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WBAN Appeals To Boxers To Seek Assurances Re Future of Women's 'Amateur' Boxing
by Sue Fox / Michael O'Neill
November 5, 2014
WBAN Petition


(NOV 5)  The eighth edition of the AIBA Women's World Elite Championships takes place in Jeju, Korea later this month (Nov 15/24th) so an ideal opportunity exists for the AIBA through their President Dr Ching Kuo-Wu to take 'time out' to explain to boxers, their coaches and the wider boxing fraternity exactly what plans the AIBA has for developing women's boxing worldwide including countries like Cuba who were not represented in London 2012.

WBAN has been very supportive of the AIBA and it's President Dr Wu even before his London 2012 media conference in which he briefed the media on how he saw that future, indeed at the time he believed that women's boxing was the future of the sport, male or female.

So Jeju is an ideal opportunity for Dr Wu to put forward his plans for the period between now and say 2020. Here we are talking about ten weights not the five planned by the European Olympic Committee for Baku 2015.

The AIBA has recently introduced AIBA ProBoxing for males and surely here is an ideal opportunity to also showcase the women's sport? For example, before each round of both the AIBA ProBoxing Series and also the AIBA World Series of Boxing (WSB), there are considerable opportunities to include women's bouts during each and every APB and WSB event? That would not only ensure greater audiences for such bouts (there have been a number of reported low attendances at recent male only APB and WSB tournaments) but also allow Dr Wu and his Executive to fulfil their London promise of having wider coverage of the women's sport.

The AIBA will surely agree and accept that anything that helps promote AIBA boxing, male as well as female will be a boost for the AIBA's expansion plans?

Jeju also provides Dr Wu and his team with the opportunity of confirming that there will be complete equality for women by 2020 at very latest, which after all is very much part of the Fundamentals of Olympism includes such requirements from the I.O.C and its National Federation members.

The AIBA is the controlling body for Boxing (male and female) in the Olympic Games and as such works closely with the Olympic organisations in each and every member country.

It is "inconceivable" that the I.O.C would in any way 'stand in the way' of the AIBA making urgent recommendations to increase the number of women weights. The I.O.C have not objected in any way to the number of boxers remaining at 286 so this very much puts the ball in the AIBA's court to have equality between male and female competitors.

Of course WBAN also invites all of the boxers in Jeju - and their coaches and supporters - to complete this petition which we will onforward to the AIBA.

WBAN recognises that not every boxer will be in Jeju - there will be a huge number who have not been chosen to represent their country whilst others will miss the Championships due to illness,injury or suspension. In addition to the boxers we feel quietly confident that male boxers,their families and friends will also wish to sign the WBAN petition.   WBAN Petition

Even if YOU have signed the petition yourself in the past and thus cannot sign again, you can most assuredly ask your family, friends and all members of the boxing fraternity to "sign up".

After all such a decision - before Rio and not just in 2020 - would surely be welcomed by the I.O.C who are after all currently in breach of the Olympic's own Charter by not already having Equality. The recommendations above would thus help the I.O.C too.

The overwhelming majority of all of the women's boxers from round the world will be in Jeju during this month and thus an ideal opportunity for the AIBA to meet up with boxers and their coaches and confirm ten weights for Rio and complete equality in the sport that the AIBA oversees on behalf of the Olympic movement.

Remembering the promises after London 2012 and the need to expand the sport worldwide at this time, one feels sure that both the AIBA and Dr Wu will help the I.O.C in the above proposals.

Facebook for the Equality For Female Boxers in the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro - Link


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