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Where are they Now?  WBAN Goes One on One with Franchesca Alcanter!
By Sue TL Fox
October 26, 2015

(OCT 26)  In our second series of "Where are they Now" WBAN goes one on one with super bantamweight Franchesca Alcanter, who had 30 professional fights, boxing from 1999-2011, then taking three years off, then fighting one more bout in May of 2014, against Lakeysha Williams, winning her last pro fight by a six round unanimous decision.  WBAN has a huge photo collection of her career in the sport.  Here are some of our favorite photos of this warrior in the sport.

WBAN asked Franchesca to give boxing fans an update as to what she has been up to since last fighting. Franchesca told us the following: 

"One thing I never did tell the world was that in my last title fight which was against Ana Julaton in 2011, I got my orbital cracked. This was something that made me decide to hang up the gloves.  (Alcanter did have a fight three years later in 2014 in her retirement fight in her hometown).

Shortly after that title fight with Julaton, I entered a fitness competition called the WBFF.  I took first place and 35+ figure, and 2nd place in medium height figure and third place overall.  I did not get a pro card.  I didn't care for the fact of working just as hard almost on your body for maybe a trophy.  It was nice to know that if I wanted to pursue that round I would do well at it, but to me it was more of a money pit.

As far as boxing,  I didn't ever announce my retirement because you never know,  plus I wanted to fight in my hometown one last time. I started losing some motivation and drive and really got ring fever so when I was approached by a local promoter about fighting on a card here at my home town,  I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to make a big retirement fight.

Most every fight I always bring attention to a missing child or something of that sort so that's why I wanted to do something special to what I have a passion about---building inner strength and self-esteem for battered women and bullying children.

I couldn't get a battered women's shelter for foundation with children put their name on the card since it was a fight, they loved me and my reason behind but in the short amount time to put their name on it.  So I was convinced to start my own foundation in her straight foundation courage, strength and hope for a lifetime.

Any obstacles occurred during the time of preparing for this fight, the dates were changed and they couldn't find opponents.   I  also had some personal issues (with my fiancé, that resulted in a breakup).

During that time, I totally broke my training for my fight.  It ended up being my own inner strength building, the foundation never happen because the team never really got together due to personal issues involving my then fiancé.  I was fighting alone, and training alone in my household.

My daughter was in the military going through basic training, and it was the first time I was really alone after my fight.

I finally got to deal with the issues and found myself moving out on my own,  devastated and still in shock.

I dug myself into the training, and after my fight nobody really knew what had happened.   I reinvented myself through my workouts and became a new life,  a new person on Facebook as the whole time I was also going to church and re-dedicated myself to Jesus.

This year, it has been hard to get used to being single with no kids but I am a grandma now with the grandson who is 10 months old and he is such a joy.

I've been a personal life coach for six years. Started an online training business that didn't go off so well.   All the years of training I've learned how to teach someone else to feel good with range of motion and movement.

The sport of boxing have allowed me to be an awesome coach thanks for being trained by talented coaches.

I'm truly blessed to be able to be in a world of boxing, and be able to  learn from every sparring partner since being in the sport.  I'm  have even been blessed to do seven videos with Freddie Roach.

Out of the ring, I have been doing photo shoots interviews---for movie parts and going to start public speaking.

All of these things will come to full blast in God's timing.   I'm dealing with the passing of my mom right now. That has put a big hurdle in my plans.  I'm dealing with it very hard and feel like a fighter right now preparing for a title fight----I'm just feeling beat down like I get sometimes when I want to give up when I'm training for a fight,  but I start thinking about my fans in the matchmakers in the money that motivates me to be able to raise my hands up in a victorious fight in a win I love that feeling of preparing training.

I've gotten used to it, and have learned how to roll with the punches but this obstacle is different.   I'm learning how to work with it.

I lost my dad eight years ago to lung cancer.  He was given one week to live, and in one week later,  he died.  He had not smoked for 30 years.

My mom on the other hand had smoked her whole life and have been diagnosed with cancer. 

I have a lot going for me----things have just been put on hold for a little bit----but I'm so grateful for what you do for women's boxing opportunities, and that you give us to be able to shine. For that I'm forever grateful to you you're a true blessing to me."

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