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Sue Fox Named  in the "Top Ten" Most -Significant Female Boxers of All Time - Ring Magazine - Feb. 2012


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They’ve Come A Long Way! 
WBB Glove Magazine,  May 1980 (Page 4)

Few boxing fans took matters seriously on that Sunday afternoon five years ago in Virginia City when Carolyn Svendsen met Jean Lange in the first recognized professional women's boxing bout. However, more than a few eyebrows were raised when Svendsen scored a spectacular one round knockout. She repeated her victory a couple of months later up in Portland. Lange fared better in the return bout in as much as she went the limit, losing a unanimous decision.

Although Svendsen did not stay in the game too long. Recognition must be afforded her in giving female boxing the start it needed. She did a great deal for the sport in a relatively short period of time.

Gradually, but consistently, women’s boxing has really made a name for itself. The good thing about all this is that it still has but scratched the surface of its potential. It is predicted that the next two years will see a tremendous growth over its present status.

The reasons for this are numerous. Initially, more and more girls are becoming interested; secondly, many male chauvinists who frowned at the thought of two girls engaging in physical combat changed their minds immediately after having witnessed their first bout; thirdly, the public clamors for something new and when they receive something exciting and interesting as well as new, the interest is generated; fourthly the press and the sports magazines have finally commenced giving women’s boxing the recognition it deserves; fifthly, under the guidance of the Women’s Boxing Board, the sport will receive the support it requires; next and most important of all are the participants themselves.

Very soon Karen Bennett will oppose Shirley Tucker in a bout that is certain to go down in boxing history. The winner will be crowned as the Women’s World’s Bantamweight Champion! This will be a new milestone in lady fisticuffs.

These two young ladies are very exciting to watch and each has done far more than her share in making women’s boxing the success that it has become. Both girls have progressed consistently since entering the squared circle.

Other colorful and enthusiastic lady performers who have done much to enhance the sport include. Marian Trimiar, Lydia Bayardo, Marion Bermudez, Dora Webber, Cathy Davis, Grace Casillas, Julie Mullen, Dulce Lucas, LaVonne Ludian, Britt Van Buskirk, Gwen Gemini, Valerie Ganther, Carlotta Lee, and Toni Lear.

All of the above mentioned are true professionals and have their hearts in their work. Fans can always count on an exciting evening when any of the above are performing.

These journeywomen are largely responsible for having encouraged others to join the ranks of female boxing. Hollywood’s Amy Levit and San Francisco States Louise Loo were extremely impressive in their respective debuts.

Other performers who are making names for themselves include: Rosi Reed, Denise Coleman, Cheryl Laudd, Denise Moorehead,  Paula Trichel, And Nancy Thompson. Additional comment is afforded the last two mentioned in the group.

Paula Trichel goes all out every time she enters the ring. She provides much in the way of excitement whether it be win, lose, or draw.

Nancy Thompson, of San Diego, seems to incur trouble in as much as not too many fighters are anxious to tangle with her. On more than one occasion she has ventured to other cities to run into a situation where her opponent has either not shown up or cancelled at the last moment.

Other exciting performers, who haven’t been heard from lately include Betty Rodgers from Seattle, Laurie Ferris of Sacramento, Nevada’s Judy James, Sue Fox of San PedroDiane Syverson,  both of Los Angeles. We miss you, girls!!!

Soon there will be more bouts where winners will receive world’s championship recognition. The women’s boxing board is working very hard to give the fans the very best that can be offered.

Potential title bouts could see the following. Rosi Reed vs Bonnie Prestwood (Flyweight); Marion Bermudez vs Lydia (Squeaky) Bayardo (Featherweight); Marian (Lady Tyger) Trimiar vs Britt Van Buskirk (Welterweight); Cora Webber vs Cathy (Cat ) Davis (Lightweight); and the new bantamweight champion, whether it be Shirley (Zebra Girl) Tucker or Karen Bennett vs Grace Casillas.

The fans are eagerly awaiting the Tucker-Bennett contest. The Zebra Girl has really put boxing back on its feet in her home town of Santa Rosa, California.

Incidentally, this is a rematch, the first engagement being won by Tucker in an extremely close contest at Oakland in 1978. It was the closest bout the undefeated Zebra Girl has had to date. Karen Bennett also has an outstanding record and this one is going to be a thriller. Few anticipate that it will go the distance.

The most important thing is that it is definitely going to elevate female boxing to a new plateau. Very soon we’ll be seeing the girls on national television!



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