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  Her name is Amber Edwina Hunt, and she fought in amateur bouts that were considered exhibitions in 1977...


(MAY 27, 2007) WBAN has been abIe to make contact with AMBER EDWINA HUNT (Amber Balts), who gained notoriety  media publicity in 1977,  when it was reported that she had become close friends with Gary Mark Gilmore who eventually was executed.

Amber has a fascinating story to tell,
and we hope to get a biography and story up soon about Amber. 

In a documented story about Amber, the following was stated.  Her past story made it in Time magazine, People Magazine, and Boxing Illustrated, and others.

An excerpt from that article by Beverly Patrick, said, "Gary Mark Gilmore will be best remembered as the murderer who was executed by a firing squad on Jan. 17. The first time in 10 years that the death penalty was imposed in the United States. However, one might have a tough time convincing an 11-year-old girl in Salt Lake City, Utah, and her parents that Gilmore was a bad person." Amber was a fifth-grade student at Arlington Elementary School at the time and the article reported that Amber had earned eight straight wins against male opponents.


In 1977, Gary Gillmore Faced Firing Squad, First US Execution In 10 Years

More fight information was in this article that said, "Amber, a 65-pounder, Amber won her first six exhibition encounters by first-round stoppages before advancing to Golden Gloves Junior Olympic Competition. Her debut in this class resulted in a first-round win, and Amber followed this up with another stoppage triumph against Freddie Gonzales at 55 seconds of the second round."

Amber's coach was Chapple Hayashi of the Police Activity League.

The article went on to say, "Although she exchanged letters with Gilmore and he gave her more than $1,200 worth of gifts.  One of Gilmore's gifts, a complete eight-millimeter movie outfit, that had helped Amber further her fistic ambitions. Her father films all her bouts and then they study the films to refine her style."

Apparently, Amber wrote to Gilmore quite a bit, and even wanted to visit him in prison, although according to this article, Gilmore was denied visitors because he did not follow the prison rules and had attempted suicide.  The article gives some comments Gilmore said to Amber, "you're the most fantastic little girl I've ever heard of. You have the makings, the heart of a true champion. Do I like you? Baby, I love you."


More records to straighten out! 

Terry Nye, Leah Mellinger's ex-trainer -manager contacted me and told me that there was a "History First" made when he had his fighter, Leah Mellinger, was the first to be the main event on a card, that was on the February 21, 1998 event.  But, WBAN discovered that the History first actually occurred October 21, 1983.....sorry Nye, Darlina Valdez and Holley McDaniel beat you out! Not only that Valdez and McDaniel fought 15 round, three minute rounds according to a newspaper article for the championship another history first!
. . . .

Darlina pleases crowd 
in boxing win
The Albuquerque Tribune
 Saturday, October 22, 1983

Viva Darlina! Viva Darlina!

The noisy partisan crowd of more than 1,000 paid tribute to Darlina Valdez’s stamina and boxing technique Friday, and shouted her name as women’s pro boxing was introduced to Civic Auditorium.

The tiny women boxers vindicated the sour taste that Jerry Quarry left in the mouths of boxing aficionados in his ring comeback Aug. 31 when he KO’d Vic Guerra of Omaha, Neb. In 21 seconds of the first round.

And the ones who missed the crowning of "Darling Darlina" of Sante Fe as the world women’s bantamweight champion will get another chance to see the pert and vivacious boxer in action on Dec. 2.

That’s when Vern Stevenson (also promoter) of Fresno, the director of the Women’s International Boxing Association (WIBA), plans to send top talent here for another women’s boxing card to Promoter Joe Louis Murphy.

It’s a sure bet that "Darling Darlina," as the fans nicknamed their new sports heroine, will be on the Dec. 2 card even though the main attraction that night will be Canadian Rene Browning, the No. 1 world’ lightweight Star, who will face either, Debra Wright or Yvonne Buckley of New York.

Valdez proving to many doubting boxing aficionados that there’s a legitimate place for women in the broken bleak sport earned a unanimous verdict over Holly McDaniel of Muncie, Ind. In the FIRST 15-ROUND MATCH (THREE MINUTE ROUNDS) in the history of women’s boxing.

Valdez (4-1) nursed bruises under both eyes, but showed no visible signs of exhaustion as she reviewed her biggest war ever.

Referee Larry Chavez scored it 149-141; judge Walter Brown Jr. 137-133; and judge Hugh Bishop showed it 149-143 The Tribune’s scorecard was 148-143.

"I just concentrated on keeping my jab in her face and followed up with left-right combinations, said Valdez. "I will be better prepared when I face her again."

McDaniel, with a deep purple welt under her left eye, wasn’t discouraged in losing her first of six fights. "I will meet her again for the title. She’s a great champion," McDaniel said. "She was more aggressive than I was."

The supporting(undercard) card was outstanding as Harold Romero and Aturo Martinez of San Antonio fought to a draw in the 4-round semifinal while Charlie Gallegos and Fermin Garcia of Albuquerque won the other two bouts.  

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  Sue TL Fox 12/16/00  Updated after contact with Amber on May 27, 2007.