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Kelsey Jeffries vs. Michele Aboro

at Estrel Convention Center in Berlin, Germany, February 10, 2001
fight reports by Marcel Niessen and Rick Mello


British-born WIBF Junior Featherweight champion Michele Aboro moved her record to 19-0 (11 KO's) with a 98-93,98-92,97-94 decision over California's Kelsey Jeffries in Berlin, Germany on February 10th. WIBF Americas Featherweight champion Jeffries is now 10-3 with 1 KO. Marcel Niessen sent this fight report from ringside ... Dee

Aboro beats Jeffries by UD

In a technically sound and above all strategic fight, Michele Aboro advanced to 19-0 last night with a UD win over Kelsey Jeffries.

The fight saw Aboro and Jeffries throw well thought combinations throughout the fight. Jeffries worked the body very well, while Aboro's crisp right hand/left hook combo's were a dangerous weapon at times. Both fighters took some time to figure each other out in the first couple of rounds and up until the third round of the fight the fight was dead even. After that Aboro, who didn't look as sharp as usual, started to pick her punches better and frequently tried to lure Jeffries into a right hand. Jeffries however looked very focused and was not easy to catch. She also displayed a great chin, which added more doubts to the already questionable 'Serrano' stoppage last year.

Neither fighter was in big trouble during the fight. However: Jeffries appeared to have some problems in the ninth after a huge right hand followed by a right/left combo by Aboro. But Jeffries proved a worthy opponent and was able to 'suck it up' very well. All in all a very strategic match, but not the most exciting one you can see, with Aboro cruising to a clear victory.

Judges: 97-94, 98-92 (really off base) and 98-93. I scored the fight 98-94.

I asked Aboro what she thought about this fight and she said she felt that she could handle Jeffries and just decided to finish the fight in a safe way and follow her game plan. She knew up front it would probably go the distance and she didn't want to force a KO and that way put a lot of pressure on herself.

I also asked her what she wants to do next. She replied: 'I want Laura Serrano in June or July. I will fight one more fight at my current weight and plan to move to 126 after that to fight Serrano'.

The Jeffries Camp was not happy with the decision and they felt they won. Jeffries said she wants a rematch. If that is a good thing to ask for?

We'll see, but I sure do admire the guts of this little girl.


Kelsey's co manager Rick Mello later replied:

"Posted reports are bunk on Jeffries and Aboro. Jeffries gave Aboro a boxing lesson. The fight was a shut-out for Jeffries. Stick and Move was the name of the game. Jeffries outclassed Aboro with jabs and combos, footwork and a body attack that hurt Michele in several rounds. Michele's best punches could not hurt Kel-C and the kid was robbed of the title. At the press conference Michele's face was very puffy and Kel-C made note of it to the press. If the fight was in the States it would have been scored a 10-zip for Jeffries.

The promoter has Michele under contract and was not about to let her lose. Aboro is not a good boxer but is tuff. She took a lot of punches and kept coming back for more, to her credit. We knew we were in her home town and it would be hard to come home with the title. The truth of the fight will be in the review of the tape.

Good going, Kel-C, u the champ."

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Page last updated: Monday, May 17, 2004


Fight Reports by Marcel Niessen and Rick Mello



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