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Alicja Dabrowska vs. Juliette Winter
Photos and Story
by John E.G.Wilson
April 28, 2010


(APR 28)  Friday, 23rd April 2010 was St George’s Day. St George a mythical medieval knight is the patron saint of England and is reputed to have fought and killed Evil in the form of a dragon. It is therefore a special day for the English.

Keith Mayo of K. M. Promotions Ltd marked the occasion by staging a “ST GEORGES DAY” 6 bout boxing tournament at the modern Oasis Sports complex in Swindon, England that evening.

A contingent of airmen and women from the local Royal Air Force base at Lyneham entered the ring to receive enthusiastic applause. RAF Lyneham Wiltshire is alas the airbase where the bodies of British troops killed in the Iraq and Afghan Wars are brought back for burial.

Former local professional woman boxer CLAIRE COOPER sang the National Anthem unaccompanied.

An exciting 6 x 2 minute round ladies flyweight bout opened the evening’s card.

Alicja Dabrowska getting warmed up for bout

The local girl was ALICjA DABROWSKA, a petite 24 year old brunette who was born in Ruda Staka, Poland, but has lived and worked in England for the last two years as a Caretaker of Teenagers with Learning Difficulties. She is one of three women who have recently joined the growing ranks of women licensed as professional boxers by the British Boxing Board of Control.

Her professional record of (1-0–0) belies her experience as a boxer. She had a very successful career as an amateur boxer in Poland – having 33 contests. In 2006 she won the Polish title and represented her Country in International competitions. However this was the first time that she had boxed 6 rounds.

She now trains at the Horseshoe Gym in Swindon under Islan Eltuyev – a former Soviet Union men’s light welter weight champion.

Alicja Dabrowska

Her opponent was 37 year old JULIETTE WINTER ( 4-6-1), from Derby England.  Winter won the inaugural British title prior to 2006 against Shanee Martin and still retains that title at super Flyweight. 

At the Weigh In DABROWSKA weighed 7 stones 13 pounds, and WINTER 8 stone 1 pound. Both women were using 10 ounce gloves.

First into the ring’s Red Corner, WINTER was clad in a black sports bra with breast protector and short black satin trunks with white waistband.

DABROWSKA clad in black sports vest with white breast protectors and long red satin shorts with white flashes entered in the Blue Corner shortly afterwards.

Round 1

From the bell WINTER launched her attack stalking her opponent with straight left jabs which mainly fell short.

DEBROWSKA responded with left right combinations which either finished up on WINTER’S gloves or similarly fell short.

DABROWSKA opened the first effective attack with good blows striking home to WINTER’S upper torso.
DABROWSKA retreated tactically, throwing counterpunches as WINTER attacked.

WINTER kept coming forward. Both women moved smartly about the ring, throwing combination blows in a series of short actions.

Many punches were short by a considerable margin.

Round 2

The pace was stepped up in this round.

After a brief opening exchange of blows the referee called time out for WINTER’S loose boot lace to be retied. WINTER chased DABROWSKA around the ring as DABROWSKA fought a “fighting retreat “

DABROWSKA like some male boxers, makes little noises as she throws her punches. She has a swinging overhead right hook which is very effective when it lands on its intended mark – in this round many missed.

DABROWSKA being the shorter; crouched down to launch quick two handed forays inside. WINTER leaned forward with feet placed well apart seeking to launch longer range attacks.

The fast moving action used the entire ring with each fighter taking the initiative as they attacked and evaded. More blows found their mark. Frequently they were toe to toe swapping blows.

WINTER caught her opponent with a solid right hand to the head seconds before the bell.

As it sounded the audience applauded the women’s efforts.

Round 3

DABROWSKA initiated the attack with an assortment of left and right handed blows delivered at speed to all parts of her opponent.

DABROWSKA waived her straight left in WINTER’S face before bringing a crashing cross to WINTERS face. Despite WINTER skillfully blocking a number of blows on her gloves several good solid punches landed in her face and jaw. She had to use her ring craft to keep out of trouble. WINTER regained the initiative. The fighters continually moved round the ring trying to gain advantage. Both threw a large number of left right and right left combinations. A lot fell short !

DABROWSKA momentarily caught WINTER on the ropes near her Blue Corner, but WINTER skillfully slipped out and resumed her own attack as the bell rang.

DABROWSKA seemed to have suffered a bruise to her nose.

Round 4

Started slowly with both boxers exchanging lightweight straight blows to each others gloves as they circled for advantage.

There was then a spirited exchange of solid blows. A mannerism of WINTER’S boxing is that she at times drops her left arm to her side before delivering a heavy straight left punch.

DABROWSKA threw an enormous right hand hook to the head which missed. WINTER – ever the potential attacker moved forward and trapped her opponent in a brief clinch in her Red Corner. DABROWSKA slipped out and took the center of the ring to launch her own attack. A fierce little foray ensued in which she caught WINTER with a number of good left and right hand hooks to the face. WINTER counter attacked with her own left and right assortment of jabs and hooks.

Round 5

The was an explosive start to this round as DABROWSKA came straight out of her corner and launched an aggressive two handed attack in which she forced WINTER into leaning back on the ropes near a neutral corner as they tussled .

A fast moving round - similar in pattern to the two previous. Many punches flaying the air - Short sharp clashes – rapid exchange of blows - DABROWSKA to WINTER’S head and a good left jab to the solar plexus – WINTER to DABROWSKA’S body and head.

In a violent clinch against the ropes WINTER’S left arm was wrapped around DABROWSKAS head. As they untwined WINTER hit her opponent’s with a strong right hand hook to the left side of the head.

WINTER received a brief warning from the referee.

Near the end of the round DABROWSKA chased WINTER from near her Red Corner towards the Blue Corner round the outside of the ring unleashing a torrent of wild two handed blows whilst uttering intimidating shrieks as she did so.

She followed up with a clash where she unleashed a series of short right and left handed punches to anywhere she could find a target. WINTER fought back.

The pace did not slacked with both women keeping up their relentless two handed attacks. DABROWSKA’S punching was the more effective, but WINTER continued to fight aggressively occasionally catching DABROWSKA with some good counterpunches to the head and face.

The audience clapped as the round ended.

It was observed that DABROWSKA’S nose was again lightly massaged by her Second during the interval between rounds – presumably as a result of WINTER’S blows.

Round 6

This was a tough round with both women trying to clinch the match.

WINTER caught DABROWSKA early on with a powerful right and left combination to the face but received a powerful right to her nose in response. Briefly DABROWSKA battered her around the head with an assortment of uppercuts, jabs and hooks which caused WINTER to cry out and protect her head with her two raised gloves. She extricated herself and resumed her own attack.

WINTER missed her with a number of right and left punches which DABROWSKA ducked. Both women gamely continued to fight, trading punches to the last bell, each showing aggression in her fighting.


DABROWSKA was declared the winner by referee GRANT WALLACE on points : 59 to WINTER’S 57

DABROWSKA now advances to 2 wins and no losses and WINTER drops to 4 wins 7 losses and I draw.

Footnote :

A large “crack ! “ was heard during the fight. As DABROWSKA left the arena the doctor examined her jaw to ensure that it had not been broken in the fierce exchange of punches. Thankfully it was O.K.

Speaking to your correspondent in her dressing room shortly after the fight an elated DABROWSKA confided that she had not eaten for two days in order to make the Weight and but for this she could have fought better. She wants to become a British Champion.

This had been an even fast moving fight with both women throwing and receiving some big punches - although many missed their intended target! DABROWSKA’S were the more accurate. WINTER showed great courage in continually coming forward to attack despite receiving many heavy jolting blows to the face as she did so. From the ringside the fight seemed to be a closer match than the score suggests.

A rematch should certainly be arranged.

Text and Pictures
Copyright John E.G.Wilson.

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