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Northwest Amateur Standout Hintsatake Notches TKO Win on Pro-Am Show
Story and Photos
By Ricardo Ibarra
June 30, 2014


(JUNE 30) This past Saturday night at the Warm Springs Community Center, Warm Springs Nation Boxing hosted a sixteen bout Pro-Am show featuring some of the best young fighters in the central Oregon region. The event, which took place as part of Warm Springs, Oregon's annual Pi-Ume-Sha Treaty Days celebration, featured two amateur women's bouts.

Local fan favorite Siagigi Hintsatake was certainly one fighter on the card that the local crowd had strongly anticipated watching. The come forward slugger always puts on a good fight and she did not disappoint as she stopped Post Falls, Idaho's Wintersky Erickson in the first round. Hintsatake got off to a very quick start, pushing her opponent back with a barrage of punches. Erickson, who had fought earlier in the night, tried to fight back, but was seemingly overwhelmed by the number of punches being thrown. Thirty seconds into the fight the ref stepped in to issue a standing eight-count. After the count the pace intensified and, after seeing that Erickson was not responding, the referee stepped in. The always relentless Hintsatake added another win to her record in impressive fashion to the cheers of her local supporters.

Wintersky Erickson had a more successful go of it earlier in the night when she took on Toppenish's Lateet Olney. The two had a good spurt of back and forth action early in the first round, but after a straight right landed square on the nose, Olney retired, citing a possible broken nose.

The main event featured the return of Portland's Osvaldo "Waldo" Rojas. Rojas had spent the last year on the sidelines, but as he stepped back in the ring against Toppenish's Ryan Phillips none of the rust that may be expected after a lay off was present.

From the outset Rojas (8-3 3KOs 150lbs.) set out to make the fight, pressing forward behind his jab and firing hard shots to the head and body. Though many were expecting to see some loss in his step due to the lay-off and the fact that he was coming off a defeat at the hands of up and coming prospect Michael Finney in Las Vegas last year, he quickly dispelled those concerns in the first thirty seconds of the fight. A hard right landed square on the jaw and seemed to stagger Phillips momentarily. Phillips (0-2 151lbs.) fired back, but his punches were wide and looping, allowing plenty of room for Rojas to land his counter shots. A precise right hand dropped Philips and appeared to put him in serious trouble. After the mandatory count Rojas pressed, seemingly wanting to end the fight in the first round. He was met by a game Phillips who, although not as skilled, displayed a big heart, firing back, giving fans a few exciting flurries of action. By the end of the round, though, Rojas was firmly in control, pressing methodically and controlling the distance with his jab.

As the second round got underway it was obvious the end was near. Rojas began to unload early and often, teeing off with hard, accurate shots in close, while Phillips on the other hand looked spent. Mid-way through the round Rojas found success, hurting his opponent with a jab to the head followed by hard shots to the body. Phillips grimaced every time he ate that combination. With thirty seconds left to go in the round a vicious right to the chin put Phillips down hard. The referee immediately and wisely stepped in and called an end to the bout, giving Rojas the TKO win

In the only other pro sanctioned fight on the card, Zillah, Washington's Juan Esquivel added his fourth straight win after his opponent Arnold Aleck quit on his stool at the start of the third round. Esquivel easily took the first two rounds, working well behind his jab and following up with a busy pace in close. Towards the end of the the second round a hard right to the chin seemed to hurt Aleck. Apparently that was all it took as Aleck refused to come out for the third, giving Esquivel his fourth TKO win. Esquivel, who took this fight on very short notice, looked like his skills are improving. He's been working with a new trainer and the difference was evident. Now hopes are that he can stay busy and fight better opposition.

The most impressive performance on the amateur undercard belonged to Medford, Oregon's Marco Arroyo. The young lightweight scored a devastating second round knockout over Nathan Youngman of Warm Springs. Arroyo looked slick in the first round and easily controlled it with quick hands, good lateral movement and a crisp jab. Youngman was in the fight early on, fighting back gamely and landing his fair share of leather, but Arroyo was the more accurate and dominant fighter. In the second round Arroyo landed a thunderous straight right to the chin dropping Youngman hard. The referee did not bother to count and immediately waved the fight off as Youngman began to go into convulsions. Thankfully medical personal were quick to get in the ring and tend to the fallen fighter. Arroyo kneeled with his trainer as they waited, clearly concerned for the safety of his opponent. After a few minutes Youngman made it to his feet and appeared to be ok. Arroyo showed a lot of skill in the fight and a lot of class after the fight by waiting to celebrate until after he knew his opponent was safe.

Medford, Oregon's Hector Alvarez stopped Yakima's Norman Schuster in an exciting lightweight bout. Schuster boxed well in the first round, using his jab to control the distance and rack up points from the outside. While Schuster was the busier and more accurate fighter in that first stanza, Alvarez remained aggressive, pushing forward and looking for ways to cut the distance and get in close enough to be effective. In the second round Alvarez began to find his rhythm, cutting off the ring and working the body in close. By the third round the unrelenting body attack had slowed Schuster down considerably, giving Alvarez the openings he needed. A hard right hand to the chin staggered Schuster, forcing the referee to issue a standing 8-count. After the count Alvarez rushed in and quickly found his mark with a flush right hand, sending Schuster crashing to the canvas. The referee called it right as the bell was sounding to end the round, giving Alvarez the TKO win.

Javin Diminick of Warm Springs and Medford's Michah Maldonado gave fans a close and exciting three round bout. Diminick was effective from the outside, using a long jab and lateral movement to set up his power shots. Maldonado, meanwhile, found success when he was able to close the distance and land in close. The flow of the fight changed repeatedly with both fighter having their moments. In the end two of the three judges favored the outside work of Diminick, giving him the three round split decision.

In other amateur action Adam Garcia stopped Xalius Bill in the first round. Daniel Gregg and Rylee Corpuz fought to a draw. Zentry Bill took a first round stoppage over Linoge Leclare. Joshua Dave teed off early to force a stoppage over Cory Dwyer. Kyle Sampson outworked Jonah Gaudy for three rounds before the referee called it.

The evening also featured a number of exhibition bouts between youngsters just starting out. In those bouts Damien Wolfe took on Lamore Lafour, Serena Corpuz squared off with Tabitha Shoulderblade, and Rylee Corpuz fought two exciting matches against Dante Stevens.

The crowd left happy, having gotten their money's worth with almost four hours of solid boxing action. Austin Smith and Warm Springs Nation Boxing did an excellent job putting the event together. Plans are underway to possibly have another show sometime in September or October.

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