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"Inspire Me" A Night of Amateur Boxing in Tribute to R. Douglas Brocking
Photos and Story
by Sue TL Fox/Harvey J.
August 1, 2013
Flash Photo Slideshow

*All photos at end of report

(AUG 1) Last Saturday night at the Evergreen Campus, in Burien, Washington, WBAN covered this event ringside.  Before the event began, we first met up with Bad Girls Boxing Lori Steinhorst,  along with three-time WBC World Champion Ann Marie Saccurato, Mary McGee, daughter of R. Douglas and Fitness Expert Lia Brocking, Gloria Salas, and Tricia Turton.

Lori Steinhorst holding up banner before event began...

Mary McGee (left) Gloria Salas, Sue Fox (center) Lia Brocking, Ann Marie Saccurato (far right)   Flash Photo Slideshow

The event began with Lori Steinhorst entering center stage and she talked about how the "Inspire Me" the Brocking Project began.

Lori had reflected as to what a great man that R. Douglas Brocking was and how he was an inspiration to all.

Lori had written about R. Douglas Brocking stating, "I met Doug Brocking at Ann Marie Saccurato’s second fight with Holly Holm in New Mexico. Doug was a rough and tumble, very New York kind of guy. We hit it off and shared hours talking Women’s Boxing. It was at that time that Doug revealed to me that he was gravely ill. “I may not make it through this” he said. “If I don’t…I want you to do something for me. You and I think alike…would you remember me in some way that would make my children proud?” I asked him what he thought that would be.  “I don’t know, he said….Inspire Me.” Doug did not win the fight against his illness and passed away in November of 2012. Doug was fearless in the face of this illness. He fought relentlessly. His courage was incredible and he was indeed inspiring. In his honor we, his daughter Lia and Bad Girls Boxing have created The Brocking Project."

Steinhorst also told the fighters that Bad Girls Boxing was giving two trophies away at the end of the event, to the most inspirational female and male who was fighting.  The judges for those picks were none other than Lia Brocking, Gloria Salas, and Ann Marie Saccurato.

Lia Brocking then entered the ring and talked about the event, and her father, followed by a rendition of the national anthem, via a guitar played by a teen.

The fights then begun....and the show "Inspire Me" did not disappoint.  There were 20 exciting amateur bouts, with two of those fights featuring female boxers.  The main event was to have featured a female bout, but one boxer did not make weight, so it was replaced with a men's bout.

Many of the amateur fighters and boxing fans gathered around Special Guests of the event Saccurato, Salas and McGee for autographs.

It was truly enjoyable to get an opportunity to spend quality time with all of the pro female boxers, Saccurato, McGee, Salas, Turton, at this event, and meeting R. Douglas' daughter Lia Brocking.  The two female bouts on the card were very well matched, with Rubi Barojas winning one of the Bad Girl's Boxing trophies for the most inspirational.    Flash Photo Slideshow

A special thanks to White Center Pal, who hosted the event, and the hard work of Coach Tony Rago who put this event together, along with Steinhorst of Bad Girls Boxing, Inc. 

Boxing Results

Diego Espinoza Wins over Freddy Mota
Anthony Garay Wins over Logan Robers
Garrian Madden Wins over Antwan Herman
Elina Zamora Wins over Hayley Roberts
Exxon Sanchez Wins over Jacob Aguilar
Ben Siguta Wins over Ryan Rezzendez
Gerardo Vidal Wins over Rony Rubio
Kyle Coggeshell Wins over Amad Nisharov
Shane Wolfe Wins over Brandon Olmos
Tyler Magat Wins over Faustimo Romero
Matt Jamison TKO'd Nikko McFarland
Joslan Tulifau Wins over  Justin Aguilar
Carlos Mejla  TKO'd Brendan Gosselin
Rubi Barojas  Wins over Rocky Weston
Robel Biru Wins over Anthony Pleasant
Margarito Ponce Wins over Will Robinson
Josh Fisk TKO'd Stunipa Toson
Ernesto Perez Wins over Juan Carriedo
Scott Beal Wins over Lawrence Solano

Thumbnail photos from Slideshow

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