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Lethal Lindsay Garbatt
Copyrighted photo by Durell Wambolt

5'3" junior lightweight "Lethal" Lindsay Garbatt (b. Sept 25 1982) was born and raised in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada and now lives in Canada's "Motor City", Oshawa, Ontario. She has always been an enthusiastic athlete, involved in basketball, hockey, rugby, wrestling, martial arts and boxing.  She played varsity soccer and basketball at Durham College but switched to boxing when she left school. 

She had lifted weights for her bodybuilding hobby since she was 15. “When Lindsay came to us three years ago, she was in great shape,” says Don Nelson, her coach and head of the Motor City Boxing Club in Whitby. “But she had to be trained to box. We spent some time with her and she really took to it well. I think she hadn’t even come into her own as an amateur. She is starting to come into it as a professional. Her skills are developing more as a boxer. She’s physically strong which doesn’t necessarily translate into boxing. Being well built doesn’t necessarily make you a good boxer. Training, dedication and a clean lifestyle has made her better. Mentally, this is something she really wants to do. She wants to be a champion and she’s willing to do whatever it takes to get there.”

Garbatt had a 12-4 record as an amateur boxer, with seven wins coming by knockout.

She made her pro debut on August 15 2007 at Frontier Field in Rochester, NY, USA, weighting in at 123 lbs and  losing a four-round majority (38-38,38-39,37-39) decision to Ela Nunez (126 lbs)  of Jamestown, NY. The Rochester News reported that "Both women mixed it up from start to finish in the four round event, with Nunez coming away with a majority decision - two judges calling the fight for Nunez and one calling it a draw. Nearly everyone on press row thought it should have been a draw, with Garbatt winning rounds 2 and 4, while Nunez carried the first and third. The crowd voiced their displeasure, raining down a chorus of boos after the decision. Nunez improved to 3-2, but Garbatt was clearly the crowd favorite and should have a bright future in the ring. Both fighters displayed some of the best technical boxing of the entire evening, a tribute to their dedication and the skill of their trainers."

Lindsay says of this fight "(It) was a good opportunity to prove myself. She’s a great fighter and my coach Don Nelson felt it would be a good match up for me because we were unknown and might pull off an upset. Regardless it was an opportunity to jump right into the rankings. It was a great fight, although I lost it was entertaining and the fans enjoyed it." Nunez moved her record to 4-2 (0 KO's) with that win. 

On March 5, 2008 at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City, Lindsay Garbatt (123 lbs) notched her first pro win when she KO'd debut fighter Tracy Hutt (120 lbs) of Island Park, NY in the final round of a scheduled four-rounder.  A WBAN correspondent at ringside told us that "Hutt was pretty quick, had good flurries, not with a lot of power,  good side to side footwork, crouched down low occasionally. Her style seemed to give Garbatt troubles. Garbatt was more hittable with her head less mobile, but she was strong, determined, took a good shot, was in very good shape with a rock solid body, and a strong punch. It was a close and competitive fight. The first 3 rounds were tough to score. Garbatt might actually have been getting outboxed and down a round going into the 4th, but came out very aggressively and jumped on Hutt with two really strong rights on the chin that dropped her. Hutt could not get up, despite her best efforts." [Video]

Lindsay Garbatt vs Lucia Larcinese
Lindsay Garbatt vs Lucia Larcinese July 2008
Copyrighted photo by Durell Wambolt

On July 19, 2008 at the Quinte Sports Center in Belleville, Ontario, Canada, Lindsay Garbatt (125 lbs) TKO'd Lucia Larcinese (127 lbs) of Montreal, Quebec at 1:10 in the final round of a scheduled four-rounder. Gerry O'Neill of Kocosports.com reported that "Staying true to her word that she was going to take the fight to her opponent right from the opening bell, Lindsay rocked Larcinese with several hard shots to the head and body in the opening moments of the first round.  Larcinese seemed to have no answer to the majority of Lindsay’s blows and grabbed (her) in a clinch several times in an effort to stop the onslaught. The second round saw Lucia making tentative jabs that Garbatt blocked and dismissed, drawing her opponent in closer, to counter the slight reach advantage before landing another series of devastatingly accurate punches. Lindsay blocked a series of hooks and uppercut attempts from Larcinese with relative ease, showing that she was not just aggressive but incredibly technically proficient. As the bell sounded for the end of round two, both fighters continued to trade shots, prompting the official to separate the two, however as Garbatt walked to her corner, Larcinese stood center ring staring her down, the women exchanged some heated words and some more extra-curricular punches were thrown, before both were forced to their corners. Lindsay took out her frustrations on Larcinese with another fierce barrage of punches in the opening of the third, this time Larcinese mustered up some offense but with little to no effect, other than to cause Garbatt to respond with a vicious bombardment of body shots. After dominating the first 3 rounds, Lindsay commandeered the center ring at the start of the fourth, while Larcinese moved around the outside, still trying to find a chink in Garbatt’s impenetrable armor, but Garbatt connected with a devastating shot to the head, staggering Lucia backward and causing the official to step in and stop the fight awarding the win to Garbatt via TKO." Larcinese fell to 0-2 with this loss, but strongly protested the TKO stoppage in a letter to WBANFor more of Durell Wambolt's photos of this fight, see MPEG/Photo Gallery #487 on the WBAN Records Member Site. [Video]  

On November 19, 2008 at the OnCenter in Syracuse, NY, USA Lindsay Garbatt (125 lbs) lost an eight-round unanimous decision in a rematch with Ela Nunez (124 lbs) of Jamestown, NY.  Nunez improved to 9-4 (2 KO's) with that second win.

On August 1, 2009 at Mohegan Sun Resort in Uncasville, Connecticut, USA, Lindsay Garbatt (128 lbs) TKO'd Maureen Shea (126 lbs) of New York at 1:52 of the seventh round in a scheduled eight rounder.  As reported by Joseph Davey of 15rounds.com, "From the onset, Garbatt was simply the stronger, busier fighter. Her offense was centered heavily on a crisp right hand which regularly found the chin of Shea. Shea, over the course of several rounds, tried to implement a two fisted body attack but simply wasn’t strong enough to keep Garbatt off. By round 5, Shea’s face was swollen and red from numerous right hand and left hooks; the latter of which Garbatt had begun to use as a follow up to the right hand. The end came ... when Shea, exhausted and pinned to the ropes, ate a left hook followed by a thudding right hand. Stunned, Shea began to drop and ate a right hand from Garbatt on the way down. There was no need for a count as Shea was clearly out and the bout was halted at 1:52."

Jordan Keller of EastsideBoxing.com wrote that "In the seventh round Garbatt chased Shea around the ring finally backing her to the ropes with a straight right hand pinning her there like a Oshawa Motor City Boxing Club sparring partner. Garbatt fell in like a seasoned veteran leaning on Shea then ripped both hands to her body then pulling back just enough to give herself some punching room landing a solid left hook to the head. Garbatt fighting slick now baited Shea in stepping back then firing a lethal right hand counter over a low and slow Shea jab landing square on the button dropping a wobbly Million Dollar Baby to the ropes where the powerful security guard jumped in landing a thunderous driving right to Shea’s head on the way down. Referee Danny Schiavone immediately jumped in stopping the action and preventing any more damage at 1:52 of round seven. Judges Don Trella, Glenn Feldman and Julie Lederman all had it scored a shutout at the time of the stoppage as did I". Shea fell to 13-2 (7 KO's) with this loss.

Lindsay Garbatt vs Ayana Pelletier
Lindsay Garbatt vs Ayana Pelletier in November 2009
Copyrighted photo by Mary Ann Owen

On November 13, 2009 at the Shaw Conference Centre in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Lindsay Garbatt (134 lbs) won a six-round unanimous decision over Ayana Pelletier (135 lbs) of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Pelletier fell to 6-2 (3 KO's) with the loss.  For more of Mary Ann Owen's photos of this fight, see MPEG/Photo Gallery #514 on the WBAN Records Member Site.

On April 24, 2010 at the Fuller Lake Arena in Duncan, British Columbia, Canada, Jeannine Garside (125 lbs) of Windsor, Ontario TKO'd Lindsay Garbatt (123 lbs) at 1:24 in the third round of a scheduled ten-rounder for the vacant WIBA Featherweight title. Garside was cut in the first round by a punch from Garbatt but Garbatt was knocked down three times in the third round. The referee stopped the bout after the third knockdown when Garbatt was unable to stand before the count was completed. As reported by Ashley Gaudreault of the Cowichan News Leader, "Garside fans were a bit worried after Garbatt landed a strong punch and cut Garside above her right eye in the first round. She was showing blood but that didn’t dissuade her. Garside exploded in the second round. She landed some great punches and then dominated the third round, knocking Garbatt off her feet more than once. The final fall was the last for Garbatt. Though Garside admitted she felt the worry from spectators after being cut, she stayed focused and kept firing back. 'I trained really hard for this. I trained for 10 rounds,' she said."  With the win Garside, fighting in her original home town, reclaimed the world title she had lost in a highly controversial decision in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina in December 2008. Garbatt suffered the first stoppage loss of her career as Garside improved to 9-3-1 (3 KO's). [Video]

Asked about her loss to Garside, Garbatt told Gerry O'Neill on kocosports.com: " ... It was dreadful, I usually go into fights thinking I'm unstoppable, that has probably been the toughest part of my career is just getting myself ready mentally.  I went into that fight feeling great and then to take a step back after getting knocked out, it was just brutal, but then when the next opportunity came up to face Melissa (Hernandez), I told Don (Nelson) I wanted to get back on top and I felt I needed to fight then best in the world in order to do that."

On June 5, 2010 at the National Guard Armory in Evansville, Indiana, Lindsay Garbatt (131 lbs) won an eight-round majority (76-76,78-74,78-74) decision over Melissa Hernandez (131 lbs) of New York City. Hernandez fell to 12-2-2 with the loss. "I didn't overlook Lindsay," Hernandez told WBAN correspondent Bernie McCoy in a post-fight interview. "She (Garbatt) did her homework and came to the fight totally prepared. I thought I fought hard enough to get a decision or at least a draw, but I won't take anything away from her, she got the ' W.' It was a good fight and now it's time to get back to work, time to get back to my roots. First thing is a rematch with Garbatt and I've been calling my manager every day to get it done."

Garbatt vs Hernandez October 2010
Lindsay Garbatt vs Melissa Hernandez in October 2010
Copyrighted photo by Lori Steinhorst

On October 16, 2010 at the Santa Ana Star Casino in Bernalillo, New Mexico, in the main event, Lindsay Garbatt and Melissa Hernandez fought to a 10-round majority draw in a rematch of their June 2010 bout, this time for the vacant GBU, WIBA, and WBAN Junior Lightweight belts. The judges' scores were 95-95, 95-95, and 98-92 for Hernandez. Geraldo Martinez reported for Fightnews.com that "Hernandez was the slicker boxer and animated; Garbatt, the more effective and reserved.  “Tah, tah, tah” was heard coming out of the always-animated Hernandez, every time she threw a punch at the Canadian who beat her earlier in the year. Many of her punches landed in the first couple (of) rounds. Unfortunately, Garbatt was also landing. Hernandez came out more aggressive in the third, going after her taller and stockier opponent. The fourth and fifth rounds were hard to score. Both women were exchanging leather and finding their mark. Garbatt took over with her aggression in the sixth and seventh rounds, connecting with shots while Hernandez threw wide. Hernandez turned it on in the last few seconds of each of those rounds to try and steal them, to no avail. After some pleading from her corner, Hernandez came out swinging in the eighth – but swinging too low, for she was warned by Referee Tony Rosales. Garbatt came back in the ninth and tenth, landing hard rights to the face. The two women exchanged in the center of the ring to end the fight. Turns out neither woman came out as a champion last night as the judges scored the fight a draw with scores of 95-95 twice and 98-92, Hernandez. That decision came after more than ten minutes of discussion between judges and everyone else inside the ring."   Hernandez moved her pro record to 14-2-3 (5 KO's) while Garbatt progressed to 5-3-1 (3 KO's).

On November 10, 2010 at the Shaw Conference Centre in Edmonton, Lindsay Garbatt (129 lbs) won a ten-round split (93-97,96-94,96-94) decision over Jelena Mrdjenovich (129 lbs) of Edmonton for the vacant WIBA Junior Lightweight title. Garbatt's nose was broken in the second round, and she later said "I felt the blow and I felt the blood gushing out of my face. I've never had that full-out broken nose before. You don't feel anything in the fight, but when I was going back to the corner to get the water, I was kind of suffocating and I couldn't understand why, but it was because my nose was full of blood."  Mrdjenovich fell to 24-6-1 (12 KO's) with the loss.  

WBAN named Lindsay its "Fighter of the Month" in December 2010 for her win over Jelena Mrdjenovich and the "Best-Kept Secret in Womens Boxing" for 2010, with the citation "Garbatt is not only one of the best fighters we have seen in the sport --- but her fights are nothing less than fantastic.  She has no problem in taking on the likes of Jeannine Garside and Melissa Hernandez (twice).  She is highly skilled, tough, exciting to watch in the ring --- and boxing fans who do not know her yet --- when they see her fight, they will not forget her!."

Garbatt vs Mrdjenovich
Jelena Mrdjenovich vs Lindsay Garbatt in Barrie, Ont  Feb 4, 2011
Copyrighted photo by Durell Wambolt

On February 4, 2011 at the Molson Centre in Barrie, Ontario, Canada, WIBA Junior Lightweight champion Lindsay Garbatt (129 lbs) defeated Jelena Mrdjenovich (128 lbs) by a ten-round majority decision.  The judges’ scores were 96-95, 96-94 for Garbatt and 95-95.  Rick Mclean told WBAN that "Both ladies picked up where they had left off in their previous fight as each went right at the other landing hard combinations in a tit for tat battle in the early rounds ...  In rounds two through five Mrdjenovich was able to land solid straight right hands to the head of the champion however Garbatt would respond right back by landing good hooks to the her (head) and body on the inside. These were incredibly difficult rounds to score. In the sixth round Mrdjenovich got a bad cut over her left eye that was caused by a right punch. Garbatt battered Mrdjenovich around the ring for most of the round however Jelena was able to score but only with only one punch at a time usually just enough to keep Garbatt off of (her). Mrdjenovich’s face (was) a crimson mask throughout the seventh round but she fought right through it taking the fight to Garbatt in what was her best round of the fight. Garbatt took the eighth round with steady pressure and a high volume of punches while Jelena threw punches back but would then hold on a lot. Rounds nine and ten were an absolute toe to toe war as both fighters chopped away at each other’s head and body. Both fighters landed hard crowd pleasing punches and neither took a step back. The judges did get the decision right however as Garbatt did do more than enough to earn the decision."  Garbatt improved her record to 7-3-1 (3 KO’s) while Mrdjenovich dropped to 24-7-1 (12 KO’s).   For more of Durell Wambolt's photos of this fight, see MPEG/Photo Gallery #528 on the WBAN Records Member Site.

Lindsay was named WBAN's "Fighter of the Month" in March 2011 for her win over Jelena Mrdjenovich.

Prazak vs GarbattOn September 24, 2011 at Grand Star Receptions in Altona North, Victoria, Australia, Diana Prazak (128 lbs) of Australia won the WIBA Junior Lightweight title by a TKO over Lindsay Garbatt (128 lbs) between the ninth and the tenth rounds.  According to Aus-Boxing.com, "Prazak was in trouble early and given a count in round 1 but toughed it out and began to take control through the middle rounds. 'Dirty Di' worked away at the face of Garbatt and the fight was stopped after the 9th when Lindsay's eye closed over and the doctor called an end."  Prazak, who was the PABA and WIBA International Jr Lightweight  champion, improved to 9-1-0 (7 KO's) while Garbatt fell to 7-4-1 (3 KO's).

On March 23, 2012 at the Shaw Conference Centre in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada the third time was a charm for Jelena Mrdjenovich (126 lbs) of Edmonton as she stopped Lindsay Garbatt (126 lbs) by TKO at 1:45 of the opening round to take the vacant WBC Featherweight title and retain the WIBA Featherweight belt. Mrdjenovich emphatically erased her two prior close losses to Garbatt by taking command of the fight from the opening bell and scoring three knockdowns in quick succession. Mrdjenovich improved her record to 26-8-1 (13 KO's) with this win

Ronica Jeffery vs Lindsay GarbattOn August 31, 2012 at Dover Downs Hotel and Casino in Dover, Delware, USA local fan favorite Ronica Jeffrey of Brooklyn, NY won a ten-round unanimous (98-92,98-92,97-93) decision over Lindsay Garbatt for the vacant WBC Silver Junior Lightweight title. The hard fought bout was the card's main event and took place before a large crowd of cheering fans.  Jeffrey has fought at Dover Downs in all but three of her eleven pro bouts and has been adopted as a fan favorite. Garbatt chased the back pedaling Jeffrey who countered with jab after jab and stopped long enough to deliver combination after combination to get the judges' decision. Jeffrey improved her record to 11-0 (1 KO) with the win while Garbatt dropped to 7-6-1 (3 KO's). with her third straight loss

Garbatt works full time as a security guard at the Pickering, Ontario nuclear power station, a position that also allows her to train hard for her boxing career. She also plays in a women's (ice) hockey league.

Asked what she would change in women's boxing if she could, Garbatt says "I would just like to see it grow and I believe it is. The shows that I have seen the female fights are getting a lot of appreciation the fans seem to really enjoy them, perhaps more than a lot of the men’s bouts and that’s what will change things. It’s a case of giving people what they want and the women in boxing these days are stepping it up for sure."

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