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Sue Fox Named  in the "Top Ten" Most -Significant Female Boxers of All Time - Ring Magazine - Feb. 2012


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  Exclusive One on One Interview
with Herb Cody 
"Mixed Match he made between Blackshear and male kickboxer Jeremy Powell in San Pablo, California" by Sue TL Fox - September 11, 2000


This interview is about the mixed match that Jolene Blackshear had on a televised program in 1999.  I wanted to get the inside as to why this exhibition match was made." TL Fox

TL Fox:  Why did you put Jolene Blackshear in an exhibition match with Jeremy Powell?

Cody:  Because I knew that she could handle it with man or woman. And Also, it was an opportunity to get her on TV to show her kickboxing skills. One of the state athletic commissioners said that it was the best match of the night.

TL Fox:  Did the TV show approach you about a kickboxing match with Jolene, or did you suggest this match to the television? 

Cody: They came to me with it.  Dennis Warner from Insync was involved, and the fight was  sanctioned through the  IKKC (International Karate Kickboxing Council.) Blinky Rodriguez was the commentator. 

TL Fox:  Did they originally want you to find a male?

Cody:  No, originally they were trying to find a girl.

TL Fox:  How did Jolene react when first told she would be fighting a male?

Cody:  Her initial reaction was, a "far away" look in her eyes.... she smiled a little bit, then said right off that she would take it.

TL Fox:  Did you approach Jeremy Powellabout the match, and if you did, what was his reaction?

Cody:  Yes I approached him. His first reaction was "shock."  I told him that he had more to lose than she did, because that in our society, it is put down to hit a woman, "which it should be, it is the wrong thing to do to hit anybody, but it is a sport, and it was a statement that men and women are equal. He outweighed her too. I told him that would get bood and laughed at, people would ridicule him, because he is a man fighting a woman, cause if he gets knocked out he loses, if she gets knocked out, he loses, it is a no win situation for him.

TL Fox: After you said that, did Jeremy still decide to take the fight exhibition?

Cody:  He asked me what I would do, and I said he could could go ahead and do it, or not do it --- it was up to him.  I also told Jeremy that he was a good guy, no matter what he decided. 

TL Fox: Why did Jeremy wear a headgear and Jolene didnt?

Cody: Jolene was a pro, and Jeremy was an amateur at that time and was just ready to turn pro.

TL Fox:  Could you tell at any part of the fight that he was holding back?

Cody:  Yes. It was his instincts from him. He does that sometimes in real fights.

TL Fox: Are you, as an instructor and trainer, an advocate for mixed boxing/ and or mixed kickboxing matches?

Cody:  No. Im not coping out to my beliefs, but in this world there are a lot of dishonest people who would take advantage of this kind of match, and bring down boxing and kickboxing backwards because of things they were doing in those matches. They would use it for a side-show, even if Jolene and Jeremy's was not, there were opinions that it was. But I am not saying a woman cannot destroy a man in a self-defense situation.

TL Fox: If you had it to do all over again, would you put it on TV?

Cody:  If it was the same athletics and I knew the athletics inside and out.

"A special Thanks to Mr. Cody for this interview on Jolene's mixed matched exhibition kickboxing match".

Copyrighted September 11, 2000
All rights reserved. 



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