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WBAN Goes One on One with Noemi "No No" Bosques: She is set to fight on Oct. 19th on the Christy Salters Martin's Pink Promotions Card!
by Sue TL FoxWBAN
September 27, 2016

(SEPT 27) WBAN has an opportunity to meet up with Noemi "No No "Bosques who is set to meet in the ring on the Christy Salters Martinís Pink Promotions, that will take place at the Grady Cole Center in Charlotte, North Carolina,  on October 19, 2016.  The event will be headlined by local hard punching Quinton Rankin and an NABF championship fight between Rosalinda Rodriquez vs. Noemi Bosques.  

Sue TL Fox:  How and what made you decide to get into boxing? Were you in another contact sport before boxing?

Noemi Bosques:  I was always intrigued by the sport, even as a young church girl. So anytime the opportunity came to play outside with the boys I would go punch  with them-----even while I wore those church dresses. When I was 18 years old,  I started fighting in "tough man contests" and never lost,  most wins by TKO. It was then I decided to train and start having some real boxing matches! I dabbled in MMA awhile, but boxing was my first love, and I decided to stick with it.

Fox:  Are you able to train in boxing full time, or do you work and train at the same time?

For the past couple years I have been fortunate to mainly focus on boxing. First few years,  I had a full time job serving at diners and have always had a full time job as "mom". Fortunately now, sponsors help me during training camp so I can focus primarily on boxing.

Sue TL Fox:  What has changed about you as a person and boxer since you began boxing?

Bosques:  A lot has changed about me and I have boxing to thank. My patience, my ambition, my relentlessness to push forward and SUCCEED- not only in the ring but in LIFE. Boxing and training every day is a representation of life for me. If I can succeed in that ring with a killer face to face with me, what is there I cannot do? I feel I can do anything. Sometimes there will be losses, but as long as I can wake up the next morning fighting harder, have I really lost? Scores on paper are only lessons to me. I wake up stronger every day no matter what. I strive to be a champion every day- with or without those boxing matches.

Sue TL Fox: When you began training in boxing, what was initially your goal when you got into the sport?

Bosques:  Initially I began to box for fun, for the competition. I was attracted to how dangerous and competitive boxing was. I was addicted to the magnitude of the challenge. Now that I see my potential, now this is in my veins. I love this so much- I wish I could box another 20 years!

Sue TL Fox: Who has been your toughest competition so far?

Bosques: Toughest competition I'd have to say was Kenia Enriquez and Mariana Juarez. Their experience over my own was definitely evident in our fights.

Sue TL Fox: How did it come about that you were chosen to be featured on hall of famer and history-making retired world champion Christy Martin's of Pink Promotions in her first boxing event?

Bosques:  Huge honor to have been chosen to fight for such a huge women's boxing icon like Christy Martin. Maybe I was chosen because I have a rep of fighting anybody anywhere. Maybe they liked that I've been such a diehard and fearless fighter. Or maybe it was something simple like them needing a Puerto Rican fighter to come fight their Mexican promoted Rodriguez to excite fans with the "Mexico vs. Puerto Rico". Whatever the reason was, I'm truly honored at their invitation. The only thing that will upset that night is the loss of their promoted fighter Rodriguez.

Sue TL Fox: Any thoughts or plans when you enter the ring in your upcoming fight with Rosalina Velez for the NABF title?

Bosques:  My only thought is to WIN!! For my mother Damaris Bosques (RIP), my grandmother Norma Resto, my daughter Breyanna Chambliss, my trainer Tony Morgan making sacrifices for me every day - for every one watching inspired - this win is for you.

Sue TL Fox: I know that you only are more than likely only focusing on your current opponent Rosalinda Velez, but in retrospect are there any other female boxers that you would like to meet in the ring, or rematch in the ring?

Bosques:  Ideally I'd love to get in the ring with every fighter whose in the three weight divisions I box in. (112-118 lbs, and eventually 108 lbs) I'm addicted to the challenge of facing anyone and it's my dream to travel to as many countries as I can facing these other passionate fighters. I love sharing the ring with another woman with a heart as big as mine- this is my addiction. It's like we're making love in there, and we walk always with a nice paycheck afterwards ;)

Sue TL Fox: Outside of the ring, what are things that you enjoy doing?

Bosques:  I love the beach, and I live very close to the beaches. When I'm not boxing I love being in the sand and appreciating how blessed I am. I spend a lot of time with my grandmother, daughter and family. I also spend my time giving back to my community mentoring kids, and/or raising money for different charity events. Using my "status" to benefit others is a passion of mine. I feel like God has put me here for a reason bigger than just to "win". I'm here to inspire. I'm here to motivate and share. I've been places so low, those who have known me longest know. I've been a drug addict, I've been a (nude) dancer, I've been at the lowest of the lows and I'm here today flying to different countries and cities doing what I love most and making great money! (500-1k every 2 minutes isn't bad money :) I'm blessed, and I am moving forward to better only because I never quit. I like to share my stories and inspire as many people as I can. If I'm making this happen, an ex drug addict- anyone can. God is so good to me!! All this glory is His.

Sue TL Fox: What do you think about womenís professional boxing and what changes or improvements would you like to see in the future?

Bosques:  Women's boxing is definitely on the up and up!! Women boxing was just featured on PBC thanks to Shelito Vincent and Heather Hardy! Listen people, something Vincent taught me while I was training up north was that IT'S ALL ABOUT THE TICKET SALES. You have to be a draw so that local promoters can put you on shows and you can gain experience at home. Once you get the experience go out to other countries, take the harder fights and make real money out there! Boxing is a chess game. You have to be smart, spend time learning from promoters and managers. The ladder isn't that hard to climb but you have to BE SMART and learn. Learn how to believe in and promote yourself. Depend on NO ONE. We the women in this male dominated sport have the odds against us so we have to keep learning and make this road bigger than only the fight in the ring. Get involved in your community, it's so rewarding when you can do this and see the smiles on kid's faces - coming from where I came from, watching these kid's faces is everything to me.

Sue TL Fox: What does the future hold for you and where do you see yourself five years from now?

Bosques:  The future has a lot in store for me! I have such a big story and I'm so anxious to share- hopefully a documentary? I'd definitely love to play roles on the big screen! I can see myself continuing to share with my community. I'd love to keep traveling, maybe missionary work? I'd love to build gyms in third-world countries and just speak to kids, keeping them motivated. There's so much work to do! I haven't even started.

Sue TL Fox: What advice would you give other women boxers who are entering the sport?

Bosques:  Expect the hardest road possible and stay strong. If you stay strong this could be the most rewarding journey- as it has been for me.

Noemi, I would like to thank you for taking the time out from your busy schedule preparing for your fight with Velez to be interviewed on WBAN!

Additional information about the upcoming Bosques vs. Velez bout and much more on the card!

The weigh-in will be held on Tuesday October 18 at 6pm and is open to the public:

Homewood Suites
2770 Yorkmont Road
Charlotte 704-357-0500.
The promotion is asking for fans attending the weigh-in and/or event to bring school supplies that will be donated to local schools and student in need of them.

Tickets are available
Pink Promotions and Pretty Girl Promotions want to thank Beasley Media Group, NAC TECH, Homewood Suites, Safe Alliance, Kelly Services, WBC CARES, Tool Time Rental, Fast Fit Boxing and The Ultimate Boxing Gym for their support.

For additional information contact: Christy Salters Martin at champchristy@live.com
Or Mercedes Vasquez at muyboricua@yahoo.com
Tickets can be purchased at: christy-martin.com, Fast Fit Boxing or Ultimate Boxing Gym
General Admission $20
VIP $100 VIP Table of 10 $1000


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