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2015 AIBA Women's Youth and Junior Championships - Preview
by Michael O'Neill
May 15, 2015

(MAY 15) Yesterday we brought you the latest news of the 2015 AIBA Women's Youth and Junior Championships scheduled to open at the Xinzhuang Gymnasium in Taiwan this weekend and today we suggest some additional boxers to watch out and have realistic medal prospects; we also meet the American (with close Irish links) who with the local organising committee has the challenge of putting boxing in Chinese Taipei 'on the map' as far as the AIBA 'boxing family' is concerned.

For those of you attending these important championships, the Gymnasium is based at : No. 75, Section 1, Zhonghua Rd, Xinzhuang District, New Taipei City, 242

As we mentioned in yesterday's despatch, the AIBA has profiled eight boxers who they feel may enjoy success this year. Here we suggest a few others to watch out for.

The United States have high hopes for Jaijaira Gonzalez of course as you saw from Julie Goldsticker's preview on behalf of US Boxing and WBAN also believes that another American with a great chance is Iesha Kenney who has now moved up to Middleweight whilst Caitlin Orosco should do well in the flyweight division.

England Boxing ABAE has sent a small but very strong team of five with arguably their best boxers being Allenton's Chantelle Reid, one of the favourites at 75kg and another Youth, Ebonie Jones at 51kg who boxes out of the Portsmouth club. The other English girls worth noting are Shona Whitwell, Ivy-Jane Smith.

Apart from Ciara Ginty, Ireland is sending a team of thirteen of whom Dundalk's Amy Broadhurst is high on their list of hopefuls, in view of her previous outstanding successes in European and World events when a Junior.

In his introductory remarks, President Ching-Kuo Wu will talk about his vision for women's boxing:

"I am delighted to welcome you to the 2015 AIBA Women’s Junior/Youth World Boxing Championships which emanates from the City of Taipei, Taiwan. This tournament is a very prestigious event and symbolizes the excellent development of Women’s Boxing in our organization.

AIBA has consistently been at the forefront of promoting Women’s Boxing while working tirelessly to increase the amount of events for women boxers to compete in.

The AIBA Women’s Junior/Youth World Boxing Championships Taipei 2015 will showcase our future stars, and many participants will be competing in this event for the very first time.

Next year at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, we will see women boxers compete for the second time in history, a fact which shall inspire the boxers in these Championships wishing to reach future Olympic dreams.

On behalf of the International Boxing Association and of the global boxing family, I would like to wish the best to each competitor for the Championships as well as to every member of the teams".

The AIBA President, last year appointed Sean Thompson, who has lived in Taiwan for the past six years to work with the local organising committee in preparing this year's World Championships, the first to be held in Chinese Taipei, Since Sean has such an important role in the event your correspondent believes that WBAN readers - and the greater boxing family - would like to know more about him and his role. This is what Sean told me on the line from his Taiwanese home:

"I grew up in the suburbs of New Jersey, my ancestors are originally from Ireland, where some still reside. My family has always supported my interest in traveling and studying/working abroad and encouraged me to study abroad in China for a summer. After I graduating University in Florida, I headed back to Asia and moved to Taiwan to study Chinese intensively at National Taiwan University.
When my Chinese became fluent I was offered a job as President Wu’s Special Assistant where I traveled around the world with him attending Olympic and other Boxing events. When Taipei was chosen to host AIBA Women’s J/Y World Boxing Championships 2015 I was very interested in helping out.

With President Wu’s recommendation, I became fully involved by the end of last year, by assisting the Local Organizing Committee in preparation of the event. Over the past six years I’ve called Taiwan my home and I look forward to showing everyone attending this event what a special place it is. AIBA President Wu, also an Executive Member of the International Olympic Committee, has always expressed the importance of women in sports and the benefits of the cultural exchanges through international sporting events. His dedication to promoting these ideals has been an inspiration for our Local Organizing Committee to host a great event in his home town for everyone to enjoy".

Sean also confirmed that: "The entire event will be broadcast in Taiwan on digital TV and online streaming. The finals will be broadcast by AIBA through an int’l feed, I am pretty sure this is limited to online streaming". The event website and Facebook page will be updated regularly through the competition. Hopefully Sean will also find time to see some of the bouts involving the American and Irish girls and who knows President Wu may ask him to present some of the medals to those who reach the podium at the Xinzhuang Gymnasium.



and finally, you can find a complete list of all the boxers representing YOUR country on the OFFICIAL site inc the links above.

Good luck to all those taking part be they boxers, or officials. Regular updates will also be here on wban.com as and when received, whether from the AIBA, U.S boxing or other national federations.


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