New AIBA Women's World Ranking revealed

(APR 20) The International Boxing Association is very pleased to announce as of yesterday, April 19,  its brand new Women's World Ranking. The AIBA said the following:  "In a historic year for Women's boxing, with the discipline making its debut at the Olympic Games in London, AIBA wanted to further promote the development of the sport by offering a points and performance based ranking system.  This very first edition includes the results at the AIBA Women's World Boxing Championships Barbados 2010, the AIBA Youth Women's World Boxing Championships Antalya 2011, the European Women's Boxing Championships Rotterdam 2011, the 2012 American Women's Championships and the 2012 Asian Women's Championships. Copyright 2012 AIBA


Women's Top 3 - as of April 1, 2012


(45 - 48 KG)

  1st Duta, Steluta Romania  
  2nd Holdaway, Lynsey Wales  
  3rd Gnevanova, Svetlana Russia  

(51 KG)

  1st Ren, Cancan China  
  2nd Adams, Nicola England  
  3rd Kate, Alice Philippines  

(54 KG)

  1st Savelyeva, Elena Russia  
  2nd Petecio, Nesthy Philippines  
  3rd tas, Avse Turkey  

(57 KG)

  1st Thongian, Tassamalee Thailand  
  2nd Yang, Yanzi China  
  3rd Yun, Kum Ju DPR Korea  

(60 KG)

  1st Taylor, Katie Ireland  
  2nd dong, Cheng China  
  3rd Graczyk, Karolina Poland  

(64 KG)

  1st Tatar, Gulsum Turkey  
  2nd Belyakova, Anastasia Russia  
  3rd Slugina, Vera Russia  

(69 KG)

  1st DeJong, Marichelle Netherlands  
  2nd Wasson, Andrecia USA  
  3rd Price, Lauren Wales  

(75 KG)

  1st Spencer, Mary Canada  
  2nd Torlopova, Nadezhada Russia  
  3rd Li, Jinzi China  

(81 KG)

  1st Yuan, Meiging China  
  2nd Nagy, Timea Hungary  
  3rd Mamtkulova, Yaduz Kazakhstan  

(81+ KG)

  1st Li, Yunfei China  
  2nd Yarali, Semsi Turkey  
  3rd Kavita India  





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