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FightFitness Meets Sonya "The Scholar" Lamonakis
by fightfitness.gr
January 1, 2014


(JAN 1, 2014) FightFitness met up with one of the top heavyweight boxers in the world Sonya Lamonakis, of New York.  Lamonakis, is 8-1-2 (1KO) as a professional boxer, with an amateur background of 25-6.  She is a 4X NYC Golden Gloves Champion; 2X National Golden Gloves Champion; 2X Metro Champion; 2X New England Golden Gloves Champion; Ringside World Champion; 2X Silver Medalist U.S.A. Boxing Nationals.

FightFitness: When did you started boxing and how you decided to turn pro?

Sonya Lamonakis:  I started boxing in 2002 and I turned pro in 2010 after winning my 4th consecutive NYC Golden Gloves Title. I was offered a fight on a Dibella Entertainment Card.

FightFitness: How difficult is to be a teacher and a professional boxing athlete?

Sonya Lamonakis:  Now after many years I am used to a pattern but in the beginning it was difficult. It has helped me to become more organized and disciplined.

FightFitness: Do your students know that you compete professionally?

Sonya Lamonakis:  Of course they support me, the want to arm wrestle me, the talk sports with me, and they respect me as an athlete-teacher.

FightFitness: Do you have any students who do boxing?

Sonya Lamonakis:  Not from my school but I work with a charity at my gym Gleasonís Gym called www.gakad.com which offers at risk kids a chance to train for free with a trainer at our gym. All the coaches and staff at the gym work on teaching them how to be champions in and out of the ring. I monitor their progress in school.

FF: Lamonakis is a Greek name isnít it? What is your relation with Greece? Do you have family here in Greece?

SL:  I was born in Mytliine Greece in the village of Skala Loutron in 1974. I moved to America when I was 4 months old. I still have family there and in Athens.

FF: Have you ever heard anything about boxing in Greece or Greek boxers?

SL: Of course, I have done some research about other Greek fighters, and Iím friends with many on Facebook. Here is my fan page Sonya-The-Scholar-Lamonakis.

FF: How hard is for a woman to be successful in the sport of boxing? Do you think that female boxing is growing?

SL: As a women our biggest fight is outside the ring, trying to get on cards, selling tickets, fighting for rounds on the card, and looking for sponsors is a struggle for female boxers. I do feel that it is improving a little each year. As an amateur for 8 years I grew with USA Boxing for women and watched us progress to where we are now. I am lucky that I have fought on 3 HBO cards, SNY, MSG, because I have a great promoter Lou Dibella.

FF: What was the first thing you did when you heard that you are going to fight for the world championship title?

SL: Sat down and gave thanks for the opportunity to fight for this prestigious title. WBC is the top of the market.

FF: You are fighting in Prague, have you ever fought outside the US? Are you planning to do part of your training camp in Europe?

SL: No I am training here at Gleasonís Gym with Buddy McGirt because I am also teaching school full time and I can only take three days off for the fight.

FF: Are you planning to visit Greece after the fight or any time soon? Have you ever visited Greece in the past?

SL: Of course I have gone back to see my family in the village I was born in. Gone to Athens to visit the Plaka, Parthenon, and family there too.

FF: What are your thoughts about the difficult time that Greek people are going through with the economic crisis and all? Have you heard anything about it?

SL: Yes, I am sad that my partita is suffering. Maybe we should of stayed with the drachma, our small villages and businesses were just not used to paying those types of fees and taxes. We just donít have the exports like Germany: Mercedes, BMW, Volvo, Jetta, etc. how can we compete with that. Also, I feel we are letting too many people in the country. Protect it more, make it elite. These people are taking from the Greeks.

FF: You posted on your page that..: ďGreeks donít fight like heroes, but heroes fight like GreeksĒ, do you think that Modern Greeks have the same toughness and courage like old warriors use to?

SL: 100% itís in our blood line. Greeks are fighters by trade. We have the heart, strength, and body to fight.

Sonya web site: www.thescholarboxing.com
Sonya FB Page: Sonya the scholar lamonakis


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