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News Updates for Today on HotBoxingNews.com!

British Boxer Marianne Marston Strikes Deal with Sponsorship
March 30, 2009

(MAR 30) American trained English Super Bantamweight Marianne ‘Golden Girl’ Marston, along with various soon to be announced American championship boxers, will be spearheading London based sporting equipment and apparel manufacturer Pugilistic Urban Garments planned assault on the $50 Billion American sporting goods market in 2009 with their pugilistic arts flagship brand P.U.G. Athletic.  Full Story

Results from Germany
Flash Photo Slideshow

March 29, 2009

(MAR 29) Last night in Schoenefeld, Brandenburg, Germany there were two women’s title bouts. In a super middleweight bout, Natascha Ragosina, 166¼m, TKO’d Iva Weston, 166¼, [1:19] in the sixth round, of a 10-round bout, successfully defending her WIBF, WBC and GBU title belts. In a second bout, Ramona Kuehne, 128¼, won a 10-rounder by a unanimous decision over Judy Waguthii, 128. The two were fighting for the WIBF super featherweight title. Photos by Eroll Popova

Boxing Action in Belgium
March 29, 2009

(MAR 29) On April 18, 2009, in Bernissart Hainaut Belgium, welterweight Diane Schwachhofer, 2-0-0 (1 KOs), of Quaregnon, Belgium,  will have her next pro bout, when she takes on Verena Herman, on the undercard of the event.

Hernandez on MTV's "Made" Show
March 29, 2009

(MAR 29) WBAN has been notified that Melissa Hernandez will be featured on an upcoming MTV Made Show, where she is a trainer of a kid that wants to box. The show should be aired on April 4th, so be on the lookout!  

Results: Cruz Wins by a Decision
March 29, 2009

(MAR 29) Last night at the Red & Jerry's in Denver, Colorado, "Pretty Girl" Brittany Cruz won a four-round unanimous decision over pro debuter Claudia Gutierrez.  Photo: Cruz

CSAC suspends USA Boxing in California
March 27, 2009

(MAR 27) This week WBAN received a press release, in regards to the The California State Athletic Commission suspending the authorization previously given to USA Boxing to regulate amateur boxing in California pursuant to Business and Professions Code section 18646.The following is their release:  Full Release

Jimmy Jr. And Tiffany Looking To Put On A Show In Hometown
March 27, 2009

(MAR 27) Merrillville, In - During "Date With Destiny" on Saturday, April 25th at the Hammond Civic Center, Jimmy Perez Jr. and Tiffany Perez, who are brother and sister, are scheduled for the first time to fight on the same card. Jimmy Jr. will look to continue his stellar professional career, while Tiffany wants to declare herself as the best female amateur..Full Story

Salandy receives the 2008 Sportswoman of the Year Award
March 27, 2009

(MAR 27) On Wednesday, at the First Citizens Sports Foundation ceremony at Queen's Hall, Jizelle Salandy, who was tragically killed in a vehicle accident on January 4, 2009, received the 2008 Sportswoman of the Year Award. Her sister, Josanne Salandy accepted the award.  Full Story

Three Title Fights in Berlin-Schönefeld March 28th
March 27, 2009
Photo by Eroll Popova

(MAR 27) On Saturday, March 28, 2009, at the Sport Arena Grossziethen Live on DSF 22 p.m. (CET), Natascha Ragosina (19-0-0, 11 KOs) will be competing in her 20th professional fight, defending her WIBF, GBU, and WBC world title belts on the line. Ragosina will be fighting Iva Weston, (12-4-0, 1 KO), of Trinidad & Tobago, who wants to challenge the..Full Story

Open Letter: In Response to Mia St. John
By Bernie McCoy
March 26, 2009

(MAR 26) Mia St. John is correct. [St. John's Open Letter]  It is common knowledge, throughout the sport, that she has no "ties" to any promoter and nowhere in the piece was that implied or stated. What was stated, in a quote from Dierdorff, is: "She (St. John) came into the ring wearing the promoter's logo." That is a far cry from implying any "tie" to the promoter.  Full Story

Dierdorff Responds to St. John's Open Letter
By Brooke Dierdorff
March 25, 2009
[Photo: Dierdorff -in red]

(MAR 25) Well I would first of all like to start off by saying that 'yes' sparks will fly on April 4th when Mia St. John, and I step back into the ring together! It will be the fight of the night in Mexico that night you can put your money on that!  Full Story

All-Female Boxing Program in Georgia!
March 25, 2009

(MAR 25) Retired World Champion Terri Moss serves as the women's trainer, treasurer, and office manager of Decatur Boxing Club located just outside of Atlanta. Full Story

One In A Million Inc. joined forces with the Food Bank
March 25, 2009
Flash Photo Slideshow

(MAR 25) Merrillville, In - The City of Hammond hosted the 7th Annual Pampered Woman Show at the Jean Shepherd Center on March 21-22 and ..Full Story

Open Letter: St. John
vs. Dierdorff

By Mia St. John
March 25, 2009

(MAR 25) I want to thank Bernie [McCoy] for acknowledging that this is a great fight. I'm confident the fans will not be disappointed, although I can't say the same for Brooke. I will beat her just as I did the first time. As far as not being a "hometown" decision, I'd like to remind her that she was announced as "Chicago's own" which was only minutes...Full Story

Susie Q Ramadan
Retains Title

By Mischa Merz in
Melbourne, Australia
March 22, 2009
Flash Photo Slideshow

(MAR 22)  Susie Q Ramadan retained her Oriental and Pacific Boxing Federation super bantamweight title in Melbourne, Australia on Friday night in an action packed ten rounds against New Zealander Michelle Preston.  Full Story

Yes---Kentikian IS the Real Deal!
By Sue TL Fox
March 21, 2009

(MAR 21) WBAN has been asked many times the same question:  “Is Susi Kentikian the REAL Deal?”  I tell them the same thing---repeatedly---YES, Susi Kentikian IS the real deal.  WBAN has viewed extensively Kentikian on video, from television shows, to her training to most of her ..Full Story

Kentikian Wins by Decision over Reid
by Torben L. of Denmark
March 21, 2009

(MAR 21) Elena "Baby Doll" Reid,  was far from her former glory in last night's challenge for the WBA-WIBF Flyweight titles against Susi Kentikian. The experienced Reid seemed passive and without a game plan, or if she had one..Full Story

Update and Clarification of the Official WBAN Patches
by Sue TL Fox

March 20, 2009

(MAR 20) WBAN has had a very good response from the boxing community about the Official WBAN embroidery Patches.  Many have asked if the patches are available for sale. The patches are not for sale.  These patches are Award-Type Official WBAN patches that are given out free of charge to..Full Story

Katie Taylor fights Caroline Barry
March 20, 2009

(MAR 20) In what is going to be an excellent card that will be taking place this Saturday, at Hunky Dorys, in Dublin, Ireland, to top it, there will be two fantastic amateur boxers ..Full Story

Prefight Coverage of Ramadan
By Mischa Merz
March 20, 2009

(MAR 20) Delays due to the Australian bushfires have fuelled champion boxer Susie Ramadan, giving her an extra three weeks to hone her skills for her title defence tonight (Friday March 20) against New Zealander Michelle..Full Story

Latest Update on Michelle Gutierrez
March 18, 2009
Photos: Mary Ann Owen

(MAR 18)  WBAN received a latest update earlier today on junior bantamweight Michelle Gutierrez, 1-0-0, of Las Vegas. Michelle is now currently training with  Eddie Mustafa Muhammad, at LA Boxing in Henderson, Nevada.  Full Story

Special WBAN Patches for Top Ranked Women Boxers
March 16, 2009

(MAR 16) We are distributing Official WBAN Patches for the TOP THREE WOMEN BOXERS in our WBAN Ratings. These will be given out during....More

Latest Update on Amanda Serrano! 
March 16, 2009

(MAR 16) WBAN has received a latest update on Amanda Serrano, who fights out of New York.  Serrano will be fighting on this Friday, on March 20th, in Albany ..Full Story

Brækhus Wins by Decision over Skovgaard
by Torben L.
March 15, 2009

(MAR 15) Cecilia Brækhus won the WBA & WBC world title belts by defeating Vinni Skovgaard by a 10-round unanimous decision.  Brækhus' excellent counter boxing, her faster hands and textbook footwork made the difference in a tough fight between the two Scandinavia girls. Full Story

Etelapelto to fight S’Kati Katz
March 15, 2009

(MAR 15) on April 8, 2009, at the Irvine Marriott, and promoted by Roy Englebrecht, S’Kati Katz, 4-0, will be fighting pro debuter Mia Etelapelto, of Finland. Etelapelto is a solid amateur from Europe. The four rounder will be at 165 lbs.

Latest Update: Former photographer Dale Hausner
March 15, 2009

(MAR 15) On August 15, 2006, WBAN ran a story about a former photographer Dale Hausner, who provided coverage for WBAN with photographs of events that took place in Arizona. At this time in 2006, Hausner was arrested, along with a roommate, in Arizona..Full Story

Brækhus vs. Skovgaard
March 14, 2009

(MAR 14) The coming Saturday's Sauerland Event in Kiel will attract a lot of attention from the Scandinavian countries of Norway and Denmark. Not necessarily for the main event, which is the Arthur Abraham vs Lajuan Simon for IBF Middleweight Crown, but more so....Full Story

Pucek to fight Nunez
March 14, 2009

(MAR 14) On April 11, 2009,  at the Emerald Queen Sarah Pucek and Merced Nunez will fight in a six round fight to see who is the best Featherweight in the Pacific Northwest. Nunez has to be the favorite with an outstanding 7-1-2 record, Pucek is 3-0-0. Nunez is coming off a six-round draw with..Full Story

Just In!  Gerula to fight Mrdjenovich for Title
March 13, 2009
Mary Ann Owen

(MAR 13) On April 9, 2009, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Olivia Gerula will be fighting Jelena Mrdjenovich (both from Canada). The two will be battling for the WBC Super Featherweight title. Source: Team Gerula

WBC Response about Interim Belt
Source: WBC
March 13, 2009
Photo: Bangkok Post

(MAR 13) On March 4th, WBAN posted a link to a story by Julian Turner, of the Bangkok Post who wrote an article, “Belt farce needs to be addressed”. WBAN has received a response sent into by the WBC, where the incident was addressed by WBC José Sulaimán Ch. President directly to Julian Turner. This was his response: Full Story

Boys/Girls Youth Championships
By Bernard O'Neill
March 13, 2009

(MAR 13) The 2009 Boy & Girl 4 and Youth 1 & 2 Championships resume this afternoon with semi finals in the Youth 1 & 2 categories.  All finals will be held on Saturday at the National Stadium in Dublin. Boxing begins at 11am on Saturday morning.  The weigh-in for Saturdays finals will be held between 8am and 9am..Full Story

Amateur Boxing Action in Wedel
by Torben L. Of Denmark
March 12, 2009
Flash Photo Slideshow

(MAR 12) Two Hamburg amateur boxing clubs, BC Hanseat and TSV Wedel, hosted an all female boxing tournament last weekend in the Hamburg suburb Wedel. The tournament attracted more than 60 girls and women from Germany, Switzerland and The Netherlands...Full Story

Three World Titles
on the Line

March 11, 2009
Source/press release
Flash Photo Slideshow

(MAR 11) Undefeated Natascha Ragosina (19-0-0, 11 KOs) will be making her 20th pro fight defending three of her world title belts.  She will be defending her WIBF, GBU, and WBC belts on Saturday, March 28,  2009, at the Sport Arena Grossziethen (Berlin-Schoenefeld).   Full Story

Bopp Wins Eight Rounder
March 10, 2009

(MAR 10) On Saturday, March 7th, in Puerto Madryn, Argentina, local favorite Yesica Bopp, 108, now 8-0-0 (3KO), won an eight-round unanimous decision over Jessica Chavez, 108. The two were fighting for the "interim" WBA Jr. flyweight title.

Open Letter: Team Olivo
March 10, 2009
Photo: Alan Messick

(MAR 10) WBAN has received an open letter recently from Team Domingo Olivo. The wrote the following:   Dear Members of the Female Boxing Community - W.B.C. International 122 lb Champion..Full Story

Lisa Brown Wins by TKO..And more
March 8, 2009

(MAR 8) Last night Lisa "Bad News" Brown was extremely successful in her homecoming to Trinidad and Tobago, stopping Maribel Santana of the Dominican Republic at 1:39 of the 3rd round.  Lisa wobbled Santana with a shot to the head, followed with a body punch, and Santana (winded) turned her back on Lisa and walked away from her...Full Story

Izaki visited headquarters of the WBC
March 8, 2009
Photo/Source: Samart

(MAR 8) In February, WBAN reported that Kazumi Izaki, the oldest boxer in Japan, 45 years old at the time, was set to fight Mexico’s Ana Maria Torres for the World Boxing Council (WBC) Super Flyweight World title on February 28, 2009. BUT, before the fight took place they...Full Story

A Jacqui Frazier-Lyde Sighting!
March 7, 2009

(MAR 7) WBAN received a news tidbit of a “sighting” of Municipal court judge and former world champion Jacqui Frazier-Lyde who was enjoying a night out with husband Pete Lyde, taking in a fight card in their hometown of Philadelphia last Saturday night. Asked if she still follows the sport, Jacqui replied, "Not really. I'm in the fight for justice now."  Full Story

Lisa Brown Preparing for a Triumphant Homecoming
March 6, 2009

(MAR 6)  On March 7, 2009, it marks the return of Lisa “Bad News” Brown to her native Trinidad and Tobago, where she will mount a challenge against Maribel Santana for the vacant WIBA super bantamweight boxing championship at the Jean Pierre Sports Complex in Port-of-Spain.  Full Story

Check out the Austin's Boot Camp for Women!
March 6, 2009

(MAR 6) If you are up to getting in shape and have fun at the same time, you may want to go visit the Austin Boxing Babes (Boxing gym). Austin Boxing Babes and the Yama-Kan Kajukenbo School are teaming up to get women punching and kicking like a veteran in no time.   Full Story

Conje: I’m way above African standards..
by Edward Sande
March 5, 2009

(MAR 5) Conjestina’s ‘Hands of Stone’ finally did the talking after a week of verbal sparring and good-humored banter with middleweight opponent Charity Mukami. This was the day Conje...Full Story

When Mukami got it all wrong
By Edward Sande
March 5, 2009

(MAR 5)  Even as Charity ‘Scary’ Mukami looked dazed and outclassed at Club Casurina tournament, on February 28th,  the Time Bomb Promotions prospect refused to be rattled. Mukami averred that a rematch would be the yardstick for ascertaining the actual queen of the middleweight.  Full Story

7th Annual Ringside-Comcast Classic
March 5, 2009

(MAR 5) Augusta, Georgia to host the 7th Annual Ringside -Comcast Augusta International Junior Boys/ Girls Summer Boxing Classic, presented by COMCAST. Tom Moraetes, the Augusta Boxing Club...Full Story

Ragosina and Kuehne both fight for World Titles on March 28th card
March 4, 2009

(MAR 5) On March 28, 2009, in Schoenefeld, Germany there will be three Title Fights at Sport Arena Grossziethen.  The pro boxing stable of Magdeburg SES presents an international pro boxing show for the first time in Schoenefeld area (Berlin/Germany).  Full Story

Fikus to Make Pro Debut in Germany
March 2, 2009

(MAR 2) On April 5, 2009, at the Universal Hall, in Berlin, Germany, Julia Fikus, 24 years old, will be having her pro debut in a four-round bout.  Also known as "the left hook", Fikus has been fighting for over 9 years and won several thai box and K-1 matches. Last year she succeeded becoming a member of the national German team of the WKA (World Kickbox Association) where Julia is currently ranked number..Full Story

Olivia Gerula Wins by a Split
March 3, 2009
Photo by Samart

(MAR 3) Tonight (Japan Timeline) at the Korakuen Hall, in Tokyo, Japan, Olivia "Predator" Gerula, 59.3kg, of Canada defeated Japan's Fujin Raika [aka: Emiko Raika], 60.0kg,  by an..Full Story

Weigh-In in Japan!
March 2, 2009

(MAR 2) Today the weigh-in was held for tomorrow nights fight between Olivia Gerula vs. Fujin Raika. Weights: Gerula, 59.3kg, and Raika 60.0kg.  The fight will be held at the Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan. Photos were sent in by Team Gerula.

WBAN's March 2009 Rankings!
March 1, 2009

(FEB 2) Dee Williams has posted the latest WBAN March 2009 rankings.  This system is based on Dee's computerized rankings, and they are independent ratings. March Rankings


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