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Latest Updated News: WBAN Resource Team
by Sue TL Fox
May 28, 2011
Photo: Coach Rumanes


(MAY 28) The WBAN Resource Team has been growing very rapidly, and we have now added more members to the team. There are now new biographies, articles and videos,  on some of the members that have just been recently added. Here are some of the latest updates as of this date.

We have added "Tony's Corner"  to the WBAN Resource Team siteTony Rumanes, is a strength, speed and conditioning coach, a personal trainer and a motivator. Tony has been in the fitness industry for over twenty five years, and has been certified through American Council on Exercise (ACE) since 1994. Tony also holds a Certificate of Completion for Sports Performance, a Perform Better Functional Training Series Certificate of completion, is a Pro boxing Trainer and manager, and a Certified Nutrition Coach. We added his biography earlier today,  Go here to read about Rumanes.

We also very fortunate to add Coach James "Ricky" Coward.  Coach Rick is a certified professional boxing trainer with the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board and USA Amateur Boxing Association, has been training professional and amateur fighters for over 10 years, has well over 30 years experience in the sport and is an accomplished professional boxing trainer.  We have already posted many of his training videos on the WBAN Resource Team website at: Working with Mitts, footwork and more.   We have also added his biography today. To read about Coach Rick,  go here.

We have also completed the biography and first article of Amit Katz: Katz is a Nutritionist/Herbalist.   Through years of experience he has obtained a rare knowledge of the use of supplements and their ability to treat health issues and address disease. He is the author of the book , “The Frontline of Nutrition - 50 treatments remedies and cures you can find in a health food store."  To read Amit's first article, Go Here.  His biography that was just posted,  Go Here to read about Amit Katz.

We have on board now, three retired world boxing champions on the team.  They are the following, and we will be adding more about them soon!  We have: Terri Moss: Retired World Boxing Champion, Fitness, Boxing Trainer -(more to follow on Moss);  Sumya Anani: Retired multi-World Boxing Champion, Anani is a registered yoga teacher, a massage therapist, a personal trainer, an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Physical Education at Johnson County Community College; and Bonnie Canino: Retired World Boxing Champion.  Canino has been training and teaching since 1979 as a professional athlete in Martial Arts, Kickboxing and Boxing in Broward County,

We have added the biography of Jerry Hoffman.  Hoffman has been a very successful promoter, having sellout shows, matchmaker, ring announcer, and has been involved in the media. Jerry is an all-around resource who has done it all in boxing. Hoffman has a wealth of knowledge about what it takes to put on boxing events among other skills. He is an excellent resource for new promoters, matchmakers and ring announcers who could benefit from contacting him.  To read up on Hoffman, go here.

Update on Eddie Montalvo: We also recently added the biography of Eddie Montalvo.   Together with Montalvo's partner Myles Harlow-Kahn, they have founded Jurican Entertainment and Sports Inc. Myles has close to three decades of experience in the entertainment & sports industries. Son of Legendary Latin Jazz/Salsa Pianist and Co-Founder of The Fania All Stars, Larry Harlow, Myles has the know how and the drive to make things happen.  Montalvo has come on board with the WBAN Resource Team to help boxers if they have questions about management, contracts, etc.

We have also added Alex "The Bronx Bomber"  Ramos, President and Founder of the Retired Boxers Foundation (RBF), and Jacquie Richardson, Executive Director of the RBF.  They are an invaluable resource for the retired boxers of the sport.  The mission of the RBF is to assist retired professional boxers in the transition from their glorious days in the ring to a dignified retirement. The WBAN Resource Team will refer any questions, help, or information to this non-profit organization. 

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