opportunities.

So while I am sitting at the ringside apron this night, I have some real feelings and emotions about what is going on.

I am first feeling deeply embarrassed for the sport, embarrassed for WBAN, for what I would end up having to write about this incident---wishing I were somewhere else---perhaps at home in the comfort of my home. Not in direct aim of a packed house of boxing fans waiting for Holm to fight Hernandez, wondering if people would become irate, throw things, this is all going through my head, and at the same time, "wishing", "hoping", that this was just some ploy to make the fight more exciting.

I was also upset-----Upset that I flew all the way from Portland, Oregon, to Albuquerque, New Mexico (anyone who knows me, knows that I do not like to fly), and so to take this flight to New Mexico would have been a fight card I genuinely wanted to see.

That being upset was mixed with the fact that I personally spent a lot of money to go to this fight card---I am not independently wealthy, so I have to carefully pick and choose where I use finances to cover fights for WBAN.

I was also embarrassed that WBAN's European writer, John Wilson, who lives in London, England, came all this way to see this boxing card.  Sure, John was in the United States for other things going on, but he made a special flight from Washington D.C., to New Mexico to see this event.

In closing----This sport is struggling and has pretty much always struggled to get mainstream acceptance. Even without casting any kind of blame on anyone---I really think this hurt the sport for awhile. We will get over it---we always do it seems, but even though Cisneros saved this card by taking this fight with Holm at the last moment, it will not overshadow what happened on this card in front of a massive audience.   
Part I  Part II

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