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Amateurs: The Road to Reno and Spokane
by Blanca Gutierrez/
Babyface Boxing
December 26, 2014


(DEC 26) On Saturdays' rain or shine at 9 a.m., at Babyface Boxing Gym in Pacifica, California,  female boxers will come from many miles to get ready to pursue their boxing goals for 2015.

Our Beautiful Brawlers crew Martha Salazar, Melissa McMorrow and Gina Guidi and myself, have set out to get the best sparring for the JO and Youth USA Boxers from California to who are setting out to participate in the JO USA Boxing Nationals in Reno and Elite Nationals in Spokane, WA.

WBC Heavyweight Champion Martha Salazar and Champion Melissa McMorrow spar many rounds to help these boxers reach their goals and we set up boxers within 10 lbs to box each and other to get ready. We had Salazar spar National champion Martha Fabela, Ari Borerro, and Kylie Hall who will be making her JO Nationals debut in Reno. These girls sparred many rounds with the champ and then with each and other. This is the kind of sparring they need to succeed.

We are quality and quantity of rounds. Honestly, we all thought Kylie Hall would have her hands full sparring 2 National Champions including Lupe Gutierrez and a world champion but with only 5 bouts under her belt she is very tough and a great skill set and foot work.

Kylie won the Beautiful Brawlers novice division in 2014 and is so serious about boxing that she quit her other sports to focus just on boxing. 15 year old Kylie Hall is someone I am looking forward to watching because she is in the 145 lbs. division and if she stays on track we will see big things for her in 2015.

2014 Youth National Champion Martha Fabela is an inspiration to all of us because she has really set the standard. We hardly ever get to see her at sparring because she has been training at the Olympic Training Center and was living in Colorado and has made a name for herself not only on a National Level but a worldwide level as she won the bronze medal at the Youth Olympics in China this year. Martha is also an honors student.

Melissa McMorrow went 12 rounds before taking a break on Saturday. McMorrow sparred with Marisol Lopez, Kim Mazariegos and Mariana Gonzalez first. 2013 USA Team member Marisol Lopez was really impressive with Melissa McMorrow. National PAL Champion Marisol Lopez will make the move from the Youth division to elite this year.

She got some really good work in and has a great attitude and skill set. Marisol Lopez is everything you look for in a boxer. She has great work ethic, parents who support her, does well in school and is quiet but dangerous in the ring. She is in the 112 lbs. Olympic division, which is stacked so we are very glad she got the work in with McMorrow.

We all believe in Marisol Lopez and want her to succeed.
If you want to get ready for Reno and you weigh less than 130 lbs Mighty McMorrow will take you the distance. She is instrumental in working with the lower weight divisions at sparring and is not only a sparring partner but a mentor and coach. McMorrow is constantly giving back to boxing she is a huge part of our program. We all want to see our girls do great on a National level. It doesnít matter what gym you are from everyone is welcome to sparring and if you want to work with Mighty she always says yes.

Beautiful Brawler Mariana Gonzalez will be making her JO National debut in Reno and this young lady puts in the work and never turns down any sparring. She is going to do what it takes to become champion. I have seen a lot of 15 year olds come in and out of the boxing gym but this young lady is here for the distance. She like others in her peer group have dedicated coaches who take her to sparring and believe in her.

Iris Contreras ranked #2 USA Boxing

Four-time Beautiful Brawler Champion Iris Contreras ranked #2 USA Boxing has stepped up her competition in 2014. She has sparred some tough opponents at club shows and is consistently getting in work with McMorrow and every other 120 lbs. and below at Babyface. JO National Champion Lupe Gutierrez who got work in with Kylie Hall and anybody else who would get in the ring with her has consistently showed up at sparring and intends to defend her 132 lbs JO National title on her journey to the 2020 Olympics. She is only 15 years old and this is a boxer who has fought in most of the national events this year and has won every one of them. Gutierrez is 8-0 for 2014 and just won the Beautiful Brawlers Boxer of the Year award.

We also have a group of girls who are looking to have their first fights in 2015 who spar with our group. These girls get the best work in and are surrounded by other female boxers with up to 40 fights plus under their belts, national champions, and world champions. These young ladies are loving every minute of this team work. The unconditional love and support from all the others boxers is really setting a wonderful foundation for them to build upon. All in all our sparring is a win/ win situation for all involved.

With Martha Salazar ending the year off with a major victory as she won the WBC Heavy weight title in November, she is making sure she is putting in the time to help California's best reach their goals in 2015. I think itís a great thing that Salazar and McMorrow put so much time into these young ladies.

We at the Beautiful Brawlers help to build champions and never ask for anything in return. We have the formula for success in female boxing: Love, Fun, Hard work, togetherness and Safety. With this formula and the dedication of all their coaches who believe in them, we are on our way to making 2015 even a greater year for female boxing.

At the end of the day at BabyFace Boxing after many punches have been thrown and some bloodshed we finish off the day with big hugs and we all walk away with smiles on our faces.

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