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Jenny Lugo: Amateur Boxer on the Scene
by Sue TL Fox
November 27, 2013


(NOV 27) Earlier this week WBAN learned that Mike Bradburn has a female amateur boxer, Jenny Lugo he is training at the Camarillo Boxing and Fitness Center. Bradburn describe this Lugo by saying the following, "She is a Tough Cookie with Class!" He went on to briefly tell WBAN about Lugo, that she was a fourth year college student, a member of USA Boxing, a competitor in the sport, she has worked the corner at some bouts for Bradburn's team, and more!

Well, this bit of information got WBAN's attention for sure, so we spoke with Lugo and asked that she tell us a little about herself.
Lugo told WBAN the following:

"As I was going through the process of applying to colleges, I didnít have in mind that I would become less active and more attached to my family. During my first two years at CSU Channel Islands, I found a few friends but I felt the need to look for something outside of my element. I have always been an aggressive person and I felt that my temper and aggression was starting to get worse because I wasnít being as active as I was when I was living with my parents. I remember being a kid and always enjoying the big name boxing fights, so I figured why not?"

"I looked up ďboxing in CamarilloĒ on Google, and I came across Michael Bradburn at Camarillo Boxing and Fitness. After my first session with Mike, I was exhausted and my body was in bittersweet pain. I never thought that I would fall in love with a sport so quickly. "
"Coach Mike and I developed a strong friendship and little by little I got less homesick; I now consider him my second father. He has been such a motivation and is constantly pushing my limits and perfecting my skills. Going to Camarillo Boxing and Fitness is like coming home after a long day at work where you get to spend time with all sorts of wonderful characters. It feels like a home away from home, which is exactly what I needed because I was away from my blood relatives. Being at the gym is like getting away from reality, with no worries or cares; all you have to worry about is boxing."

" The process is sort of therapeutic: putting on your hand-wraps but making sure that itís perfect otherwise you have to start all over, lacing up your shoes to really get you into the feeling that you're there to work, making sure you have enough hair-ties in your hair so that you donít have to constantly be fixing it while you're in the ring, all while having a conversation with one of your friends who just walked in the door. We are all sort of this small community in the gym who bicker like siblings but hug it out and care for each other at the end of the day. "

"Boxing has really helped me by being an outlet and staying healthy. Iíve learned to manage my rage better and let it out on the bags instead of onto others. Itís my way of self-soothing. The best part is sparring. There arenít very many girls in the gym, and I seem to be the only one who wants to compete, so Coach Mike lets me spar with the boys. Sparring is the most exhilarating and best thing that I could ever do to have a good day. The first punch in the face is always the worst because it comes as a shock and you canít help but cry a little bit. After that, every punch is just incentive to keep going and punch your partner just a little bit harder. "

"I will admit it has been tough to stay motivated 100% of the time. I am a full-time student currently attending CSU Channel Islands and I work 2 part-time jobs. Sometimes itís hard to find a time to actually go to the gym, during the school year because I am so busy. I have also had several personal issues during my time with Mike but he is always understanding of the things that are going on."

"Boxing has been a great experience overall. I have met some wonderful people, like Alex Ramos, President of the Retired Boxers Foundation, Jacquie Richardson who is the Director, and many other amazing boxers. I am registered as a USA Boxing competitor and am also certified for coaching and cornering. I currently help coach and mentor the kidís class at Camarillo Boxing and Fitness, along with the women and new students. I enjoy Hearing about new women boxers and like to stay updated about the boxing realm. Boxing is a wonderful outlet and created a new family; itís a home away from home."

WBAN looks forward to following Lugo's boxing career in the amateurs, and am sure that her coach Mike Bradburn will keep us in the loop!

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