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Bring It On-Chevelle Hallback
By Judi Abate
Boxing Diva
February 14, 2010


(FEB 14)  Chevelle Hallback is putting women's boxing on notice. She is back and ready to trade leather with the best of them. Chevelle (27-5-2) who is superbly conditioned, vivaciously competitive with a shining personality will be stepping into the ring once again. This rematch will be against Holly Holm( 26-1-3) for the WIBA Light-Welterweight Super World Title on March 26th at the Isleta Resort and Casino in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

After having spoken with Chevelle the first impression that surfaces is hearing the smile in her voice when she talks about boxing. This fight with Holly Holm will be the start of something " tremendous" for this proven fighter.  Chevelle is very positive and upbeat about this future bout because she knows that she has prepared long and hard for this second chance to ignite her professional boxing career.

Her dedication to the sport of female boxing only comes second to her devotion to her boxing career. Chevelle feels the upmost responsibility to put female boxing in a positive light and get the sport the attention (especially from HBO) that the fighters and sport in general deserves.

I'm sure whatever Chevelle puts her mind to she will accomplish it with great success.  Chevelle is not only a superb fighter in the ring, but tenacious outside the ropes. Let's talk to Chevelle:

BD: What attracted you to boxing?

CH:  A few thing I would say. First when I went to see Rocky when I was age 5 and that planted a little bug inside me. Next, watching Ali-Spinks II around age 10-11 and imitating the bobbing and weaving saying, "I can do that." And finally seeing Christy Martin on the undercard of a Mike Tyson fight. That was a Saturday and the following Monday I was in the gym ready to learn how to box.

BD:  How did you get your nickname, "Fists Of Steel"?

CH:  In my first fight, I KO'd a girl bigger and taller than myself and my trainer said I had fists of steel.

BD: Does your name have anything to do with the car by the same name?

CH:  Not really. My Aunt who named me saw the name on a car and thought it was pretty.

BD: Are you concerned with ring rust?

CH:  It's crossed my mind but I have 2 great trainers working with me. I'm not allowing it to control my mind. It makes me train harder and be better prepared.

BD: Excited or nervous about the rematch with Holly?

CH:  Both. I'm excited to get back in the ring and I'm nervous every time I step in the ring.

BD: Concerned with the high-altitude fighting?

CH:  The first time it was a problem but this time it'll be ok. I'm aware of it and have a plan.

BD: What will different this time around when you fight Holly?

CH:  This time I'm used to the altitude and I won't get tired out and I will be well conditioned.

BD: How is training going?

CH:  I think they're trying to kill me. My training is going very well.

BD:  How is your over-all conditioning?

CH:  Getting there.

BD: Does being the underdog bother you at all?

CH:  I love it. I'm happy. No pressure what so ever to win. I put pressure on myself because I feel I have to prove a point.

BD: Who would you compare your style to?

CH:  A combo of Sugar Ray Robinson, Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Roy Jones Jr.

BD: Some critics have said, "You're a good,strong fighter but not able to finish." what do you think?

CH:  Some ways it's right and some ways it's wrong. It use to be the case when I was fighting against a friend it was hard to finish. But with someone who is talking trash and disrespecting me then I have no problem finishing at all.

BD: Who are some of your favorite fighters today?

CH:  Ada Velez, Kalliesha West, Nicole Woods, Brooke Dierdorft and Melissa Hernandez. Nate Campbell, Floyd Mayweather Jr., Shane Mosley and Paul Williams.

BD: What is your opinion of the Mayweather/Pacquiao fiasco?

CH:  It confuses me. If they were paying me all that money I would take any test they wanted me to take.

BD:  What would be your dream fight?

CH: Rematch with Lucia Rijker (televised.)

BD: You have had some MMA matches in the past has that helped or hurt your boxing career?

CH:  Neither I took the matches because I couldn't get a fight and to stay active.

BD: What is your immediate goal in boxing?

CH:  To put the responsibility of women's boxing on my back and carry it so that it can be televised on HBO and given the attention it deserves. HBO never-ever had a female fighter on one of their cards. I think the Olympics will open a lot of doors for women boxers.

BD: What do you love about boxing?

CH:  Boxing gives me the thrill of a roller-coaster ride. I love the crowd, entertaining, the energy and pushing myself to the next level.

BD: What do you dislike about boxing?

CH:  Politics.

BD: How would you describe your work ethic?

CH:  When I have a fight it's great. It pushes me to go beyond my limits.

BD: How do you handle your boxing career along with the other responsibilities in your life?

CH:  It's rough. I'm busy during the day and train at night. I have a lot of support from family and friends. I'll make it work.

BD: What goes through your mind right before you step into the ring?

CH:  I pray a lot to protect me and my opponent, I keep talking to myself to keep my nerves intact. I tell myself to relax in the ring.

BD: What surprises you most about yourself as a boxer?

CH:  Some of the moves I make in the ring. When I watch the tape afterwards I can't believe I did some of those moves.

BD: If a younger Chevelle fought against you- who would win?

CH:  I would today because I have so much more experience now. When younger I had natural talent and natural ability but today I have that and the added experience.

BD:  Should boxers avoid sex before a fight?

CH:  Yes I think they should but it depends on the individual. Sex is exercise but not before a fight.

BD: It's hard to please everyone especially in boxing. So who are you trying to please most?

CH Myself and my fans. I want to challenge myself and give the fans a good fight.

BD: When you dream- is it boxing?

CH:  OMG. Yes.

BD: Let's shift gears and find out a little more about you as a person.  What three words describe you as an individual?

CH:  Compassionate, humble and determined.

BD: What scares you?

CH:  Failing at anything I want to accomplish.

BD:  Your best body part?

CH:  Shoulders and stomach.

BD:  If you could have a superhero power what would it be?

CH:  Reading people's minds.

BD:  Favorite color, food and snack?

CH:  Earth tones, angel-hair pasta, and trail mix.

BD:  Are you a diva?

CH: H No. Just a down to earth person.

BD:  What's always in you refrig?

CH:  Eggs.

BD: Early Bird or Night Owl?

CH:  Night Owl.

BD: What makes you special?

CH:  I have no enemies at all.

BD:  How do you relax?

CH:  I'm very family oriented so I spend time with them. Just chilling out.

BD:  Favorite sport besides boxing?

CH:  Basketball, track and field, women's professional football, bowling, and golf.

BD:  What a bad habit you will admit to?

CH: Not often but sometimes I whine and complain.

BD:  What makes you angry?

CH:  When I'm confused about something and I ask about it and then it is not explained to me.

BD:  What makes you smile?

CH:  Life.

BD: We know you can box, what can't you do?

CH:  Look down from the tops of tall buildings.

BD: In honor of Valentine's Day- a few quick Q and A's.
Are you romantic? Very Favorite color of roses? Orange
Believe in love at first sight?

CH: Yes. Lust at first sight too. Hugs or Kisses? Both. The perfect Valentine's gift? Cards, flowers, dinner, etc.

BD: To wrap things up... What is your advice for young woman fighters?

CH: Train hard and believe in your dreams. Don't let anyone tell you what you can and can't do in regard to your dreams.

BD:  Are you optimistic about the future of boxing?

CH:  very much so. I wouldn't do what I'm doing if I didn't believe in my dream. I want to prove women are good enough to be on HBO.

BD:  How can we keep boxing strong?

CH:  Keep striving and working at it. Get more publicity. Have more female boxing stars. Don't treat women's boxing as an individual sport it takes team work to get the sport going.

BD:  Last question- What is your message to your fans?

CH:  I'm Back and I got a treat for them.

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