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Significant Results of the 2003 National Police Athletic Activities League Championships (PAL)
By Adam Pollack
October 1, 2003


(OCT 1) The 2003 PAL was important for men in that the winners gain a berth into the 2004 Olympic Trials tournament. For women, it is one of the top tournaments that yield national rankings points.

106 F

Kathleen O’Connell looked good in defeating 2003 Golden Gloves champion Becky Garcia 17-3 in the semis, and Irma Juarez 23-16 in the final. O’Connell had one of the best punches landed to punches taken ratios of anyone in the tournament.


2002 Junior Olympic champion Raushee Warren impressively defeated Jose Hernandez via RSCO-3 ("O" means outscored - 20 point margin) in the final.

Previously, Hernandez had defeated Isaac Moreno 9-2, who had in turn defeated Roberto Castillo 6-2.

Warren’s wins included a 12-10 decision over Diego Hurtado, who had earlier defeated 2002 PAL champion James Lester, Jr. 10-5.

110 F

2003 U.S. Champion Emily Klinefelter defeated Amber Miller via RSCO-2 (outscored by 15 points), Mandie Mutigli 15-8, and in the final, 5-4 over Keisher McCleod. McCleod had defeated 2003 Golden Gloves champion Rosa Rubio in the semifinal 5-3. Klinefelter was the only woman to box three times to win the tournament.


Ronald Siler defeated 2002 Junior Olympic Champion Mark Davis 20-5 in a more competitive final than the score reveals. Both boxers were very impressive throughout the tournament.

Davis defeated a number of good boxers, such as Ernest Marquez 4-1, and Charles Huerta 19-7, who had defeated Derrick McFadden 20-8. Davis looked quick and strong in his impressive 22-15 victory over three-time U.S. Champion Roberto Benitez.

Siler looked fast as lighting in defeating Jerry Pavich 22-9, Justin Lopez via RSC-3, and David Clark 22-7 prior to defeating Davis. Siler probably should have been the outstanding boxer of the tournament.

Because Siler had already qualified for the Olympic Trials by winning the 2003 Golden Gloves, Davis receives the PAL spot in the 2004 Trials tournament.

114 F

Heather Donoho defeated 2003 Golden Gloves champion Vanessa Greco in a very close semifinal 10-9, and boxed well in the final to defeat Celina Moreno in a win that may have been more comfortable than the 5-3 margin revealed.

119 F

2003 U.S. Junior National Champion Chris Martinon became a senior and defeated 2003 U.S. Champion Stella Nijhof in a close 7-6 semifinal, and Sara Garcia 17-9 in the final. Martinon is a very talented boxer with a bright future.

semi, Sara Garcia defeated Cara Castronuova 10-1. 


2003 Junior Olympic champion Eric Hunter defeated Sytel Wilbarn in the final, 9-3.

To advance to the final, Wilbarn had narrowly defeated three-time Golden Gloves champion Rashiem Jefferson 10-9. Jefferson had won a close one over Jamal Parram 16-14, who had defeated Troy Wohofsky 12-7. Wilbarn also defeated 2002 PAL champion Torrence Daniels 5-2. Daniels had defeated Francisco Urrabazo 17-6.

Hunter earlier defeated Eric Nemo 9-7, who had defeated Jose Villanueva in what appeared to be a very close bout despite the 23-4 score.

Hunter just edged Diego Magdaleno 14-14 (61-45). Magdaleno had defeated Chris Green 13-4, who had won over Aaron Alafa 7-6.

Hunter also defeated Rafael Valenzuela 9-6, who has fallen just short in close bouts in multiple tournaments.

125 F

2003 U.S. Champion Teresa O’Toole defeated 2003 Golden Gloves Champion Jennifer Barber in the final, 3-1, and Jennifer Han 9-6 in the semifinal. Officials named O’Toole the outstanding female boxer of the tournament.


2002 PAL champion Mickey Bey won in a walkover in the final over his brother, Cortez Bey, who chose not to box, apparently owing to the brothers’ desire not to box one another. Mickey had earlier defeated Eddie Lopez 28-16 and Anthony Walker 23-8.

Ironically, Cortez Bey had the better overall tournament, having defeated 2003 U.S. Champion Jose Perez, Jr. 10-6, Dat Nguyen 42-25, and Matt Remillard 17-11. Perez, Jr. had defeated Noel Rodriguez 4-3.

132 F

Caroline Barry looked good in defeating Lily Avetyan 8-5.


2003 Junior Olympic champion Victor Ortiz defeated David Rodela in the final 15-6. Southpaw Ortiz is clearly very talented was perhaps second only to 112’s Ron Siler in this writer’s estimation of the tournament’s best boxer.

Rodela had earlier defeated Leonel Madrigal 14-6, and Van Oscar Penovaroff 20-16 in a close one that could have gone the other way. Penovaroff had defeated Anthony Martinez 18-8 and Marshall Christmas 8-6. Christmas had won a close 5-4 decision over Tyrone Harris that could have gone the other way. Previously, Harris had impressively defeated 2003 U.S. champion Vincente Escobedo 12-12 (61-44).

Victor Ortiz looked quite impressive throughout the tournament. He defeated Miguel Gonzalez 7-5 in a good bout. Gonzalez had defeated Mahlon Kerwick 14-0, who had looked good in defeating talented Isaiah Williams 9-8.

Ortiz also looked very nice in defeating Weston Ferguson 6-2, and was strong in stopping Cordell Barbour via RSC-1.

138 F

April Alavez defeated 2003 Golden Gloves champion Charmaine Carrington in the semis in a close and competitive 10-9 bout. In the final, Alvarez won 11-4 over Nasheba Thomas. Thomas had defeated Althea Martin 15-4.


Three-time U.S. champion Rock Allen defeated 2002 Junior Olympic champion Devon Alexander in a close 9-7 final bout. The decision was met with some scattering of boos, and oddly, it was Alexander who was named the outstanding boxer of the tournament.

Alexander had defeated Antonio Johnson 7-1, who had defeated Dominic Chavez 7-5. It appeared Johnson had barely defeated a pretty good southpaw in Keith Kemp, but the score was 10-0 nevertheless. Alexander had also defeated Keith Mason 21-3, and looked quick against John Lewis, winning 17-3.

Allen had defeated Omri Lowther 15-7, and Nelson Romine 8-3, who had defeated strong Raymond Biggs 11-7. Allen had earlier fought to what appeared to be a close victory over Chad Acquino, who looked good, despite the 19-9 score.

145 F

Molly McConnell impressively avenged her defeat to 2003 U.S. Champion Elizabeth Quevado 19-7 to take the title.


Edward Joseph won a very close final, 7-5, over Maxell Taylor, in a bout that could have gone the other way. Joseph joins his 165-pound brother Clarence Joseph as another Olympic trials qualifier.

Maxell Taylor had defeated Marvin Cordova, Jr. 9-8. Taylor also had a close 9-7 victory over William Norman. Earlier, Maxell had a tough bout against Jose Gonzalez, where he was probably behind, but when Gonzalez became fatigued, Taylor took over at the end and won 18-10. Taylor looked good in defeating Josue Sanchez RSCO-3.

Joseph defeated Timothy Bradley 9-7 in a close competitive bout where both looked good. The short but aggressive Bradley had earlier been a bit too strong for Enrique Gutierrez, edging him 8-6.

Joseph also won close against Rondale Mason 9-6 in another bout that could have gone either way.

154 F

Jenna Johlin defeated 2003 Golden Gloves champion Tiffany Junot 24-1 in a bout that was somewhat more competitive than the score revealed.


2003 Under 19 Champion southpaw Joe Greene defeated 2001 Under 19 Champion Donyil Livingston 8-3 in what was a very close bout.

DonYil Livingston had defeated Curtis Jones 7-3 with quick counters. Jones earlier defeated Julius Fogle 4-1, who had defeated Michael Paschall 7-3. Livingston seemed to struggle a bit in defeating Jason Thompson 15-5.

Earlier, Joe Greene defeated James Johnson 5-4, who had defeated James McGirt 14-10, a quick southpaw. Greene looked solid in defeating Mike Martinez 12-5.


Johnathan Banks defeated talented 2003 Under 19 Champion Marcus Johnson 20-15 in the close final that could have gone the other way.

Marcus Johnson looked very good in defeating Jacob Gentry 11-7, who had won a very close one against Jaidon Codrington 20-16, who also looked good.

Johnson also defeated Rommel Rene 12-4 and was impressive against Darryle Cain 6-2.

Johnathan Banks looked good in stopping Willie Williams, Jr. via RSC-1. Banks earlier defeated Ivan Stovall 7-4.

189+ F

2003 189 + pound U.S. Champion Tanzee Daniel defeated 2003 189 pound U.S. champion Elizabeth Kerin 9-6 in a decision that could have gone the other way.


Aaron Williams defeated Matthew Godfrey 7-4 in the final, but not without a struggle, being dropped once. Godfrey had defeated Chazz Witherspoon 9-3.

Williams previously defeated Charles Leverette 8-3. Leverette had defeated Kimdo Bethel 7-4, who had defeated Roderick Prevost 6-2.

Williams defeated both Brian Macy and Michael Culp via RSC-2.


George Garcia defeated Mike Marrone 23-9 in the final. Garcia proved to be a master at the computer system with a tight guard and quick counterpunches.

Mike Marrone defeated a pretty good Cory Landy 9-6 in one that could have gone the other way. Landy had earlier stopped Keith Spencer via RSC-1. Marrone also defeated Mike Wilson 25-12.

Garcia impressively pounded on Travis Kauffman to win 27-4. Kaufmann had defeated Davin King in a close one that could have gone the other way despite the 12-6 score.

Garcia also defeated talented up and comer Kevin Burnett 10-5, as well as Mike Word 21-3.

Referee Zac Young was probably the outstanding official of the tournament, which was generally well run and officiated.



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