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Sue Fox Named  in the "Top Ten" Most -Significant Female Boxers of All Time - Ring Magazine - Feb. 2012


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On February 5, 2000, Kathy Williams fought Daisy Lang in Duisberg, Germany for the WIBF Junior Bantamweight title. She lost by a 10-round unanimous decision, but most felt she was robbed .... Sue TL Fox had a one on one interview with Williams about this fight!  

TLFox: How many days before your fight did you go to Germany?

Kathy: We got into Germany on Jan 30, 2000 (Sunday) and I didn't fight until Feb 5, 2000 (Saturday). It was nice getting in early but I think it was too many days.

TLFox: What was your reception for you when you arrived?

Kathy: We didn't have any reception. We had two people pick up us at the airport that couldn't speak English. They took us to the hotel and we heard nothing until the next day (Monday) when the hotel reception called me and told me I had a press conference.

TLFox: Did all the fighters stay at the same hotel?

Kathy: No, all the Universum fighters stayed at one and the opponents at another. Two hotels were only about two minutes from each other.

TLFox: How did your press conference go, since it was in another country?

Kathy: It was very hard because it was all in German. The person spoke to the press and then said "ladies first" and was expecting me to talk, but I was unsure about what. I said how I felt about the upcoming fight and then he translated it to German for them. When they spoke to Daisy it was in German and no one translated to English for us. So I was just sitting there not knowing what was going on.

TLFox: How did you feel the night of the fight?

Kathy: I felt good the night of the fight. A little nervous but pretty confident. Anxious to get in the ring.

TLFox: Did you feel comfortable in the way that you were treated during your time in Germany?

Kathy: For the most part I felt comfortable. The staff at the hotel we were stay were excellent. They tried very hard to accommodate us and some spoke a little English. The people from Universum we never saw unless we went to there hotel or there was something to do with the press. Because we were there for so long it would have been nice to have someone there to show us around a little, someone who could speak English.

TLFox: Can you describe how you felt the fight was going?

vs. Daisy LangKathy: I felt the fight was going good. I was moving well not getting hit with lots of punches. I was stepping to her and hitting her with good hard punches. I had her hurt a couple of times and was trying to end it but she keep holding. Until the slip. Once I slipped and the ref counted it as a knock down I new that I would probably have to knock her out or at least down to have a chance in winning. But of course you just can't go knock someone out when you want it, it just happens.

TLFox: Did the crowd boo when the decision was read?

Kathy: Yes. Actually at the end of the fight when we took our gloves off waiting for the decision I put my hands in the air and the crowd started cheering. When she did the same thing they started booing. Then when the decision was read the crowd again began booing. When I walked out the ring the fans near me started to cheer so I waved a towel in the air for appreciation and the whole place started cheering again for me. It was a nice feeling.

TLFox: How do you feel about boxing fans saying that you were ripped off about the decision?

Kathy: Fans know the truth. It makes me feel good to know that they feel the same as me and my coach. We both knew that I was ripped off and it was nice to hear the fans agree and then when the person put it on the internet made me feel better. I even had some fighters from over there that said I won the fight, but what can you expect.

TLFox: Would you fight in Germany again after the outcome of the judging?

Kathy: No, unless it was against an Amercan or someone not from there.

TLFox: Is there anything you would like to tell boxing fans?

Kathy: I would like to thank all the fans that supported me and wished me good luck in the fight. Also the ones that still support me. It is nice to have people on your side. I would also like to thank Rod Mahaffey my agent for getting me all my fights and showing the confidence in me and would like to thank you for giving me the chance to voice my opinion and thoughts. You are doing a great thing for women's boxing, keep up the good work.

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Page last updated: Sunday, June 7, 2004


WBAN Boxer Interview by Sue TL Fox



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