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Yankovich to fight McGee for Vacant WIBA Title
January 3, 2011

FEBRUARY 10, 2012


(JAN 3) On January 21, 2012, at the ReservClub in Lima, Peru, Brazilian Duda Yankovich will be fighting Mary Mcgee of Gary, Indiana, USA. The two will be fighting for the vacant WIBA Lightweight world title.

In a press release that WBAN received earlier today they wrote the following: "In what some thought was going to be an embarrassment for the Women’s International Boxing Association (WIBA), in their pre-sanctioning a WIBA Lightweight World Title bout between Melissa “Huracan” Hernandez (16-3) and Valentina Shevchenko (2-0, 1-0 at time of pre-sanctioning) has turned into quite an interesting match up for said vacant World title, which was vacated by Hernandez in her Historic ‘physical-dumping’ of this Association‘s Championship Belt in November 2011 (See link to story).

Then came the announcement that Mary McGee, 18-1-0 with 10 KO’s, of Gary, Indiana, was stepping in to compete against Valentina Shevchenko in Lima, Peru on January 14, 2012, for the Vacant WIBA Lightweight Title. Again, “a bad match-up for a world title bout,” many said.

In a sudden turn of events and with no reason given, Valentina Shevchenko pulled out of the bout against McGee. A seasoned Duda Yankovich, 11-3-0, 5 KO’s has, stepped in to replace Shevchenko."

Yankovich talked about this upcoming fight and said, "What better time to return than at the beginning of the year against a fighter like Mary McGee who is considered a Top 10 lightweight and a Genuine challenge for me. Although this is a Lightweight title bout, I endeavor competing in both the Lightweight and the Super lightweight categories eventually seeking rematches with each Holm, Phiri and Mathis. For now, I am focused on McGee. I want to stay within range of the best fighters in the world. I also look forward to competing against Monica Acosta (WBA & WBC Super Lightweight Champion), Fernanda Soledad Alegre (WBO Super Lightweight Champion), Myriam Lamare (IBF & WBF Light Welterweight Champion), Loli Munoz, Chris Namus, Layla McCarter and any of the top 10."

In the press release they wrote, "This bout between Yankovich and McGee is a more legitimate match up for a ‘World Title’ bout. For Yankovich, it is a MUST-WIN bout given she has 3 consecutive losses to World Champions, three of Women Boxing’s Best ‘pound-for-pound’ fighters; Ann Sophie Mathis, Holly Holm and Esther Phiri, respectively.

McGee stated: "Initially, I was supposed to fight against Valentina Shevchenko, a girl who I was told was a Muay Thai World Champion with a record of 21-0 and a 1-0 record in boxing. After viewing her videos, I knew it was a risky bout to take against a fighter like Shevchenko who uses her elbows a lot but I am game to fight anybody. When I was told that Valentina pulled out and that Lindsay Garbatt or Duda Yankovich may be possible opponents, I was prepared to take any of them on because my goal for 2012 is, to compete against the best in the Super Featherweight and Lightweight Divisions.   I know many questioned why I took the fight against Valentina Shevchenko but I felt that I needed to compete and Valentina seemed like a fighter I can get busy with whether for a title or not. I understand that WBA Super Featherweight Champion Kina Malpartida is going to be present at my fight against Yankovich. I hope to compete against Kina for her WBA Super Featherweight title after this fight but then again, there is WBA Lightweight Champion Alejandra Oliveras, WBC Lightweight Champion Erica Farias, Erin McGowan, Melissa Hernandez, Chevelle Hallback, Fujin Raika, Karo Ro, Diana Prazak, Lindsay Garbatt, Frida Wallberg and other fighters that are right up there who I can compete against. My representative is handling these details while I concentrate on my training.”

This event is being promoted by Mr. Heber Alejos Valderrama of ALFA Productions, SAC., who says he will ensure there is an impartial panel of judges on January 21, 2012, for this WIBA World title bout. Alejos Valderrama added; “Each fighter comes into this bout with enough preparation time and with the ease that neither is a favorite in Lima, Peru.”

In the Press Release, they added, "South America has received and continues to receive critical reviews
and harsh criticism for the manner in which ‘certain female bouts’ were being favored, officiated and intentionally misjudged (score card manipulations). "Hopefully", Mr Alejos Valderrama continues, “I can change that perception of South America in the eyes of the world by  what I endeavor accomplishing in Peru on my fight cards. I intend on promoting Genuine boxing matches that will be judged by impartial officials.

With these change of events in the beginning of 2012, in the sport of Women Boxing, and the WIBA’s stroke of luck in obtaining, albeit incidentally, a World title match-up such as Yankovich vs. McGee, let’s pray the sport has a good start from the gate.

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