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Week Five: WBAN Weekly Review
by Sue TL Fox
February 5, 2013
©Copyrighted/All Rights Reserved

(FEB 5) We had several updates this week, featuring Isra Girgrah, Amanda Serrano, Sandy Tsagouris, gold medal Olympics boxing champion Claressa Shields, naming our WBAN February 2013 Fighter of the month Jessica Rakoczy, upcoming amateur boxing action reports and news; received the latest WBC world ratings for our Archives on ratings; and adding Shelito Vincent to our Boxer profiles segment, and much more!

Jessica Rakoczy named our WBAN
February 2013 Fighter of the month!

Photos by Alan Messick

This week we had the pleasure of naming Jessica Rakoczy our WBAN 2013 February Fighter of the Month.  We would like to congratulate Rakoczy, of Las Vegas, Nevada, who had just fought in a [122 lb] 10-round WIBA Junior Featherweight world title bout on January 24th against Ada Velez, of Florida, and won by a unanimous decision.

USA Boxing to Open 2013 International Action with Events in China and the Dominican Republic
Story by Julie Goldsticker

USA Boxing is opening 2013 international action with two events on opposite sides of the globe. Team USA will travel to China and the Dominican Republic for competitions in February as a pair of athletes head to Beijing for a dual event, February 4-7, while eight boxers will compete in the Independence Cup in Santiago later in the month.  Full Story

Amateurs: Latest Update on Canada's Elite Women's National Team

Courtesy photo: Mary Spencer

The Canada Elite Women's National Team is headed to Toulouse, France for a training Camp and Dual Match. This is the team's first international competition in 2013. The training camp will happen from Feb. 1-7.  Dual Match vs. France: Feb. 8.9. Team and others:  48kg - Katie Saull (MB); 51kg - Mandy Bujold (ON); 54kg - Vicky Pelletier (QC); 57kg - Sabrina Aubin (QC); 57kg - Caroline Veyre (QC); 60kg - Stephanie Walker (NS); 60kg - TBA; 64kg - Sara Kali (QC); 69kg - Myriam Da Silva (QC); and 75kg – Mary Spencer (ON). Coaching Staff: Danielle Bouchard and Kevin Howard R/J: Nathalie Lacombe

Boxing gold medalist Claressa Shields to Fight on February 16th in Lansing!

This event will take place at the Ramada Hotel, in Lansing, Michigan, 17-year-old Claressa Shields, USA's female boxer who won Gold at the 2012 Olympics in London will be fighting on this card.    Those "Flint" folks close to this event will get a great opportunity to see this talented boxer in action!

WBAN just added Shelito Vincent!

This week we added Shelito Vincent, to our Boxers Profile Segment.  33-year old Vincent, 7-0-0, fights out of Providence, Rhode Island---and she just might be the "Best-Kept Secret" in women's boxing.  Check out Shelito's background in the sport, and the videos we have featured in her bio...Keep an eye out on this boxer! Biography

The Pros: Keisher "Fire" McLeod-Wells to fight
February 21, 2013

Keisher “Fire” McLeod-Wells steps back into the ring on February 21, 2013 in NYC at Roseland Ballroom for Broadway Boxing promoted by DiBELLA ENTERTAINMENT. McLeod-Wells is coming off a win on March 7th, 2012 against formally undefeated Patricia Alcivar.

Latest Update: Isra Girgrah Wynn: Success in the Ring---and now Outside the Ring!

Women's boxing is a sport that a female's desire to be in it is more for the "love" of it---than trying to make a living at it. There are female boxers in the sport who have made substantial income, but they are few and far between.Meet Isra "Raging Beauty" Girgrah:  For those of you who are newer to the sport and did not follow it when Isra was boxing.  She goes by Isra Wynn as of this date, but WBAN and boxing fans knew her under the name of "Isra Girgrah."  Full Story with photos and video

Latest boxing news on Amanda Serrano! 

WBAN received a quick update on world champion Amanda "The Real Deal" Serrano who caught WBAN up to speed on what she is up to!  Serrano told WBAN, "I'm on my way home from the Dominican Republic,  where I was promoting my next fight against Wanda Peña Ozuna that will take place on February 16th.  I have a new promoter,  Michael Duzant, who is awesome by the way. He will be handling mine and my sister's [Cindy Serrano] boxing career.  We are scheduled to fight six fights this year between me and Cindy. Also we just picked up a few good sponsors,..Full Story

Latest News on Canadian Boxer
Sandy Tsagouris!

We had an opportunity to connect up with Sandy Tsagouris, of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, this week to find out what she has been up to since her last fight in April of 2011.   Tsagouris fought as a professional from 2004 to 2011. Tsagouris told WBAN the following:..Full Story

On another topic this week, we met up with two female boxers, giving boxing fans some nice updates on them.  The first boxer of the week was Rita Figueroa, and also an "update with a public challenge"  of Melissa Hernandez.

WBAN Review Tidbits for the week

WBAN off line this week due to server problems...WBAN took an "eight count" this week when ALL of our sites [including WBAN] went offline!  It was one of the worst outages for us.  We were off line for several hours.  We finally were able to find out what happened from our server.  They had a power surge which affected the server and all of our sites connected with the server. We were just extremely happy to get back on the net!

Question of the week:  One of the questions that comes up ever so often is how do we determine which boxers are featured on WBAN.   In answer to that question, it is a combination of constantly researching boxers on the net, contacting them, or they contact us through our online forms, emails, etc.  IF A BOXER IS NOT FEATURED....it is more than likely because we do not know how to contact them, and/or they have never contacted us. [If you are a boxer and would like to send in a bio with photos, you can send them directly to:  wban100@aol.com

Tragedy in Men's Boxing....Very sad this week with what happened in Indonesia....There was a fatal tragedy in men's boxing  where 17-year-old Tugabus Sakti was fighting an opponent 11 years older than him.  It was reported that the referee did not stop the fight on time.  Sakti ended up dying of a cerebral hemorrhage.  We have provided a link to the video, but forewarning, it is a very sensitive video to view.

Okay lastly..Check in next week for "Week Six-WBAN Weekly Review"!  For all the results of the week, you can go directly to our results segment on WBAN.

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