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JUNE 2004


Jane Couch: WBAN July 2004 Fighter of the month!
June 30, 2004

(JUNE 30)  Congratulations to UK's Jane Couch!  Couch was named the WBAN July 2004 Fighter of the month.  Couch had a very impressive win this month over Jaime "Hurricane" Clampitt. Couch not only defeated Clampitt, but won TWO World Title belts  To Read more on Jane, go here

  Latest Update: Corinne Still going strong!
June 30, 2004

(JUNE 30) Top-notch boxer, Corinne "Goose" Vanreykdegroot is in the final 12 competitors in the "Next Action Star" Television show.  Corinne is competing in this program to get an opportunity to be featured in a movie as an "Action Star." She will be on tonight at 8pm, PST!

Hallback Readies for World Title Bout!...
©Photographs by Tony Duffy
June 29, 2004

(JUNE 29) Chevelle Hallback is training at the War Zone gym, in California, in preparation for her upcoming fight against Layla McCarter, in an IBA world title bout that will be televised on ESPN2 "Friday Night Fights" and take place in San Diego, California.  Photographer Tony Duffy paid a visit to the gym earlier today, and caught a glimpse of Hallback in action in the gym! Check out the latest photo gallery of Hallback!  Photo Gallery #184fro

  Boxing Action at the
Palace in Lemoore
June 28, 2004

 (JUNE 28) This Thursday, Jessica Rakoczy vs. Olivia Pereria will fight an eight rounder. Also,Melissa Del Valle vs. Shakurah Witherspoon in a six round bout. Promoter of this event told WBAN that should Rakoczy and Del Valle win Thursday..they are expected to fight on September 16th in Lemoore in a world title fight.  The weigh-in is open to the public and is Wednesday, June 30th at 4pm in Fresno at Autoworld, 5272 North Blackstone Avenue.

  The Sound of Silence
By Bernie McCoy
June 26, 2004

(JUNE 26) The press releases have flown around the sport of Women's boxing recently with the speed of left jabs. It appears that every fighter seems to think that the boxing community is vitally interested in the trials and tribulations that have been recently visited on them. We've had boxers, or their ...Full Story

  Burton to face Nunez; Zaganas fights Exhibition with Reid!
June 26, 2004

(JUNE 26) Tonight at the Silverton Casino, in Las Vegas, Nevada, and promoted by Joe DeGuardia/Star Boxing, there will be plenty of action between the women! In one match, Shelly Burton, 4-0-0 (1KO), of Montana, will be fighting tough Monica Nunez, 8-1-0 (3K0), in a four rounder, middleweight bout.  Also, featured on this card will be Vaia "Vicious" Zaganas, who will mix it up with the "Baby Doll" Elena Reid, in a EXHIBITION!  Both Reid and Zaganas fight out of Las Vegas.   MORE

  More Results Around the Globe..
June 26, 2004

(JUNE 26) Last night in Gary, Indiana, pro debuter Kerry White, stopped Christmas Davis 48 seconds in the first round. In Whippany, New Jersey, pro debuter, Wendy "Coquita"LaMotta, won a UD4 over Miriam Bazile;  In St. Joseph, Missouri, Holly Shore, draw Addie Erb. and Lastly, in Edmonton, CA, Jelena Mrdjenovich, won a UD6 over Olga Heron.


Not Surprising--Harding stopped in the third round...
By Sue TL Fox
June 25, 2004

(JUNE 25) Tonight in Edmonton, Canada, Tonya “America’s Bad Girl” Harding, 33, 135 lbs.,  was stopped 1:04  in the third round, after taking a “beating” in Edmonton, Canada.    Probably not a good idea to fight as a "lightweight" when a boxer Tonya’s size would fare much better as a Junior Full Story

  Ouch! No, No, No,  NO... Harding weighing in 135!
June 25, 2004

(JUNE 25) "Houston, we have a problem"---those are the only words that come to mind upon hearing that Tonya "America's Bad Girl" Harding had problems making the 125 lb. weight, and weighed in 10 pounds heavier, on her small and "short" frame!  Her opponent, Amy Johnson weighed in at 132 lbs.  Tonight Harding is fighting n Edmonton, Canada. Related Story

Tonight:  Ruvalcava to face Lovato
June 24, 2004

(JUNE 24) Tonight at the Bren Events Center, on the campus of UC, in Irvine, California, and promoted by Golden Boy Promotions, Julie Ruvalcava, of Westminster, CA. will face Monica Lovato (1-0), Albuquerque, NM. - four rounds on the undercard.

New Slide Show photos added!
June 23, 2004

(JUNE 23) New slide show gallery added on the records site (Slide Show #30).  The photos are of the weigh-in that took place in May 2004. Mia St. John, Terri Cruz, Leona Brown and Yanas sign-in

  Results:  Menzer Wins by decision over Jachmanova
June 22, 204

(JUNE 22) Tonight in the Sportzentrum, Telfs, in Austria, Ina Menzer (58,5 kg) won by a four-round decision over Petra Jachmanova (57,5 kg), in a scheduled super featherweight division. The fight was webcasted on Boxing.de.


Double Shot from Ali
and Yahya!

By Laila Ali &
Johnny "Yahya" McClain
June 21, 2004

(JUNE 21) WBAN has received a response from not only Johnny “Yahya” McClain, promoter and husband of Laila “She Bee Stingin” Ali, but Ali also responds to the latest press release from RPM Boxing, in regards to Ali’s upcoming fight in July.  More


Laila Dodges the Bullet - Again!
RPM Press Release
June 21, 2004

Waco, TX (June 21, 2004) Laila Ali announced today that she would be fighting on the up-coming Mike Tyson undercard July 30th in Kentucky, to be televised
on Showtime. Apparently, it was also reported that Ali is "looking" for an opponent. Well, Ann Wolfe is right in front of her.  Wolfe's management, RPM Boxing president, Brian Pardo, said, "once again Laila 'Ali' McClain has ignored the obvious opponent for this fight". Being billed as the "big name undercard star" Laila Ali appears to be missing the
best chance to make the biggest fight in women's boxing a reality.  More

  Rhonda Luna Wins Decision Against Lisa Martin..
By Mara Castillon
June 20, 2004

(JUNE 20) CARSON, CA, -Fighting in front of fiercely loyal fans, Rhonda Luna blitzed through the gritty Lisa Martin in winning a four-round featherweight decision at the Home Depot Center.  Though Luna fought two fights after the main event featuring Marco Antonio Barrera ...Full Story


Percival Wins Pro Debut!
By Mara Castillon
June 19, 2004

(JUNE 19) MONTEBELLO, CA.-Fontana’s Heather Percival returned to the ring after several years and defeated the lean and tough Tracy Carlton at the Quiet Cannon Country Club on Friday.  It was Percival’s pro debut. She had formerly been a top ranking amateur but left boxing for personal reasons.  Full Story

  Nava to fight Muñoz in Mexico!
June 19, 2004

(JUNE 19) On July 26, 2004, in the Municipal Auditorium, in Tijuana, BC, Mexico, Jackie "Aztec Princess"  Nava, 8-1-0 (6KO), of Tijuana, will be fighting Mexican Bantamweight Champion Ivone Muñoz, 7-1-1 (3KO), of Mexico City. The two will be exchanging blows for the national title of the super-bantamweight division.

Results:  Jeffries Defeats Brown 
©Photo by Mike Blair

(JUNE 19) On June 17, at the Seven Feathers Casino, in Canyonville, Oregon, Kelsey Jeffries, 123, defeated Leona "Downtown" Brown, 122, with a six-round unanimous decision.  According to Mike Blair, he said the following about the fight: Jeffries fought well, Brown fought a bit dirty.  Brown held Kelsey's left through most of the fight, but that proved to be a mistake as Kelsey dropped a few bombs with her right. Kelsey appears to have gotten much faster. For a full detail report on this fight, you can go to: The Gilroy Dispatch.com online news


How can ANY boxer be rated when they  NEVER won a fight?!
By Sue TL Fox
June 19, 2004

(JUNE 19) On the Internet there are boxing ratings that are based solely on the boxer’s record, and they are calculated by some kind of computer program.  Now WBAN does not know what kind of computer program is used to come up with ratings of boxers in the top 15, without even a win--- BUT,  WBAN will list some TOP PICKS of some of these VERY “Crazy, CRAZY” computer ratings floating on the Internet today!   Full Story


Serrano to fight Nance!
June 17, 2004

(JUNE 17) Both Cindy "Checkmate" Serrano, and Susan Nance are keeping busy these days, when they will fight each other on July 11, 2004.  Serrano just fought Shakura Witherspoon this past weekend, and Nance had an impressive draw just recently against undefeated Donna Lee Biggers. The two will fight at Cedar Beach in Allentown, Pennsylvania.(Inset photo of Susan Nance)


Chavez to Fight Moreno!
June 16, 2004

(JUNE 16) On July 3, 2004, on the "Riot at the Hyatt" at the Hyatt Regency-Monterey Hotel, in Monterey, California, Yvonne Chavez, 3-2-0,  of Albuquerque, New Mexico, will be fighting Carina Moreno, 4-0-0, in a six-round flyweight bout. The RIOT AT THE HYATT series has sold out 14 events in a row at the elegant Grand Ballroom. Tickets call (831) 688-1604.


Today:  Pre-Fight Press Conference
June 16, 2004

(JUNE 16) Today, at 12:00 Noon, there will be a pre-fight press conference with Laila Ali, the IBA Super Middleweight Champion, and Nikki Eplion, Ali's opponent.  The conference will be held at the Bowie Town Center Safeway, 4101 Northview Drive, Bowie, MD.  At 1:30 PM,  Laila Ali will "meet and greet" the public and signing autograph. (not sure of that location).

  Anani Delivers Open Challenge to Rijker!
By Sumya "The Island Girl" Anani

OPEN CHALLENGE issued by Sumya `Island Girl' Anani (WIBA 140lb Champ, ranked # 1 by Boxrec & IFBA.) to Lucia RIJKER, WHO DIDN'T RESPOND TO MY EARLIER CHALLENGE, Jane COUCH, Aga RYLIK, & even Christy` THE GOLD DIGGER'S DAUGHTER' Martin should she want a rematch. Let's UNIFY the jr. welter division and determine who is the best at 140 lbs.! LUCIA, if you have any professional pride you will not retire without fighting a legitimate contender for a legitimate title. You won your “belt” from Marcela Acuna, who was 0-1 at the time. She is now competing as a super bantamweight. You have always avoided the best “on your street.”  I WILL FIGHT YOU FOR EXPENSES ONLY, AND DONATE MY PURSE TO CHARITY!!!! Full Story


Martin/Rijker: The Only One
By Bernie McCoy
June 14, 2004

(JUNE 14) There is only one fight that will truly energize the sport of Women's boxing. The surprise, and maybe it's not a surprise at all, is that the bout is the same one, the only one, that would have energized the sport of Women's boxing five years ago. Christy Martin and Lucia Rijker need to step into the ring with each other. They may not be at the height of their skills as both were five years ago and it can be validly debated that there may be more talented female fighters on the Women's boxing scene today than Martin and Rijker but, these two names, these two fighters, remain the matchup that will attract interest like no other in the sport.  Full Story

Tonya Harding Alert
June 13, 2004

(JUNE 13) WBAN has been notified that Tonya "America's Bad Girl" Harding, 3-2-0 (0KO), will be fighting on June 25, 2004, in Edmonton, Canada. Harding will be fighting Canada's Amy Johnson, 1-0-1, in a four-rounder.  WBAN will have more on this upcoming match posted soon.


Pemberton Defeats Camlin By TKO; (Couch Wins by Unanimous decision)
June 13, 2004
Courant Staff Writer

MASHANTUCKET -- Scott Pemberton didn't knock Rick Camlin's lights out Saturday at Foxwoods Resort Casino. But he possibly damaged his hearing, and that was enough for a TKO that will keep Pemberton's world title hopes alive. Full Copyrighted Story on ctnow.com


Csabi Wins by TKO
By JollyDee of Hungary
June 12, 2004

(June, 12) Tonight Felix-Promotion had a professional boxing gala in Westend City Center in Budapest, Hungary with one women bout. The WIBF-GBU bantamweight world champion Dr. Bettina Csabi 116 lbs. (19-0-0, 9KO) TKO'd her opponent pro debuter Viktoria Vörös 120,25lbs (Hungary) in the sixth round, of a scheduled six round bantamweight division.  Vörös was a late substitute, when Csabi's original opponent, Eva Liskova backed out of the fight.   Vörös is a former amateur kick-box World Cup silver medalist.

  Tonight: Couch to Fight Clampitt
June 12, 2004

(JUNE 12) Tonight at the Foxwoods Resort Casino, in Mashantucket, Connecticut,  Jane "The Fleetwood Assassin" Couch, from the UK will be fighting Jaime "The Hurricane" Clampitt  of Narragansett, Rhode Island, in a 10-round championship fight, where Clampitt will be defending two of her world title belts (IWBF & NABAW).

Hallback to Fight McCarter!
June 11, 2004

(JUNE 11) On July 2, 2004, on an ESPN2 - "Friday Night Fights" card, that will take San Diego, California, will feature in the co-main event, Chevelle "Fists of Steel" Hallback, who will be defending her IBA world title against Layla McCarter.  Their fight will be televised and is a  rematch for the two! The card is being promoted by Sugar Ray Leonard Promotions.


Today: Amateur Event Update!
June 11, 2004

(JUNE 11) The 2004 Texas Female Championship will begin today, from June 11-13,  2004, at the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Fort Worth, in Fort Worth, Texas, and on Univision. The deadline for entries has been moved from May 29, to up to the Day of weigh-ins,  9:00 am - 3:00 p.m.

  Two Women's Matches on the Palace Card
June 11, 2004

(JUNE 11) On July 1, 2004, on a ShoBox card, at the Palace, in Lemoore, California, there will be two women's matches.  Jessica Rakcozy and Melissa Del Valle will be fighting on the card against OTHER opponents. Their opponents have not been named at this time, and the women's matches will not be televised.


Results:  Belinszky Wins
by KO!
June 10, 2004

(JUNE 10) In Nove Zamky, Slovakia, on the Evening Fair Play Promotion had a professional boxing gala in with one women's bout. Hungarian Krisztina Belinszky (6-4-2, 3KO) knocked out Valeria Zahorecova (Slovakia) with double uppercut to the body in a 2nd round, scheduled four rounder in a flyweight division. More on Results

  Gogarty appointed to boxing commission
Copyrighted Story
On Opelousas Daily World
June 10, 2004

(JUNE 10) The "Forces of Destruction" boxing card scheduled June 18 at Blackham Coliseum will be one of the first governed by a newly-appointed Louisiana State Boxing and Wrestling Commission. And a very familiar name, both in the Acadiana area and in world boxing circles, will be a part of that commission for the local card. Deirdre Gogarty, the former women´s world featherweight champion who retired with her title belt last November, was one of five new appointees  Copyrighted Story on the DailyWorld.com

  Latest Update:  Eplion - Ali Pre-Fight Press Conference
June 9, 2004

(JUNE 9) The Laila Ali vs. Nikki Eplion Pre-Fight press conference scheduled for Friday June 11th has been postponed till next week June 16, 2004. Raging Promotions, Inc. in Absoloot Entertainment, Inc. wanted to pay there respects to Ronald Reagan Funeral day.


Wallberg Calls Off Match
June 9, 2004

(JUNE 9)  Frida Wallberg,  (3-0-0 1KO),  was scheduled to fight on June 11, in Denmark, against Suzana Stunja, (4-0), but had to withdraw after she sprained her hand last week.  Wallberg was hoping that she would be able to go into the ring after giving her hand some rest, but it did not heal the way she thought it would for this upcoming bout.


Dunaway Punches Up Win Streak
By Ryan Aber - The Times Record/Arkansas
June 9, 2004

(JUNE 9) Hollie Dunaway loves to have all eyes on her. But she isn’t normal  entertainer.  Dunaway isn’t an actress. Or a singer. Or any of the hundreds of other jobs she could pick to bask in the limelight while not having to deal with someone Link to Copyrighted story on the Times Record News

  Yoga for Combat Athletes
June 9, 2004

(JUNE 9) To be released June 18, from www.ringside.com. Taught by 4X female world champion boxer, Christy Martin's conqueror when Martin was performing at her peak, AND yoga teacher, Sumya 'the Island Girl' Anani.  Sumya is available for yoga workshops at your gym, studio, or club by contacting her through her website at www.sumya.comMore


Video Mpegs of the Dobbs – Goodson fight!
Courtesy of Holden Promotions
June 8, 2004

(JUNE 8) WBAN received four mpegs links of the four-round fight of the Stephanie Dobbs – Sarah Goodson bout. Video provided, courtesy of Holden Productions. The fight took place on June 5th, in Joplin, Missouri, with the fight ending in a majority draw for the two. Check out the mpegs and see what YOU think of the fight. The files of each round are extremely large (5mb), so unless you have high-speed cable it would take a long time to download. Check it out! Round 1  Round 2  Round 3   Round 4  To make comments on this bout, go here

  De Biase Makes a Challenge to Halmich!
By Sonia Grande of Italy
June 8, 2004

(JUNE 8) In Kiel (Germany) on a Universum Boxing promotion, on May 29th, the main event was between former world champions Regina Halmich andDaisy Lang .   In that fight Halmich dominated all the fight and won the belt in Junior Bantamweight division.  European Boxing Champion Sonia De Biase (47 kg), from Italy, was ringside for this event, and was invited by Peter Kohl's organization as a guest star of the evening.

Part I-Hot Photo Gallery!
Go Behind the Scenes
With  Sue TL Fox!

June 7, 2004

(JUNE 7) WBAN has just published over 50+ huge digitals the Women behind boxing and IN boxing (Gallery #175)! There were women boxers, ring Announcer Amy Hayes, the Swank Models who also did "ring girl" duty and much more!  Part-II will be posted soon with more photos and mpegs!  Member's login

  Kelsey Jeffries: Making Her Own Breaks
By Sean Newman
June 7, 2004

(JUNE 7) Kelsey “Sweet Power” Jeffries, better known as “Kel-C”, describes herself as “very lucky” to have hooked up with highly sought-after trainer and former two-time world champion, Buddy McGirt. While fate may have played a part in the beginning of that relationship, luck certainly had nothing to do with it. Given her background both personally and professionally, Jeffries has earned the right to be trained by one of the best, because she is one of the best. How she got there is a testimony to her natural skill and determination to rise to the top of the female boxing world, and she continues to strive for perfection.  Full Story

  Serrano to Fight Witherspoon...
June 7, 2004

(JUNE 7) On June 12, 2004, in the tropical island of Bermuda, Cindy "checkmate" Serrano will be fighting Shakurah Witherspoon on the undercard. The mainliner is David Defiangbon vs.  Ron Guerrero. This fight between Serrano and Witherspoon had been previously postponed and has been rescheduled for this date (June 12).


Commotion At The Ocean
By Katherine Dunn
June 6, 2004

(JUNE 6) Two women’s bouts were prelim highlights of the Friday, June 4 show staged by Goosen-Tutor Promotions. at Chinook Winds Casino &  Convention Center in Lincoln City, Oregon. IBA champ Chevelle Hallback, 132 lbs (21-4-1, 9 KO’s) stopped southpaw Bonnie Canino 131 lbs (10-4, 4 KO’s) of Dania, Florida..Full Story


Ewell Wins by TKO!
June 6, 2004

(JUNE 6) Last night in Greensboro, North Carolina,
Carlette 'The Truth' Ewell, 175, defeated Gwen Wood, 166, when Gwen's corner threw in the towel after the 2nd round. Ewell was scheduled to fight on May 30, 2004, in Washington D.C. but her opponent, Angela Simpson was a "no show" according to Ewell.

  Posted: June 2004 Ratings - Dee Williams Rankings!
June 5, 2004

(JUNE 5) WBAN has just posted the latest Dee Williams's computerized rankings.  To check out the latest ranking, you can Go Here! Also, Dee and WBAN would like to say "thank you" to those of you who have contacted us, and have offered feedback on these ratings!  About Dee's Rankings 


Rakoczy to fight at the Palace!
Source: The Palace
June 5, 2004

(JUNE 5) WBAN has been notified that IBA World Champion Jessica Rakoczy , will be back in action on July 1, 2004 at the Palace in Lemoore, California. Her opponent has not been named at this time.  Jessica has been staying busy, as she just fought on May 22, in Fresno on ...Full Story

  Canino and Hallback!!!
By Sue TL Fox, Ringside
©photo by TL Fox

(JUNE 5) That's right folks...Retired world champion, Bonnie Canino, stepped up to the plate to fight Chevelle Hallback.  Hallback's team and promoter tried in vain to find an opponent, but could not get one, so at the VERY last minute, Canino...Full Story


McConnell Wins Pro Debut!
By Sue TL Fox, Ringside
June 5, 2004
©photo by TL Fox

 (JUNE 5) Last night at the Chinook Winds Casino Resort, in Lincoln City, Oregon, Molly McConnell won by a four-round unanimous decision over Tracy Carlton. Also, Chevelle Hallback fought Bonnie Canino, and won by a TKO3 round.  Full Story to be posted soon! ©photo by Fox of Jackie Kallen and Molly McConnell.

  Commotion at the Ocean rocked Lincoln City!
June 4, 2004
By Sue TL Fox, Ringside

(JUNE 4) Last night at the Chinook Winds Casino Resort, in Lincoln City, Oregon, at the “Commotion at the Ocean”, and promoted by Tutor Promotions, LLC, televised on “ShoBox” (Showtime) there were six action-packed fights on the card.
The first five fights on the card were men’s boxing, which provided boxing fans with toe-to-toe action matches. In the last fight of the night, a women’s bout was featured between Shelly Burton and Yvonne Reis. Burton caught Reis... More

  Tonight:  McConnell Makes Pro Debut; Hallback added to Card! 
June 4, 2004
Sue TL Fox will be ringside

(JUNE 4) Tonight at the Chinook Winds Casino Resort, in Lincoln City, Oregon, and on a Showtime card there will be two women's bouts.  First will feature Molly McConnell who is making her pro debut and Chevelle Hallback in another fight!

  Bianchini to fight Krempf...
By Sonia Grande
June 1, 2004

(JUNE 1) On July 16, 2004, in Desenzano del Garda,  Italy, Stefania Bianchini, 12-1-0 (2KO), of Italy will defend her Flyweight European Title against Hungarian Reka Krempf, 5-5-2 (1KO).  This will be a rematch for the two.  Bianchini defeated Krempf in a 10-rounder their first time out.

  Team Rivers Talks about
the fight in Guyana
June 1, 2004

(JUNE 1) WBAN was recently contacted by the Kathy Rivers Team, and they talked about Kathy River's fight that took place on May 29, 2004 against Guyana's light-heavyweight Gwendolyn O'Neil, in Georgetown, Guyana.They told WBAN the following... More





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