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Results of the WBC Amateur Boxing Don Jose 2nd Invitational Show
December 17, 2015
Photos:   Amanda Armstrong

(DEC 17)  On Saturday, December 12, was a cold, snowy, winter day but on the outskirts of Denver the Colorado Golden Gloves Charities, 6161 W. 44th Avenue in Wheat ridge, presented the 2nd Annual WBC (World Boxing Council) Amateur Jose Sulaiman Invitational Boxing Show that showcased 27 exciting and entertaining amateur bouts before a packed house that braved the weather conditions.

The WBC Amateur Jose Sulaiman Invitational Boxing Show held in Colorado was organized by WBC Cares Colorado leaders Stephen Blea and Raylene Carbone, with the blessings of current WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman, son of the late Jose Sulaiman. In the hopes of continuing the legacy of the late WBC President Jose Sulaiman (his dream of affording every amateur boxer worldwide an equal opportunity in attaining their goal in the sport continuing), these WBC Amateur Invitational events are beginning to attract more attention, and participants, nationwide.

Part of the mission of WBC Cares Colorado (Blea and Carbone) is to help those in need and recognizing Coloradans who have dealt with/are dealing with hardship and/or disaster is what they do. Saturdayís event did just that as WBC Cares Colorado recognized the family of the late Diedre Vickers-Strauch, a married (Kevin Strauch) mother of two small children (daughter Millie and son Ryan) who passed away following medical complications arising from rectal cancer, earlier this year.

The father of Diedre Vickers-Strauch, Vic Vickers, along with numerous other family members, was in attendance at Saturdayís 2nd Annual WBC Amateur Jose Sulaiman Invitational boxing event, Mr. Vickers given a mini-replica of the WBC Champions belt by WBC Cares Colorado and WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman.

The numerous awards given others in need of help included monetary support secured through the sale of raffle tickets and sponsors making contributions to the cause, something 'Don' Jose Sulaiman would have been proud to see. Kudos to the Colorado Golden Gloves Charities (Jess Mora), WBC (Mauricio Sulaiman) and WBC Cares Colorado (Stephen Blea and Raylene Carbone) for a job well done.

The amateur boxing crowd in Colorado continues their support of the sport they love and Saturdayís fight action did not let them down with 27 bouts that provided solid, amateur boxing action.

Part of Story by Stephen Johnson /Denver Examiner and our Photographer Amanda Armstrong has over a 100 pictures we have enclosed a few they were Beautifully done.

More Great things that Happened due to the Don Jose Invitational:

Our Sponsors, Mountain States Employers Council, Elisha Guida of Keller Williams, Oliver Vargas of Century Auto, Javierís Dinner, Salís Quality Auto, Mile High Flooring, Urban Forest Services

We had our Meeting last night with Golden Gloves Board and even Duran Hill of Sting Like a Production donated!

With monies from Sponsors here is what we came up with to distribute: (around $1,450.)

A Check for $250 to be given to Sam Sandos Senior Citizens for gift baskets for Seniors for Christmas.

Two gift cards of $100 each given to the Gallegos Boxers Sierra & Gabe both whom donít have any parents and are being raised by their auntie for Christmas.

An award of $250 given to June bug Garcia to travel next month for the Jr. Worlds in Reno, Nevada.

A Special Gift will be Awarded to the Vickers Family on behalf of Diedre our WBC Honoree Champion whom passed away. (Alain when you get a Mini WBC Belt for Females done we would want to purchase one for the Vickers Family)

We also got Denver Police Officer Tony Lopez Jr. a Christmas Card with a Gift Certificate from our Raffle of Cleto Reyes Gloves & Bicycle and some Tequila bottles for the adults. Sending him a Speedy recovery from Our WBC Cares from wounds he suffered while on duty.

Rest of funds was given to Colo. Golden Gloves Charities. For their amateur boxing program.

The Golden Gloves Board was very happy and Thrilled when I read them this letter from President Mauricio Sulaiman, and were totally grateful and are really pleased to be a part of this of Great Event Honoring the legacy of Don Jose and his love for amateur boxers!

With that all said all Raylene & I can say again & again Thank-You & we are Blessed with one Awesome Family the WBC & NABF!

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