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The Most Outrageous in 2005!
December 31, 2005

(DEC 31) WBAN has listed "some" of the most outrageous things that went on in the sport for 2005.  It would be impossible to list them all-but here are some of our top picks!   Here you go....Full Story

Blair and Perella Fight to a majority Draw!
December 31, 2005

(DEC 31) Last night at the Mountaineer Race Track & Gaming Resort, in Chester, West Virginia, Terri Blair, 130, of Ashland, Kentucky, and Leslee Perella, 127, (6-9-2), of Carrick, fought to a majority draw.

Latest Updates on WBAN
December 29, 2005

(DEC 29) WBAN has added three galleries to the WBAN Members' area. The following have been added:  Mpeg gallery #317 - Rhonda Luna vs. Cindy Serrano; and Photo gallery #316 - Flash from the past - Cooper vs. Weaver; Photo Gallery #318 -  Hajnalka Nagy vs. Gabriella Rozsa (Hungary). Login

Fountain to fight Holewyne
December 29, 2005

(DEC 29) On January 21, 2006, at the Grand Casino Coushatta, in Kinder, Louisiana, and promoted by Bayou Promotions, Akondaye Fountain, 6-0-0 (3KO), of Houston, Texas,  will be fighting Lisa Holewyne, 22-17-2 (5KO), of Austin, Texas, in a six-round bout on the undercard. 

Tonight: Cruz to fight Warner
December 29, 2005

(DEC 29) In Pueblo, Colorado, there will be a women's bout on the card. Terri Cruz will be fighting Suzannah Warner, a former National Amateur champion, with a 1-1 pro record. The two will be fighting four rounds at 115 lbs. The main event will feature Marvin Cordova vs. Corey Alarcon.

Stone to fight Ragosina in Germany 
December 29, 2005

(DEC 29) On January 14, 2006, in Berlin, Germany, Dakota Stone, 7-3-3 (1 KO), of Seattle, Washington, will be fighting Natasha Ragosina, 7-3-3 (1 KO),  of Magdeburg, Germany in a 10-round title bout.  Ragosina will be defending her WIBF Super Middleweight title.

Two Women's Bouts on Palm Springs Card
Source: Terry Washington
December 28, 2005

(DEC 28) On January 28, 2006, at the Big League Dreams, in Palm Springs, California, there will be two women's title bouts on the card. In the main event, Melinda Cooper of Las Vegas, Nevada, will be fighting Heather Percival, for the 118 lbs. NABF Bantamweight title; and in the co-main Jeri Sitzes will be fighting Yvonne Chavez for the 122 lb. vacant Jr. Featherweight NABF title.  Full Story

2005 Finishes the year with another questionable World Title bout...
December 27, 2005

(DEC 27) On December 24, 2005, at the Kenya International Conference Centre, in Nairobi, Kenya,  In another questionable  World title bout that took place in 2005, Conjestina Achieng won the vacant WBF middleweight world title against winless Argentinean Guillermina Fernandez.  Fernandez came into the world title bout, with a 0-3-0 record, listed as a "welterweight", not middleweight ...Full Story

Laila Ali: "Step Up or Step Off"
By Bernie McCoy
December 26, 2005
©Photo by J & P Photography

(DEC 26) It began six years ago with much hoopla and promise. Laila Ali, the daughter of perhaps the signature heavyweight champion of the last century, led a class of "famous daughters" into the sport of Women's boxing. Included in the group were Jacqui Frazier and Freeda Foreman, but the star "daughter" was clearly Ali. She had her father's loquaciousness along with an inkling of a promise of some of his skill in the ring.  Full Story

Open Letter from Team Shea
December 26, 2005

(DEC 26) To the many female boxers who have now challenged Maureen "Moe" Shea: Team Shea appreciates the many challenges that have come our way in public forums, including those outside WBAN. So we will now try to address all of you out there demanding a bit of Maureen Shea's attention. And we hope to let it rest after this statement as we don't intend ..More

Team Huracan Wants Shea
December 26, 2005

(DEC 26) WBAN has been contacted by the team of Melissa "Huracan" Hernandez.  Team Huracan made a public challenge to fight Maureen Shea.  Team Huracan said the following: "Shea and Hurracan are friends in boxing but we want it to be known that Hurracan Hernandez is the big deal coming up.   Shea is good don't get me wrong but Hurracan is what's pop'n and all the titles are there from PAL National Champ to two-time ...Full Story

Lamare Named WBAN's January 2006 "Fighter of the Month"!
By Sue TL Fox

(DEC 26) WBAN would like to congratulate Miriam Lamare on her being chosen as WBAN's January 2006 "Fighter of the Month."  Miriam, of France, is still undefeated with a 12-0-0 (7KO) record.  More on Lamare

Saccurato and Shea have busy schedule going into 2006
Source: press release
December 26, 2005

(DEC 26) Both Maureen Shea and Ann Marie Saccurato appear to have a busy schedule coming up in 2006. While Shea was originally scheduled to box at the Paradise Theatre in the Bronx on December 9th, her bout fell out of the Cedric Kushner card two days before. Not boxing that evening was a huge disappointment for Shea as her bout was scheduled to be televised on Fox Sports en Espanol. Shea was introduced to the audience along with Roberto Duran and several other latin names. Shea was very well received by her home town audience.  Full Story

TOP Photo Picks for 2005!
December 24, 2005

(DEC 24)  WBAN has just made it's Top Photo Picks for 2005! Free gallery area - To check out the huge Top Pick Gallery, go here! At the end of 2005, WBAN is proud to announce that in our membership site we now house over 6,600 women's boxing photos with coverage of fights, behind the scenes and much more!

Germany's youngest pro looks back on her first year as a pro
By Torben L.
December 21, 2005

(DEC 21) When Susianna Kentikian woke up on January 1, 2005,  she could add professional boxer to her business card. She signed a contract with Spotlight Boxing at the tender young age of 17. This has changed her life and that of her family. Full Story

Team Belinszky: Responds to Terri Moss and Trainer
December 20, 2005


(DEC 20) On December 10, 2005, in Budapest, Hungary, Terri Moss fought Hungary, and fought Krisztina Belinszky in a 10-round bout for a WIBC world title. On December 16, Terri Moss contacted WBAN and expressed that she would like to talk about what had occurred in Hungary. Open Letters  Yesterday, WBAN received a response from Team Belinszky. After reading Terri Moss's open letter, Zoltán Kiss, the manager and trainer of Krisztina Belinszky, This was their response to Terri Moss and her trainer:  Response

Hot Match on the Horizon
December 18, 2005
©Photo by Sue TL Fox

(DEC 18) On January 21, 2006, at the Grand Casino Coushatta, in Louisiana, Wendy Rodriguez, will be fighting Carina Moreno for the IBA 108-lb World title.  Both who fight out of California, will be fighting in "neutral" ground. Should be a great fight!

Team Moss and her trainer talks about her fight with Belinszky
By Terri Moss
December 16, 2005

(DEC 16) On December 10, 2005, in Budapest, Hungary, Terri Moss fought Hungary, and fought Krisztina Belinszky in a 10-round bout for a WIBC world title. Terri Moss contacted WBAN and expressed that she would like to talk about what had occurred in Hungary...Open Letters

Our Own Female Latina Cinderella...
By Stephen Blea
December 16, 2005

(DEC 16) If you have seen the boxing Movie Cinderella Man, your in store for another boxing story involving Colorado’s First Female World Champion Terri “Lil Loca” Cruz.  When you look deep in those green eyes of Latina..Full Story

Serrano is added to WBAN!
December 16, 2005

(DEC 16) WBAN's Dee Williams has just Cindy Serrano's biography in the Boxer profile segment.  5'4½" featherweight Cindy "Checkmate" Serrano was born in Puerto Rico on May 8, 1982. She boxes out of the Glendale Boxing Club in Queens, New York where she is trained by Jordan Maldonado. More on Serrano

Latest Update on St. John
December 16, 2005
©Photo by Mary Ann Owen

(DEC 16) IFBA Lightweight Champion Mia Rosales St. John will be in person at the Holiday Festival to benefit Inlakech Cultural Arts Center, come and take your photo with Mia and the new rising Stars of La Colonia Boxing Club!  Prizes to be raffled include; Autographed photos from Oscar De La
Hoya, Eva La Rue from CSI Miami..Full Story

Jeannine Garside: The future of womens’ boxing?
By Jake Donovan - FightBeat.com
December 16, 2005

“This one is going to change women’s boxing as we know it. She’s different from the rest, I swear. This one can fight; she’s not just looking to make a quick buck.” Up-to-here with this hype about women’s boxing? Ever since Christy Martin was on the cover.....Full Story on FightBeat.com

Holm-St. John Bout Aired on Saturday - December 17th!
December 15, 2005

(DEC 15) The Holly Holm vs. Mia St. John bout, where they Holm defended her IBA world title,  will be aired this Saturday, December 17, 2005, on KRQE (Channel 13) at 10:30 pm. The first fight on the card to be shown will feature David Martinez vs. Elvis Martinez.  Source: Press Release

Chamblin to be featured in Reality Series
source: Dan McDonald
Lafayette (La.) Daily Advertiser

(DEC 14) Kasha Chamblin, of Louisiana, received word last week that she has been chosen to be one of four women boxers to be on a reality show.  The series is scheduled to air this fall.  The production crew will be going to Lafayette in January to be in filming her for the show called, "Eye of the Tigress."  Full story on Daily Advertiser

Laracuente Opens up New Challenge to fight Martin
and Mia
December 14, 2005

(DEC 14) WBAN has received an open letter from Team Belinda Laracuente in regards to a rematch with Christy Martin. Team Laracuente said, “Laracuente wants it to be known, that she wants a rematch with Christy Martin. I won the first time---let me do it twice. Christy is old, she told me once I don't eat my food twice but she never ate it to begin with because I think she's just scared. I never been this right before--- this time I'll make you look worse."  Full Story

Kentikian Wins by a decision
December 13, 2005

(DEC 13) Tonight at the Freizeit Arena, Sölden, Tirol, Austria, and promoted by Spotlight Boxing, Susianna Kentikian, 107½, of Germany, won her ninth straight victory, by a six-round unanimous decision over Maria Krivoshapkina of Russia. All judges scores were, 60-54, 60-54, and 60-54. Kentikian is now 9-0-0 (7KO).  

Boxers fight a “Two”
round bout!

By Sue TL Fox
Dec. 12, 2005 (Original Story)
Updated report 12/13/05 about the tape

(DEC 12) It never ceases to amaze me in the things that happen in this sport. Last night, Dawn Ramey, 114, 1-0-1, fought on the undercard against Claudia O’Brian, 122, in what was “supposed” to be a four round bout. WBAN received information from an "insider" who was at the event, tell WBAN the following (excerpt): “Last night I witnessed an injustice to Women's Boxing. Aaron Davis, the first Kansas Commissioner, has seemed to make up his own rules for professional women’s ..Full Story

Regina Halmich: The Other Side
By Bernie McCoy
December 13, 2005

(DEC 13) Boxing is the only major sport that doesn't have a scoreboard. As a result, the fighters, fans and all those with a vested interest in the bout have no official indication who is winning while the fight is going on. Opinions, of course, take shape as the fight progresses and are fully formed by the end of the bout. If, however, the fight goes the full distance, it is the judges, sometimes in concert with the referee, who make the decision. That decision is final and goes into the boxing records. It has always been thus. Full Story

Belinszky - Moss
Title bout
Photos/source JollyDee
December 13, 2005

(DEC 13) On December 10, in Budapest, Hungary,  hungarian Krisztina Belinszky, 101.5, defeated Terri Moss, 103.25, winning by unanimous decision and captured the WIBC title. WBAN just added a huge fight photo gallery #314, Weigh-in #311

Luna and Serrano Go to War at Turning Stone!
by Rick McLean
©Photos by Durell Wambolt
December 12, 2005
Photo Gallery #313

(DEC 12) On December 10, 2005, at the Turning Stone Casino in Verona, New York a crowd of roughly 500 had the privilege to see a very competitive and action-packed Women's Bout on the card.  The fight was the co-main, and many thought it was the best fight of the night. Full Story

Be on the Lookout: Mia St. John
December 11, 2005

(DEC 11) Today, Mia St. John arrived in New York, to be featured on the tomorrow’s ESPN2 “Cold Pizza” Show.  After she does that show, she will then do “Shape En Espanol.”  At 6 p.m., she then be on the  radio show “Derek and Romain Radio Show.

Belinszky captured vacant WIBC Strawweight Title
Photos/source JollyDee
December 10, 2005

(DEC 10) Tonight at the Emperor Garden, Budapest, Hungary, the hungarian Krisztina Belinszky, 101.5,  (17-4-2; 9KO's) defeated  American Terri Moss, 103.25, (6-9; 2KO's) by unanimous decision and captured the WIBC Strawweight vacant Title.  Full Story

Martin to fight St. John
in Rematch
December 10, 2005

(DEC 10) In February 2006, Christy Martin, will be fighting Mia St. John in an agreed rematch. In their first bout, that took place in December of 2002, Martin won by a unanimous decision. The fight will be on ESPN, and venue is Waco, Texas. ©Photo by Mary Ann Owen/and Source of Information

Weigh-in in Hungary...
photos and story by JollyDee
December 9, 2005
Weigh-in photo gallery #311

(DEC 9) The WIBF-GBU minimuweight world champion Hungarian Krisztina "Baby" Belinszky (16-4-2; 9KO's) who will fighting for vacant WIBC title tomorrow in Emperor Garden, Budapest, Hungary, weighed today afternoon in Rosemary Restaurant and Resort, Budapest, Hungary, Belinszky 46,0 kgs/101,5lbs;  her opponent american Terri "The Boss" Moss (6-8-0; 2KO's) weighed at 46,8 kgs/103,25lbs.  More

Holewyne Wins, Ready for Mary Jo Sanders
By David A. Avila
December 9, 2005

HIGHLAND, CALIF.-With only a four-day notice, Lisa Holewyne packed her bags, flew to Southern California and fought Martha Deitchman (2-8-1) who out-weighed her in a six round fight. It was still a dominating performance for the native Texan.  Holewyne, an elite welterweight title-holder, bore through Deitchman’s defense in workmanlike fashion and a two-fisted assault over six rounds at the San Manuel Casino before scoring a technical knockout. It was the first pro fight card ever held in the popular casino.  Full Story

Hot off the Press! Holm wins by decision over St. John
December 8, 2005

(DEC 8) Tonight at the Isleta Casino, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, "Hollywood" Holly Holm defeated Mia "The Knockout" St. John by a unanimous decision (100-90). Mpegs/photos will be posted soon!

Figueroa - Mercury 
December 8, 2005
©Photos by Mia Aigotti

(DEC 8) WBAN has just added a new photo gallery (Gallery #310) of last Saturday night's women's bout,  in Chicago, Illinois,  between Rita Figueroa vs.  Mercedes Mercury.  Figureroa defeated Mercury by a decision. To check out the gallery by Mia Aigotti, Go here

Terri Moss arrived in Budapest
Report and Photos by Jolly Dee
December 8, 2005
Photo gallery #309

(DEC 8, 2005) This afternoon, Don "Moose" Lewis,  IBU and WIBC chairman and Terri "The Boss" Moss and her team arrived in Budapest, Hungary.  Moss will be fighting for the vacant WIBC strawweight title.   Full story

Weigh-In: Holm vs. St. John
December 7, 2005
Video/Photo Gallery #308

(DEC 7) Today the weigh-in was held for tomorrow nights bout featuring Holly Holm vs. Mia “The Knockout” St. John in the main event. The boxing event will be in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Holm will be defending her IBA world title. The two made weight with Holly coming in at 139.5, and Mia at 139.  To see short Video clips and huge digital photos of the weighin, go to Video/Photo gallery #308. ©Mpegs by Butch Gottlieb/Photos by Mary Ann Owen.

  Elena Reid Loses To Judges in Germany...
By David A. Avila
December 7, 2005

(DEC 7) Team Elena Reid arrived back in the United States on Sunday evening disappointed, and a bit shocked at the loss to Regina Halmich in her native Germany.  “I don’t know what she has to do to win a decision against Regina Halmich,” said Chris Ben, her trainer.  Full Story

Rhonda Luna in World Title Fight with Cindy Serrano..
By David A. Avila
December 7, 2005

(DEC 7) It’s finally time for Rhonda Luna to test world championship waters when she travels to New York to face Cindy Serrano for the WIBA featherweight title on Saturday. After years of slugging it out with lesser-known opponents, Luna finds herself as the stranger ...Full Story

Melinda Cooper to Face Heather Percival
By David A. Avila
December 7, 2005

(DEC 7) Fontana’s Heather Percival has signed to meet Las Vegas fighter Melinda Cooper in Palm Springs on Saturday, January 28. Percival fought for the bantamweight world title last month and fell short against Teri Cruz. Now she steps in against one of the best female fighters in the..Full Story

Holm Looks on Beating Second Legend in Battle of Knockouts
By Andy Rivera - newmexicosportsnews.com   
Photos by Javier Zamora

(DEC 6) This coming Thursday night Albuquerque, New Mexico's Holly Holm will step into the ring against Mia St. John, it will be Holm's second fight against on of the pioneers of women's boxing, this past September Holm shocked the boxing world by upsetting Christy Martin, in a an almost shutout unanimous decision. Many felt Holm was way in over her head, but her Promoter Lenny Fresquez felt it was time for Holm to step it up and advance her career. Full Story

Clampitt Surgery  Successful!
December 6, 2005

(DEC 6) PEABODY, Mass. -- Reigning IWBF world lightweight champion Jaime "The Hurricane" Clampitt underwent successful surgery on her left hand yesterday at the Lahey Clinic North in Peabody, Massachusetts. The operation was performed by famed orthopedic surgeon Dr. Steven Margles, who is best known in boxing circles for breathing new life into the careers of Micky Ward and Vinny Paz.

  Freeman to fight Jackson
December 6, 2005

(DEC 6) On December 10, 2005, at the Howard Johnson Event center, in Ft. Smith, Arkansas, Tawnyah "No Fear" Freeman will be defending her Junior Welterweight (140 lb.) Arkansas title against West Memphis, Arkansas Leora Jackson. For More information, contact Slug Out Boxing at(479) 353-6892 or www.Slugout.com.

  Latest Update: Katie Dunn
Source: Press Release 
December 6, 2005

(DEC 6) The Border City Boxing Club's three representatives at the 2006 Canadian Championships in January each competed on Saturday evening. National Champion Katie "Silence" Dunn stopped New York's Debbie Grebbs in the second round of their bout on a card in Hamilton Ontario. Meanwhile, Ontario Champions "Gorgeous" Andre ..Full Story

Press Conference:
Holm vs. St. John
ember 6, 2005

(DEC 6) Today at the Isleta Casino and Resort, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the press conference will be held for the upcoming boxing event this week, that will take place on Dec. 8th.  The main event will feature Holly Holm vs. Mia St. John. To check out the latest bout sheet,  Go here

  Lamare Stops Couch in Third
Source: Ewan Whyte 
December 6, 2005

(DEC 6) Last night at the Palais Omnisport, Bercy, Paris, France, Myriam Lamare, now 11-0-0 (6KO), of France, fought England's Jane Couch for the Vacant WIBF Junior Welterweight and WBA Junior Welterweight title.Ewan Whyte told WBAN, that after a rollicking from Lamare's trainer for going ...Full Story

  Round by Round report of the Halmich
vs. Reid bout

By Peter Geudens of Belgium
December 5, 2005

(DEC 5) Elena Reid comes into the ring wearing a huge smile, like a glamour princess from the jetset.  Regina, by contrast, looks very focused and may be a bit anxious.  A typical feeling-out round, with lots of feints but not a lot of contact. In the last 30 seconds, there are a few exchanges without a clear advantage for either fighter.

  Mary Jo Sanders: Onward and Upward...
By Bernie McCoy 
December 5, 2005

(DEC 5) On December 17, one of the premier female boxers in the sport will put her unbeaten record on the line. The daughter of a famous athlete, this boxer exploded on the professional scene without the benefit of an extensive amateur background and has beaten every fighter she ...Full Story

  Figueroa Wins by a decision over Mercury...
By Juan C. Ayllon at ringside
/photo by Jorge Bravo
December 5, 2005

(DEC 5) On Saturday night, at the Aragon Ballroom, in Chicago, Illinois, Rita Figueroa threw the harder punches against a very active Mercedes Mercury in garnering a unanimous decision...Full Story

  New Boxer on the Scene!
©Photos by Mary Ann Owen 
mber 5, 2005

(DEC 5) Dyana Ornalez, 19 years old,  from Norwalk, California, will be turning pro in February of 2006. The tentative venue will be in Las Vegas, Nevada. She will be fighting 130-135 lbs..  Before deciding to turn pro, Dyana fought in the amateurs having earned a  reported 9-1 record.  Full Story

  Quick Results from Germany!
December 3, 2005

(DEC 3) Tonight in Bördelandhalle, Magdeburg, Germany, Flyweight Regina Halmich,  111, won a 10-round unanimous decision over Elena Reid,  110½, and retained her WIBF Flyweight title.   Flyweight Julia Sahin,  111¼, won a 10-round uananimous decision over Stephanie Dobbs, 111¼,  and won the vacant title for the WIBF Inter-Continental Flyweight title.  Final judges scores were 100-91, 100-90, and 100-91.  Featherweight Ina Menzer, 125½, TKO’d  Galina Gumliiska,  123½, in the sixth round of a schedule 10-round bout.  Menzer won the WIBF Featherweight title.  On the undercard in a four-rounder, Flyweight Carolina Alvarez,  112, 0:25 TKO2 over Lucie Hornakova, 112.

Stallone in "Vegas" for Rocky Filming
December 3, 2005
Copyrighted photos
by Mary Ann Owen

Stallone in "Vegas" for Rocky Filming...(DEC 3) Yesterday, at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, after the Bernard Hopkins vs. Jermaine Taylor weigh-ins,  Sylvester Stallone was filming his new movie Rocky Balboa, with mock weigh-ins for the movie which stars..Full Story/Photos Copyrighted photos Mary Ann Owen

The fight is ON!
December 3, 2005

(DEC 3) Yesterday, WBAN reported that an insider reported that Laila "She Bee Stingin" Ali,  21-0-0 (18 KO),  wanted the weight moved to 172 from the weight that was agreed upon at 168 lbs, to fight Sweden's Asa Sandell, 3-1-1, December 17th, in Berlin, Germany.  WBAN did receive an update----and the fight is on...with the weight being set at 170 lbs.   More

Big Fight Card in Magdeburg!
December 2, 2005..
Photos by Team Dobbs

(DEC 2) Tomorrow night there will be FOUR women’s boxing bouts on the Magdeburg, Germany card, promoted by Universum. In a non-title bout, Carolina Alvarez, 111.9, will be fighting...Full Story

  Tonight: Rakoczy vs. McNamara
December 2, 2005

(DEC 2) Tonight in Lemoore, California, on the Shobox: The New Generation card, Jessica Rakoczy, who fights out of Las Vegas, Nevada, will face Angel McNamara in a six-rounder on the undercard.  In the main liner,  Robert "The Ghost" Guerrero, defends his title in a 12-round slugfest against Gamaliel Diaz.

  WBAN's December 2005 Rankings
December 1, 2005

(DEC 1) Dee Williams has just posted the latest WBAN December 2005 rankings.  To check out the latest rankings, Go Here! This month, you will notice some changes where boxers have moved to other weight classes due to fighting in different weight classes.  Also, boxer(s) who have been inactive for 18 months will become inactive and are not rated. To learn more about ratings, Go Here.  












































































































































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