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Australian champion boxer and kickboxer Sharon Anyos traveled around the world to fight Jane Couch in London, England for the WBF women's lightweight world title. Sharon had described this opportunity as her "dream fight" in an interview with Dee a few weeks before the bout. Events surrounding the fight left the Australians feeling it had been more like a nightmare than a dream, however, according to this message that Les Anyos, Sharon's father and trainer, sent to Dee on their return to Australia!

I've been in the Fight Game a long long time. As I attempted pre fight preparation I was confronted by a British Boxing Board of Control (B.B.B.C.) Official to tell me that no padding or bandage is allowed on the female fighters' knuckles. This confused me somewhat, I did not see the sense of using any bandage after that. I was then handed some masking tape to use (where? ... I'm still not sure). The B.B.B.C. Official witnessed the whole proceeding of so called "Strapping Up".

I was then presented with a pair of very old 10-oz boxing gloves (World Title Fight!). These things absolutely stank - morale was slipping.

Twenty minutes to go and another British official enters the change room - compulsory drug test. This will only take 15 minutes for the sample to be taken and all the questions to be answered and all these forms to be filled out by the Fighter (who is by now gloved up as required by the B.B.B.C.). Morale slipping further. Anger setting in.

I ask the B.B.B.C. Representative if this is all that is required of my fighter ... is her outfit complete? That's great! Good luck! See you in the ring.

Too late for pre fight psyche ... time to go!

Big crowd, big announcements, no National Anthem (Women Fighters aren't worthy of that? Hell its only Sheilas fighting!!)

Announcements finished - referee says you don't have a Breast Protector or a Groin Guard. I say we just got the all clear from the Official in the change rooms. Besides, we don't use them in our country, only by choice. A shit load of Officials and Doctors enter the fray and say the fight can't go on - out of the ring into the change room.

We are handed 2 x 1/4 inch foam rubber pads (Breast Protectors) and a cricket box type groin guard - (as in jock strap) designed to protect the testicles only. Female British doctor says that's great, off you go now and fight.

Fight begins

(morale as low as one could get - anger overtaking fight plan). Breast Protector slips out during First Round at a rate of 4 times - by the Fourth Round the referee says if they slip out one more time my fighter will be disqualified (patience is paper thin).

The rounds go on. Sharon slips on wet logo on the canvas - asks to have the water wiped up, is promptly told to behave herself or be disqualified.

By Round Nine one of the Boxing Commissioners enters Thobela's change room, tells the fighter to be ready. The South African crew enquire on the fight progress and are told by the official ... "the Aussie girl is well ahead on points but she won't get the decision - ain't it sad!"

I haven't gone into the fight detail, as what you see is what you get!

The promoter runs up to me after the decision is handed down, says the scoring is wrong.

The British press printed details of all the fights ... except Sharon and Jane's or Dingan and Cornelius's.

I was told a rematch has been asked for by Ron Scalf and the promoters. I asked for an independent country, or judges at least. The verdict ... South Africa, January.

We are not griping, just saying how it was.

Come on Pom's, pick your act up!

And come on, Jane ... let's do it for real out of your playground.

Jane didn't get the courtesy of a Victory Speech following the decision, as the booing of the crowd was too intense.

As for the officials, they should perhaps be educated to a standard of having some boxing knowledge. Or the promoters of boxing in England: some of whom ... namely Jonathan Feld who is trying to give the sport of Women's Boxing an equal chance ... will find themselves without the benefit of promoting the most popular form of pugilism in the world today.

Following this fight a journalist entered our Change Area which was in a Women's powder room and housing all the female dance groups of the evening, Ring Card Girls, etc. The journo asked if Sharon really did send Jane a pair of black frilly knickers which Jane evidently produced at a Press Conference even before we were notified of the fight going ahead. Wishful thinking, Jane!!

As to the scoring, everyone sees things in a different light. But a standard must be set to enable judges to be able to score what and when they see it on a universally accepted level, especially for World Title Fights. National Bodies must also be seen to be held accountable to the decisions they make.

After all that I believe the British Boxing Board of Control may not be in existence in 12 months.

So let's set up a World Body and take the lead - so we all know where we stand in our chosen sport of Boxing.

Page last updated: Wednesday, April 7, 2004

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