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WANG "The China Girl" YANAN
by Eddie Montalvo
April 17, 2011
Photo: insidesport.ph


(APR 17) It is with sincere humility and great pleasure that I announce reigning WIBA Middleweight champion, and former WBC Middleweight World Champion Wang "The China Girl" Yanan's forthcoming U.S. Debut alongside her Mentor/Manager Michael Yang. Michael Yang has shared with me that Yanan has her sights on the Top Echelon of Women's Boxing in the Welter, Jr. Middle and Middleweight categories.

Discussions for a bout between respected Legend of the sport Christy Martin and "The China Girl" was in its final stages prior to Christy being injured by Jim Martin; her former husband, last November. Yang and Yanan look forward to an opportunity of commencing discussions for a bout against any of the sports' Top fighters; even if it means going up against Christy for Christy's WBC Jr. Middleweight Title, so I am told...

The Yanan camp endeavors coming to the States and competing on every occasion possible. My understanding is that "The China Girl" is preparing to make her presence felt in the sport. She has respect and a deep passion for the sport and the women in it... But... We shall see what promoter would dare take on the feat of putting on multiple women bouts and even headlining them alongside the well-known figures of the sport, male and female, on television and pay-per view broadcasts?

I feel that the sport of Women Boxing is about to take on a new 'Attitude' and the women in the sport are going to support and promote themselves and each other. Which reminds me of the writing shared by Gianluca (Rio) Di Caro on Olivia Goodwin, I truly pray that Ms. Goodwin's efforts, professionalism and passion for the sport does not go unrecognized. Then there's Ms. Miranda Carter, Wanda "The Fight Lady" Bruce, Bonnie Canino, The Much Loved Sue Fox, Mischa Merz and, many others whom support the sport of Women Boxing with Genuine and Sincere Passion. Thank you Ladies!

We have the avenues available to us where we can collect and share our tools in order to begin making a change towards reaching our goals. I call sort of a "Geneva Convention" which we can call "The Pugil Convention," of all boxers, managers, trainers, sanctioning bodies, and promoters (Internationally) into session. How many of us out there can come together and advocate for a CHANGE in the sport? We have the most powerful tool of them all - THE COMPUTER... Let's begin an international drive/communication towards that change by finding those promoters willing to give these women athletes a fair shot at competing at the highest level of the sport with the similar exposure, if not the same opportunities and percentages given to their counter-parts in the sport.

I have labored long and hard communicating with promoters foreign and domestic in regards to the aforementioned. To few, I have become "a thorn on their side" due to my advocacy on behalf of the athlete, and to many others, (a couple who have become my mentors), I have become a confidant and 'the-go-to-guy' in several instances. I am confident that if we bond in an effort to broaden the opportunities available to these women athletes they will have a better chance at being a part of "that Change." It has already begun in many countries around the world that will be sending a women's boxing team to compete and represent their respective countries in the 2012 Summer Olympic Games.

On another note; It also a pleasure to have worked alongside Chevelle Hallback and Bill Calogero (Billy C) to seal a Multiple Title bout against undisputed Welterweight Champion Cecilia Braekhus on May 7th 2011, in Copenhagen, Denmark, on the Holyfield vs. Nielsen Undercard. A public thank you to both Chevy and Billy "C" for allowing me to be a 'key' part in Chevelle's competing for The WBA, WBC and WIBA Welterweight Crowns and, specifically to Mr. Hagan Doering and Ms. Michele Low of NISSE Sauerland for their professionalism and Passion in working with me. May the event be Memorable for All! And of course a "Special" thank you to Sue Fox for making it possible for us to come together via this wonderful avenue of 'transparent communication,' WBAN...

Those of you who can concur with my Work Ethics know whom you are... Thank You also for believing in me!

Eddie Montalvo - President
Jurican Entertainment & Sports, Inc.

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