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Interview With Montreal’s Lucia Larcinese!
by Rick McLean
April 15, 2010


(APR 15) Lucia Larcinese is a 37 year old first generation Canadian; her parents were born in Italy. She is currently an LPN (Licensed Practitioner Nurse), can fluently speak three languages and trains virtually every day for boxing. It has been very tough for Larcinese to juggle both work and boxing but she feels the sacrifices are definitely worth it. Lucia first got into combat sports as a kickboxer because her friend’s brother was a world kickboxing champion. She then switched to muay thai but progressed into boxing because she heard it was an Olympic sport. The problem however was that women were not allowed to compete in boxing at the Olympics at the time.

Larcinese got her start under the guidance of Quebec boxing legend Abe Pervin. Pervin has been involved in boxing for over 50 years and was just inducted into the Canadian Boxing Hall of Fame. Lucia considers Pervin a dear friend, mentor and confidant who has always been there for her. When Larcinese progressed into the professional ranks and she changed her trainer to Otis Grant. Grant is a former WBC World Champion who opened the Grant Brothers Boxing Gym with his brother Howard in the West Island, a much closer training destination for Larcinese.

Lucia’s dream is to get many more opportunities to box in Montreal especially on Groupe Yvon Michel (GYM) cards. Lucia respects GYM because of their impeccable reputation, good P.R. and their care in building up talented boxers, for example David Lemieux. In addition, Lucia’s dear friend Abe Pervin has continually told her what a reputable person Yvon Michel is. Larcinese stated how much she wanted to thank GYM for having her on last Decembers card, her first fight in Montreal, and how disappointed she is that her opponent wanted to clinch and hold more then fight.

Larcinese has had ten professional fights with 80% of them being on the road spanning from Nevada, Florida, Pennsylvania, New York and Ontario. Only two of her ten bouts have been in her hometown of Montreal which is extremely difficult on a boxer. In addition, Lucia has had to fight with a different trainer in her corner in 9 of her 10 bouts because Grant has been unable to travel with her due to his personal foundation projects, family commitments and charity work. Larcinese is still very happy with Grant and has put her faith in him believing he can make the difference in her career. However, all of these negative factors have definitely played a significant role in the success of her career. One of the highlights of Larcinese’s career thus far was getting the opportunity to fight in Las Vegas on an ESPN2 Friday Night Fights undercard in August 2009 where she convincingly defeated her 19 year old opponent right in her own hometown. Then in November, Larcinese was on the road again to Hamilton, ON where she defeated rising prospect Kara McLeod by majority decision. Less then a month later Larcinese defeated Karen Dulin at Casino Montreal.

Lucia is a self professed Italian style brawler much like Gatti and she has a hard punch and an excellent chin. Lucia admits that she is slow starter but gets stronger as the fight progresses however she feels that the structure and rules of women’s boxing does not fit her style well at all and has been very detrimental to her success. Many women’s boxing matches are scheduled for only 4 or 6 rounds to generally cut costs and many women’s boxing matches have a very similar style to that of novice amateur boxing and are judged accordingly. Having only 2 minute rounds instead of 3 minutes like the men force women to move forward throwing many punches each round knowing that looking busy is the best way to earn a judges decision and although this might look very crowd pleasing many of those punches lack power and are ineffective. Larcinese agrees with Layla McCarter, one of the best female fighters in the world that women should have to fight 3 minute rounds and 12 rounds in total just like the men to separate the high volume amateur style punchers from the more professional, calculating and effective punchers who prefer to drag an opponent into the deep waters of the later and longer rounds to drown them.

Larcinese admitted a big mistake she has made in her career was that she was far too eager to take any fight, anywhere at 4 rounds because she is a true fighter who loves a challenge and ducks nobody. However, her eagerness has gone against her because she admits that she is not a 4 or 6 round fighter. Instead, Larcinese feels that she can easily last 8 or 10 rounds and just wants the opportunity to prove it. Larcinese believes the factors highlighted above have cost her victories in her last two fights.

In February, Larcinese dropped a six round decision to Amanda Serrano in New York State. Most in the crowd disagreed and booed the decision. Larcinese admits she started slow and gave her way too much respect in the first two rounds however she felt she won the rest of the rounds and saw Serrano weakening only to be saved by the 2 minute rounds and also that Serrano was virtually out on her feet at the end of the sixth round. Larcinese feels that if it had been six, 3 minute rounds the fight would have ended in a much different fashion.

The same can be said in her match in March against short notice opponent Jackie Trivilino in which she lost a disputed four round decision in Montreal. Virtually everybody in the crowed booed the decision feeling it was unjust. Abe Pervin felt it was one of the worst decisions he had seen in awhile. Larcinese feels that Trivilino got the decision because she threw many punches that looked flashy for the judges however they had no power or effect on them at all. On the other hand Larcinese counterpunched and boxed landing the much harder, effective punches even with an injured rotator cuff. At the end of the fight both of Trivilino’s eyes were badly swollen, her face visibly bruised and her nose was gushing blood. On the other hand Larcinese barely had a scratch on her other then a small cut over her eye from an unintentional head butt.

Larcinese stated that she will no longer make the mistake of taking 4 round fights but is still open to the possibility of taking 6 round fights. However, Lucia is worried that no women will want to fight her in 8 or 10 round fights because of the risk.

Lucia really wants the opportunity to get more fights in her hometown of Montreal so that she can box in front of friends and family. In addition, she would like to have the opportunity to fight for and win a world title and would put her nursing career on hold if need be. Larcinese is trying to open door for women boxers in Quebec and would really like to have a full team behind her so that she does not have to do everything herself. Also, Lucia proudly represents her Italian-Canadian heritage every time she steps into the ring and she would like to see the Italian community in Montreal come out and support her in her future matches.

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