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One on One Interview with Alesia Graf
by Sue TL Fox
March 19, 2012
Photos: Team Graf

(MAR 19) This week WBAN received an opportunity to have an interview with Alesia Graf---who now fights out of Australia.  She talks to WBAN about her role in the sport, what she would like to accomplish, and where she plans to go after she stops boxing.  Interview is as follows:

TL Fox: What first attracted you into getting in the sport?

Graf: When I moved to Germany to learn German I had gone to a park. I read in the newspaper, an article about Regina Halmich, and that she was a world champion in boxing. That is what inspired me to get into boxing---I thought, what she can do, I can also do. So, I began to look for a gym to work out in, and then began boxing at that time.

TL Fox: You have been in boxing for several years now... How do you see the sport today, in comparison to what the sport was when you first began?

Graf: Political view is that female boxing has more support and acceptance. This year is the first year when female boxing is included at the Olympic Games, and that is great and important for the development for female boxing because the women are more athletic as in the past. And
I think females can give the same level of performance as a male boxer.

TL Fox: What made you decide to move to Australia and fight from that area?

Graf: In Germany, I was not getting the support that I needed. After my last promoter lost the television contract, I was free from my contract and I could make my own decisions. I changed my management and decided to have a look in Australia, and to see what was going on in that country. Here in Australia, I feel that the people accept me as not only a human but an athlete. I feel me very free and I get a lot of support. But also I would not forget my German fans they are
always true.

TL Fox: When you fought Susie Ramadan, did you feel that the judges were fair in that decision? Do you plan to have a rematch with her?

Graf: The judges were not fair in that decision because I won the fight. Everybody saw it. My management has already asked for a rematch.

TL Fox: .For people who have not seen you fight, how would you describe your style of fighting?

Graf: All what I can say about my fighting style would be the same as what the WBF President Mick Croucher has said, and that is that my style reminds him of Muhammad Ali.

TL Fox: What is the most frustrating thing you see being in womenís boxing?

Graf: The results from the judges sometimes is frustrated. I hate hometown decisions!

TL Fox: Where do you see yourself five years from now?

Graf: That in the future, I will have my own promotional company, and that I can support female boxing.

TL Fox: If you could have any fight, against any opponent, at any venue, what would it be and why?

Graf: Iím the best, so the opponent does not matter (smile)Ö.I would like to fight at the MGM in Las Vegas, Nevada, and fight for the WBC super bantamweight belt---that is a dream for every athlete, and I think Iím young, I am in good shape---and that is the reason why I believe this!

TL Fox: Who has been your toughest opponent? Now some boxers answer this question with they feel that they are the toughest on themselves, but with that aside, name a boxer whom you have fought that you felt was the toughest?

Graf: Alicia Ashley, because she fights very smart, and she uses strategy when she fights. She is a very tough opponent.

TL Fox: What do you think about the female boxers finally getting an opportunity to be included in the 2012 Olympics in London?

Graf: I can just say that it is great, because that is so important for the development of female boxing.

TL Fox: .Are you under management right now or acting as a free agent?

Graf: Together with Anja Gantner we established Graf-Promotions but we look for a corporate Promotions company.

TL Fox: How much longer do you see yourself in the sport? And, what plans do you have after you retire from boxing?

Graf: I would like to box how long I can and Iīm healthy and fit. And as I said I would like to promote other females and men---thatís my future.

TL Fox: Is there anything that you would like to say to boxing fans that has not been asked?

Graf: I would like to say that I donít represent a country, I feel that I am representing who I am as a fighter and more importantly representing female boxing. I would like to be a role model for other fighters. I would like to say Ďthank youí to my fans all around the world for their support, and also to WBAN, for the interview. I will speak with Mrs. Gantner for the opportunity to fight for your belt. All the best to everyone.

TL Fox: WBAN would also like to thank Alesia for taking the out of her schedule to be interviewed.  We wish her the best of luck in the sport.

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