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Sue Fox Named  in the "Top Ten" Most -Significant Female Boxers of All Time - Ring Magazine - Feb. 2012


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About WBAN...The Grass Roots of Women Boxing Archive Network
May 9, 1999







In 1996, after virtually being out of boxing for nearly 17 years, I decided to get back into shape to fulfill a goal to run in the "Race for the Cure" --- a benefit to raise funds for Breast Cancer research, in Portland, Oregon.

I knew that the best way to get in shape for that would be to train in boxing. I found a gym in Portland, called University Park. When I first started training in the gym, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the trainer, Lee Jenkins, had actually seen me fight in Portland in the 70's. As I began to train, I started to get to know the other students. One day, one of the guys made a comment about Christy Martin, and that she was a great fighter, and he went on to tell me about her fight against Deirdre Gogarty on the Tyson card.

I was not on the Internet at the time, so I signed up with an internet provider, and began my journey into surfing the net to find out what WAS on the net about women's boxing. I was shocked and dismayed to find that there was virtually NOTHING on the net about any of the women boxers in the 70's & 80's.

I wrote to many of the sites that featured women boxers, and expressed my disappointment about the lack of acknowledgment of the struggles and tribulations that the past women boxers had to endure to pave the road for the 90' fighters, and that there was not any information about these fighters.

So started my journey……

I spent countless hours, researching, trying to find the past fighters, calling people, emailing, sending letters to gyms, promoters, managers and the list goes on. In retrospect, I look back at this and never realized at the time how difficult this journey was going to be for me.

During my research, I quickly discovered that the history of women's boxing was completely inaccurate. The 90's fighters were staking claims to being the "pioneers." They even would be classified as such on television programs, in publications, and magazines. So the "fire" was lit, and I was more than ever determined to pay homage to the past fighters so that their part in history would not be forgotten.

In 1998, I was ready to unleash the history of women's boxing, and so Women Boxing Archive Network (WBAN
) was born. I thought at the time, that no one would really hit my site, but that at least I had solace in the fact that I played my part to try and straighten out the history of this sport. Was I ever wrong about the hits! I was bombarded by boxing fans that were amazed at the hidden history of women's boxing, so I began to develop allies to work as a team to help me bring the history to the public.

The very first thing that I discovered about the History of Women's Boxing was that I DIDN'T KNOW what I thought I KNEW about it! Boxing fans began to send in documents, hotel records, magazines, newspaper clippings, old videos of women boxing, and I knew then that even I HAD TO KEEP researching to continue to set the record straight in women's boxing.

A funny thing happened……..

The current fighters began writing to me and telling me about what was going on in the 90's. I began to realize that in many cases, that History was repeating itself. I also started to find that the very websites  I held in awe... turned out to have their own agendas with the current fighters. Sadly, time has proved this to be true.

I knew that I had to start talking about what was going on in today's boxing to try and change things and make it better. By networking with the current fighters, I was able to understand the hardships that they were facing today, which made me have a renewed respect for what it takes to be a fighter. 

And so, Women Boxing Archive Network revolved into not only covering past fighters, but also featuring and telling about the current women boxers!

The 90's will soon be considered the history of women's boxing, and so the battle continues to document what is going on so that the sport will be accurate for boxing fans in the future!

In addition, WBAN has expanded and extended the site by having womenboxingrecords.com. This site will be the record-keeping of women's boxing-- recording sanctioned bouts, exhibitions, mixed matches and anything of public interest.   It houses literally thousands of huge digital photos, there is also video streaming files, Mpegs files, Matchmaker's Hot List, Exclusive Matchup that has an extensive listing of women boxers, and much more.  Another site that is now WBAN's is hotboxingnews.com. This site also includes a lot of historical data on men's boxing and will continue to develop throughout the years.

WBAN has gone on to be an Award-Winning website, being listed on USA Today as a "hot site on the net." WBAN has also helped many television shows, including other media sources for other women boxers.

I am currently writing a book, called: "Women's Boxing-Setting the record straight."  This book is intended to give the REAL facts about the past, and correct the many inaccurate historical claims that have been reported on many media outlets.

Sue T.L.Fox
©Copyrighted on May 9, 1999.
 All Rights Reserved.

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