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Nathalie Toro
© Copyrighted photo by Frank Wiltzius courtesy Team Toro


5'5" junior welterweight Nathalie Toro was born in Liège, Belgium on August 25 1972. She trains in Liège with her boyfriend and trainer Sergio Orlandazzi in her own gym "Le Phoenix". She is managed by Francis Chetter.

She told WBAN: "I always wanted to box. I was raised in an institution for children without parents as I don't know my father and my mom died when I was only 13. They allowed me to have a punch bag in the garage of the home to hit it, because the judge in charge of my case didn't allow me to get into a boxing gym as she found me too aggressive. When I turned 19 I finally started to train in real boxing gym. I started with French boxing then full contact kick boxing."

She became Belgian junior kickboxing champion in 1994, Belgian kickboxing champion in 1996, the Benelux champion in 2000 and Europe lightweight champion in 2000.

As a boxer she twice won the Belgian amateur championship (in 1998 and 1999).

On November 10, 1999, in Verviers, Belgium, Nathalie won her pro boxing debut with a six-round decision over Nadia Debras of France, who fell to 0-5 as a professional boxer.

On March 18, 2000 in Liège, Belgium she won a six-round decision over pro debut boxer Csilla Bodo of Hungary.

On February 12, 2000 in Liège, Belgium, she won by a third-round stoppage over Sara Paci of Italy in a scheduled six-rounder. Paci fell to 0-2.

On January 6, 2001 in Liège, Belgium Nathalie (132 lbs) moved to 4-0 (2 KO's) with a first-round KO of Genifer Radinovic (126 lbs) of Austria in a scheduled six-rounder.

On February 17, 2001 in Cheratte, Belgium, she: moved to 5-0 (2 KO's) with a six-round decision over Samantha Rein of Germany who fell to 0-5-1.

On April 14, 2001 in Verviers, Belgium, she TKO'd Angela Nagy of Hungary in the first round of a scheduled six-rounder. Nagy fell to 1-1-0.

On April 27, 2002 in Grivegnee, Belgium, she knocked out unranked Tiffany Decayeux of France in the second round of a scheduled six-rounder. Decayeux fell to 0-2.

On May 10, 2003 at Het Kuipke - Citadelpark in Ghent, Belgium in an all-Belgian Nathalie won a six-round decision over veteran kickboxer Zelda Tekin. Tekin fell to 1-1-0 (0 KO) as a pro boxer.

On May 31, 2003 in Visé, Belgium, Nathalie won by a third-round KO over debut fighter Dorota Kaczmarek of Poland.

On September 27, 2003 at the Spiroudome Arena in Charleroi, Belgium, Nathalie (at left in picture) won a six-round decision over lightweight Elena Tverdokhleb of Kiev, Ukraine, who fell to 4-2 (3 KO).

On April 3, 2004 in Visé, Belgium, Nathalie won a ten-round unanimous (97-94,96-94,97-94) decision over Jane Couch of Fleetwood, U.K. for the vacant Women's European Boxing Union Junior Welterweight title. WBAN's insider who was present at the fight said that it was an "excellent" bout. Couch dropped to 23-6-0 with this loss.

Nathalie Toro vs. Elena Tverdokhleb
© Copyrighted photo by Frank Wiltzius

On November 5, 2004 in Dudelange, Luxembourg Nathalie (138¾ lbs) won by a six-round decision in a rematch with  Elena Tverdokhleb (135 lbs) of the Ukraine, who fell to 4-5-0.

On November 27, 2004 in Saint Touen, Paris, France Nathalie won a six-round decision over debut fighter Daniela David of Romania. Toro was now 13-0 (5 KO) as a pro boxer while David fell to 0-3.

On June 3, 2005 at Palais du Midi Zuidpaleis, in Brussels, Belgium, Nathalie advanced to 14-0 (6 KO) with a fourth round TKO of Agata Gracia Sanchez of Spain in a scheduled 10-rounder for the vacant WIBF world Lightweight title. Gracia Sanchez fell to 6-3-1 (1 KO) with the loss. This bout was televised on RTL.

Nathalie defends against Anne-Sophie Mathis, October 2005
Photo: Dombasle-Boxe.com

On October 29, 2005 in Dombasle, France, Anne-Sophie Mathis of Dombasle won by a ninth round TKO over Nathalie for her EBU Junior Welterweight title.  A WBAN insider said that the fight was "an  incredible all-action bout between the two boxers, with the crowd standing throughout. The bout was considered one of the best fights on the card. Nathalie had been hit hard in the second and third rounds, but stayed standing.  She recovered, knowing she was behind on points. Toro came back with her own artillery in the later rounds, hitting her hard in 6, 7, 8 round. But at the end of the ninth round, Toro got hit with a hard combination of a left/right, and she fell to the canvas. The ref counted her to nine, and then stopped the fight."  The 28-year-old Mathis, who has been boxing since 1995 but was inactive in the sport from 1996 to 2003, improved to 10-1 (9 KO's) ... her only loss being to Marischa Sjauw in her second pro bout.

On March 3, 2007 in Soumagne, Belgium, Nathalie (138¼ lbs) won a six-round decision over Loly Muñoz (135½ lbs) of Barcelona, Spain, who fell to 4-3-1 (3 KOs). 

On March 23, 2007 in Aulnoye-Aymeries, France, Nathalie won a ten-round unanimous (99-91,99-92,99-91) decision over Daniela David of France for the vacant EBU Lightweight title. David fell to 3-10-0.

On May 5, 2007 at Country Hall in Liège, Belgium, Nathalie (136¾ lbs)  won a six-round unanimous decision over Suzana Radovanovic (136¾ lbs) of Serbia, who fell to 0-3 while Toro progressed to 17-1-0 (6 KO's).

On June 12, 2007 at La Halle de Martigues in Martigues, France Nathalie (133 lbs) won a 10-round unanimous (100-90,99-91,99-91) decision over Agata Gracia (131¼ lbs) of Barcelona, Spain.  Toro was defending her EBU Lightweight Title. Gracia fell to 6-4-1 (1 KO).

On November 17, 2007 at Complexe Sportif in Andenne, Luxembourg, Natalie (139 lbs) won a six-round unanimous (60-52 x 3) decision over Eunice Miranda (134½ lbs) of Olhao, Portugal, who fell to 3-5-1 (2 KO's).

On December 22. 2007 in Liege, Belgium, Nathalie (139 lbs) won a six-round decision over Angel McKenzie of the United Kingdom. Toro improved to 20-1-0 (6 KOs) while McKenzie fell to 2-7-0 (0 KO).

Nathalie told WBAN: "When I have to prepare for a fight I move to Paris from two to eight weeks to train with one of the best French trainers, Gaetan Micallef,  who is already involved in the preparation of more than 70 European championships and ten world championships. He's the trainer of Cyril Thomas, four times former European champ. .Cyril is also one of my sparring partners in Paris. Mr Micallef also used to train former world champ Daniel Londas and Lucien Rodriguez, and many more."  Nathalie says that she spars with men and has also taken part in four preparation camps for Regina Halmich where she has been Regina's sparring partner.

Nathalie works as a youth and sports educator for the city of  Liège, where she trains young people coming from difficult areas of the city. She tells us "Sergio, two other monitors and me train them in Thaï boxing, we also organize competitions where they can express all the things we try to teach them. They also take active participation (for the non competitors) at the organisations. We have more than 100 members from 6 to 30 years old. We also have a separate course for girls and young women who wants to train in a more relaxed way."

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