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Latest Update on Frida Wallberg After Her Surgery
by Sue TL Fox
June 17, 2013

(JUNE 17) On June 14, 2013, at the Water Front Congress SAS Radisson, in Stockholm, Sweden, Frida Wallberg faced Diana Prazak in a world title bout. Wallberg was defending her WBC Super featherweight belt, and fighting for the WBAN Super Featherweight belt against Prazak. [the whole fight: Link ]

In a "Bittersweet" win for Prazak, Wallberg was stopped in the eighth round by TKO, and was in immediate trouble in the ring.  She was taken by stretcher out of the ring, and sent to a hospital where she underwent surgery for a severe brain hemorrhage.

Before the fight everything seem to be going great at the press conference, weigh-in, but little did anyone know, that the fight would have a devastating ending that would not only affect Wallberg's future in the sport---but boxing in general in Sweden.

As of June 17th, our latest update on Wallberg is the following:

News from Sweden this morning confirms that Frida is no longer in an induced coma and has been talking to Doctors and to her boyfriend.   Wallberg's boyfriend, boxing promoter Robert Stridsberg, told local media that Frida ‘will probably remain in hospital for up to six days’.  Last night (Sunday) he posted this message by her request on Facebook: “I´m awake now and don´t want anyone to worry. I am tired after all the medication. I felt I had the fight but my legs got heavy after the fifth and I was caught by a swing in the eighth.” The message, in Swedish, is signed, “Hugs from a tired Frida Wallberg.”  [Note:  in regards to a "induced coma."  This is not a coma because  "she" fell into a coma---it is a coma that is induced by the doctors on her behalf .]

Miscellaneous Pre-fight photos....and more...

At the Scales....

Press Conference with Prazak and Lucia Rijker

All looks fine at the weigh-in....

Prazak gets on the scales...

Frida Wallberg going to the ring fight night...

Wallberg talking about her fight with Prazak before the fight..

Lucia Rijker is Interviewed before the fight...

First Updates and comments made on June 14-15, 2013

One of my European correspondents read some of the Swedish press and hey reported the following:

"She [Frida] was operated on for a severe brain hemorrhage during the night. She was awakened approx two hours ago, and was able to respond when spoken to. But she was put back into coma. The plan is to re awaken her when specialist doctors are present."

Another European Correspondent and Journalist wrote to WBAN with some other following details:

"There also seems to be a lot of controversy regarding the ringside doctor’s failure to get her proper medical care and help. It is suggested in one or two of the Scandinavian websites that he outcome was bad though it is would have been considerably worse had Lucia Rijker not insisted the doctor return to the ringside and get her properly treated and ambulances summoned, etc."

Update from Correspondent:
I watched the news on a Swedish TV channel an hour ago, and there was no change at that time. They said they would attempt to bring her out of coma later today. The discussion about pro boxing in Sweden is intense after what happened last night, but the main thing right now is to hope and pray Frida will make a complete recovery."

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Stephen Blea WBC R/J- "Prayers go out to Frida Wallberg for a speedy recovery! No one wishes this on any opponent, but with boxing it is one of those risks that do seldom happen, I want to give props to former Champ Lucia Rijker for helping and assisting with Frida, had she not done what she did, who knows what would have happened? Also, to the new Champ for Prazak for showing compassion to her opponent as well. Thank God that Frida was taken to the hospital right away as well! I personally feel that in any future fights if there is a devastating knockdown or a fighter receives a lot of punishment a doctor should always stay with that boxer from the ring and into the dressing room until he or she is totally coherent."

Ted Sares: "
The sisterhood (and brotherhood) of boxing is a tight knit family and now we are seeing the beauty of that family as it comes together to give its love. It makes me proud to be a part of this wonderful group. May God watch over this fighting champ and also give comfort to Diana and Lucia."

Amanda Serrano/Boxer: "Prayers go out to Frida Wallberg who got hurt in her fight yesterday. May God give her the strength to recover fully. Frida is an incredible fighter & a wonderful person. I suffered my first loss to her & have become better because of it. I am so saddened by this news. Please pray for her. God Bless her & her Team"

Sharon Anyos/Boxer: "Our prayers are with you Frida and Diana. We work and train so hard as fighters, knowing there are safety procedures in place that this is never what we expect from a bout to be champion of the world.. My heart goes out to you girls and your families."

Jane Couch/Boxer: "Thinking of all of you prayers sent."

Yvonne Reis/Boxer: "My heart goes out to all of them. Di is a sweet person and Lucia wow . So much heat pain I was I could lighten them and take some. My prayers ladies my prayers....."

Comment: Hang in there. You are a champion! Many thoughts and prayers are with you. --JL Georges, Madera, CA USA

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