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Sue Fox Named  in the "Top Ten" Most -Significant Female Boxers of All Time - Ring Magazine - Feb. 2012


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  WIBF Title Bout: You have GOT to be Kidding!
by Sue TL Fox -October 13, 2012
 Just when we are seeing some really great matchups this weekend where many of the top female boxers will be fighting for world titles, we have one of the most embarrassing matchups taking place for a WIBF light  Full Story
  Off the Mark on this One.... April 13, 2012 - by Sue TL Fox -Earlier today WBAN received a press release on an upcoming title fight that will feature Peru's boxing star Kina Malpartida in a WBA Super Featherweight World title bout on May 19th.  The bout will take place in conjunction with the WBA KO Drugs...Full Story
  Empty Promises -by Sue TL Fox - WBAN
February 1, 2012
 -I have been covering women's boxing since 1998 on the net, and throughout the years I have helped, assisted, or however you want to label it, a variety of promoters in the sport. There have been "many" who have walked within my path of life in relation   Full Story
  Looksaikongdin is a "perfect" Opponent for Easy Title Shot -by Sue TL Fox -January 18, 2012 -  On January 14, 2012, at the Coliseo Olimpico de la UG, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, there was a 10-round WBF world title fight scheduled that featured Irma Sanchez vs. Fahpratan Looksaikongdin.  Full Story
  What was THAT stoppage all about?
by Sue TL Fox -January 8, 2012 -
Just when you think you have seen it all, again boxing pulls out another surprise. In last night's 10-round title fight at the Palacio de los Deportes, Heredia, in Costa Rica between Hanna Gabriel and Dakota Stone the fight was stopped in the eighth round by TKO.  Gabriel was literally handed a gift...Full Story
  Top Ten Picks for the most "Outrageous ..and Tragic" in 2011 - - December 26, 2011 - by Sue TL Fox -  WBAN has rounded up the most outrageous / tragic events that have taken place in the sport in 2011. It would be impossible to list them all, but here are ten of our top picks---In no particular order:  Full Story
  Fredee Gonzalez: Four Strikes, You're Out
by Sue TL Fox - December 5, 2011 - 
On Saturday night, at the Deportivo Morelos Pavon, in Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico, Fredee Gonzalez, now 6-8-1, has fought Zulina Munoz FOUR TIMES----losing four out of four fights against Munoz.  Munoz was defending  Full Story
  Munoz defends her WBC Title with yet Another Questionable Opponent -by Sue TL Fox
December 2, 2011 - 
Honestly-----I say this with the utmost sincerity that I can possibly muster up that "this story" about another questionable title fight is not bias.  Full Story
  Boxers Supporting Boxers -by Sue TL Fox -November 24, 2011I wanted to write a special report and give recognition to the female boxers who not only were on the boxing card at the Texas Station Casino, in Las Vegas, Nevada, on November 20th,  but also to the many, MANY other female boxers who came and attended   Full Story
  Brown Wins WIBA Title with Last Minute Opponent
Source/Team Brown -November 20, 2011 - 
WBAN received the results of Lisa "Bad News" Brown from Trinidad, where she fought last night a late replacement opponent when her other opponent fell through.  We were told initially that because Brown's opponent was  Full Story
  AIBA "Skirts" the issue until January 2012
by Sue TL Fox -November 8, 2011 - 
WBAN has received an update on the ongoing saga of the Boxers' Uniform for Women. In a recent press release, dated November 4, 2011, the AIBA said that the AIBA has recently noticed a strong media/press interest on the issue of Boxers'  Full Story
  New Boxer on the Scene: Shevchenko to fight for World Title December 9th -by Sue TL Fox
November 4, 2011 - 
WBAN would like to give a proper introduction to Valentina "The Bullet" Shevchenko, 5'5", born in 1988, and weighs in at about 135 lbs.  Valentina is a multi-world champion in Muay Thai and has been competing since about 2004 - 2005.  Full Story
  Another Six-Round Title Bout on the Books in the Sport
By Sue TL Fox -August 20, 2011 - 
Before I talk about the six-round NABF title bout that took place last night, I want to say that this is not targeted at the female boxers or their managers who fought for this particular title.  They are trying to be active on boxing cards, and it is really out of their hands on this topic.    Full Story
  Another Six-Round Title Bout on the Books in the Sport
By Sue TL Fox -August 20, 2011 - 
Before I talk about the six-round NABF title bout that took place last night, I want to say that this is not targeted at the female boxers or their managers who fought for this particular title.  They are trying to be active on boxing cards, and it is really out of their hands on this topic.    Full Story
  Flash from the Past - 1977: Another "very Forgettable" fight from the Past! Copyrighted Article by Margaret E. Welsh/Fighting Woman's News -August 19, 2011 -   This past report states the following: On July 14, 1977, I went to Allentown, PA to see a boxing match between Cathy "Cat" Davis and Toni Lear. Unfortunately... Full Story
  Flash From the Past: This is one past Televised Fight that should NEVER have taken place! by Sue TL Fox
August 17, 2011- 
 The date was November 9, 1996, and a chance for women's boxing to shine this night. The fight was a televised Pay-Per-View featuring Bethany Payne vs. Christy Martin.  As Payne entered the ring they announced and posted on the "tale of the tape"  that
  Full Story
  28-year old unrated boxer fights for a WBC "Youth" title
by Sue TL Fox - August 15, 2011 -
On August 13, 2011, at the Deportivo Tlalli, in Tlalnepantla, México, Ibeth Zamora Silva, 22 years old, of Mexico, 108, fought unrated Yacksury Gordon, 28 years old, 108, in the defense of her WBC Youth female light flyweight title. Silva won by a third round TKO over Gordon.  Full Story
  Alex Ramos: One Last Fight-by Bernie McCoy - August 15, 2011 -Calling boxing a contact sport is much like calling the atomic bomb an explosive device. Professional boxing, along with pro football, easily surpasses the definition of a contact sport; they are both, simply stated, collision sports. Key differences between boxing and football are that football players wear quite a bit more equipment   Full Story
  WBC "Youth" World Title in Mexico -by Sue TL Fox
August 3, 2011 -
Nothing would please me any more than to write up some great and glorious fight report on these title bouts that seems to continue to take place in the sport.  But unfortunately as they say,  "It is...what it is".  So with that said,  I will report the results and stats Full Story
  Continuous Questionable Title Bouts: "Interim" WBA Titles: Three Women's Bouts in Venezuela-There will be three female "Interim" WBA..-August 1, 2011 Full Story
  Baby Belts: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back
by Sue TL Fox -July 31, 2011
-WBAN has been notified that there is another six-round title bout on the horizon, and we would like to make a statement in regards to this latest trend in the sport that will do nothing...Statement
  If WBAN was a "Fly on the Wall"! -by Sue TL Fox
July 28, 2011
-Lately we have had a lot of "Buzz" going on in the sport about the questionable title bouts that have been taking place in the sport. "IF" WBAN was a fly on the wall, we can only imagine the "negotiating stage" Full Story
  Female Boxing in China -by Sue TL Fox
July 27, 2011 -
Before I begin to talk about the data that I was able to obtain from many valuable sources from China, I would like to give a sincere "thank you" to all, for the help that I received in trying to learn more about the female boxers and the sport in itself in China.  This journey began in wanting to seek more information about..Full Story
  Chalk Up Another Questionable "World" Title bout
July 18, 2011-
WBAN has received a press release today about Angel "The Artist" McKenzie, 4-23-0 (0KO), set to fight for a world title belt. She will be fighting Mikaela Lauren this Saturday, July 23rd at the Polideportivo Municipal, in Chiva, Comunidad Valenciana, Spain...Full Story
  Lara's Loss Still Stands--Judges suspended by New Jersey State Athletic Control Board -July 14, 2011
Even though this story is about a men's bout, it affects boxing, both male and female when judges get it wrong.  WBAN received a press release from Golden Boy Promotions in regards to the latest outrage of poor judging at a fight that was televised on HBO..Full Story
  Questionable matchup: Zulina Munoz to fight Sandoval for "Silver" WBC Belt-A few words about this.....WBAN would really enjoy writing glorious and upbeat stories on title bout fights.  Lets see the title championship fights that are at least supported by the federations ratings.  That is a beginning...by Sue TL Fox -July 13, 2011 - Full Story
  "Tweets" Can Continue Through the 2012 Olympics!
June 28, 2011-
The International Olympic Committee released the guidelines for participants and other accredited persons at the London 2012 Olympic Games.  They published the following guidelines: Full Story
  RIP: Final Tribute to Patricia Kay Butaud
May 26, 2011 -
WBAN gives our condolences to the family and friends of photographer Patricia Kay Butaud.  Butaud did a lot of past coverage for WBAN ringside at many of the events in Texas and some coverage in Louisiana.  She was an avid follower of the sport....Full Story
  Awards Dinner tomorrow night at MGM Grand Hotel - No Females on the "Honors" list...by Sue TL Fox
May 5, 2011-
WBAN has received press information in regards to the 86 Annual Awards Dinner, presented by The awards dinner presented by the Boxing Writers Association of America,  that will take place tomorrow night at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.    Full Story
  Fighter Shot by her Step-Father shortly before she steps into the ring:  Rola El-Halabi is progressing well
Source: Figosport April 15, 2011
Full Story
  Rola El-Halabi: Another Female Boxer Shot---shortly before her fight! v-April 2, 2011Full Story
  South Korea: The Good and the Bad News
March 29, 2011-
On Saturday night, at the Gymnasium, in Jinju City, South Korea, Hyo-Min Kim, 130, won by TKO over  female boxer Saicon Taichio, now 0-2-0,  for the "Interim" WBA super featherweight world title.  Full Story
  How do you spell C-O-R-R-U-P-T? Tenth Round Cut Short of Two Minutes!  by Sue TL Fox -March 22, 2011-On March 19th, at the Palacio Peñarol, Montevideo, Uruguay, in what appeared to be a "rip off" by accounts by boxing fans and media, Hometown queen Chris Namus of Uruguay was announced a winner shortly Full Story
  Special Tribute to Photographer Roger Williams
by Sue TL Fox-January 28, 2011
WBAN recently learned that top photographer Roger Williams passed away on January 26th, in Phoenix, Arizona.   Williams shot photos for boxing sites, and he was also a UPI, Washington Post, and a White House Photographer.  Full Story
  Former Female Pro Boxer Accused of Murder!
January 7, 2011
 WBAN has been notified that 44-year old Mona Nelson, 1-3-0 (0KO) of Texas, has been arrested for the murder of 12-year old Jonathan Foster, of Houston, Texas. Foster came up missing on Christmas eve, where he was living with his mother and stepfather. Full Story
  What is Up with this matchup for a "Youth" Title?
by Sue TL Fox -December 20, 2010
According to Boxrec, on Saturday night in Guanajuato, Mexico, there was a WBC Youth Bantamweight title on the line for a fight between veteran female boxer Zulina Munoz, 25-1-2 (19KO), of Mexico City, vs. pro debuter Patricia Ordonez, of Mexico City that took place at the Palenque de la Feria, in Guanajuato, Mexico.  Both boxers are 23 Full Story
  Prays for Christy Martin who was shot and stabbed
November 24, 2010 -
) WBAN has been notified today, that Christy Martin, one of the most prominent pioneer boxers in the sport was shot and stabbed yesterday by her husband/trainer James "Jim" Martin.Full Story
  Boxing Event KO'd by Vending Machines
November 3, 2010-
Just when you think you have heard it all, a story comes along that will just be another nail in the coffin when promoters try to put on a boxing event. WBAN received this press release earlier today. Full Story
  What is the Point of Keeping a Fight a Title Fight?
By Sue TL Fox
  - June 5, 2010 Why do we continue to see a title bout on a card for women that has a last minute opponent change--and the fight continues to be for a world title(s) competition? Full Story
  Winless Boxer Gets TKO'd a second time by Achieng -by Sue TL Fox (AUG 31, 2009) On Saturday night at the Chui Restaurant, in Nairobi, Kenya, Patroba Lihavi, winless now at 0-5-1, failed to make it six  Full Story
  "Red Flags" that hinder Some Women in the Sport By Sue TL Fox (AUG 26, 2009) WBAN has been covering the sport for a very long time now---eleven years in fact on the net as of this year. Through ...Full Story
  Serrano Proving to be the "Real Deal"- by Sue TL Fox (AUG 25, 2009) WBAN has just recently viewed more video footage on featherweight Amanda Serrano in a couple of her recent bouts. ...Full Stor
  Public Challenges in Women's Boxing---Not a New Thing! By Sue TL Fox
May 5, 2009
Some may think that women boxers putting out "public challenges" to other female Full Story
  In The Eyes of a Boxing Fan
By Longjab - February 6, 2006
(FEB 6) Being that I live in a household that cannot afford anything more than basic cable service, I rarely get a chance to watch    Full Story
  Friday Night Fights: Don't Bother
By Bernie McCoy -February 5, 2006
(FEB 5) Last December I interviewed one of the top women fighters in the sport and, in the course of a wide-ranging discussion Full Story
  Chalk up another "tomato can" match for 2006 -By Sue TL Fox -February 4, 2006 (FEB 4) Please Vegas...check your morgues, check your graveyards---we think you may be missing a body. Full Story
  Wilson offered MRI free of charge - but passes on the offer - February 4, 2006 (FEB 4) WBAN received some disturbing information this morning that overmatched Tiffany Wilson who suffered a knockout  Full Story
  Arum pulls the “race” card in regards to male boxer---Let’s add women - January 5, 2006 In an article this week, on Whittier Daily News, Top Rank’s Bob Arum said that a “white male” boxer, Kelly Pavlik   Full Story
  The Most Outrageous in 2005! - December 31, 2005 WBAN has listed "some" of the most outrageous things that went on in the sport for 2005.  It would be impossible to list them all-but here are Most Outrageous Full Story
  2005 Finishes the year with another questionable World Title bout...December 27, 2005 On December 24, 2005, at the Kenya International Conference Centre, in Nairobi, Kenya,  In another ...Full Story
  Boxers fight a “Two” round bout! -By Sue TL Fox -Dec. 12, 2005 It never ceases to amaze me in the things that happen in this sport. Last night, Dawn Ramey, 114, 1-0-1, fought on the undercard  Full Story


Win the Bout--Shorten the Prison sentence!
By Sue TL Fox - November 10, 2005
  There was a fight that occurred at the Klong Luang Prison, Pathumthanee, Thailand on November 5, 2005. .....Full Story


What is a world champion?
By Sue TL Fox -October 18, 2005..
Webster Dictionary describes a champion as a "winner of first prize or first place in competition." Taken a step farther, Webster’s.....Full Story


1920's Female Boxer - Jeanne La Mar: Flash from the Past! by Terry Graham/Sarah Jo Rauschl  September 26, 2005 ...WBAN has been in contact with Terry Graham, a retired police officer....Full Story


There are no shortcuts in boxing
By Sue TL Fox  July 15, 2005
... WBAN continues to speak with women boxers who seem to think that they can take a “shortcut” in the sport.....Full Story


World Rankings - BoxRec
with "0" wins - Dated 07/15/05 
Check out these very "interesting" world rankings!...Full Story


Fatuma pulls a “Tyson”
June 18, 2005  
You think you have seen it all when a female boxer takes a bite on her opponent...Full Story


Wolfe to fight man--but won't fight Mahfood?!  June 16, 2005 WBAN has received notice that Ann Wolfe, will soon fight a male boxer on August 20, 2005,  at ...Full Story


The Talk of a Mixed Match Rears it's ugly head..again..By Sue TL Fox-April 28, 2005 Yes, folks...you will need to endure again....as the Circus act will soon be returning to town this year......Full Story


"Million Dollar Baby": A View From the Ring...By Bernie McCoy - February 21, 2005   It was probably "Boyz ' N the Hood" that did it for me...Full Story


Match Smells Worse than a Dirty Old Shoe...By Sue TL Fox-November 20, 2004) It should be safe to say that we all know that Donna Biggers can defeat Nicole Perkins  Full Story


Battle makes pro debut After Making false claims for millions-by Sue TL Fox - July 23, 2004
Elecia Battle, the woman who got hammered by the law for falsely claiming Full Story


Mahfood Responds to Ewell
by Valerie Mahfood- July 21, 2004
On July 17th, WBAN received a "cut to the chase" email from Full Story


"AH..gile, MO..bile, and HOS..tile"
By Bernie McCoy - July 19, 2004
Agile, mobile and hostile was the intentionally alliterative description.... Full Story


Mahfood Responds to Ewell
By Valerie Mahfood - July 21, 2004
Last night at the Level Night Club, in Miami, Florida... Full Story


Bad Blood a Brewin'?
by Sue TL Fox - July 17, 2004
on August 28th, at the Grand Casino Coushatta Pavillion, ... Full Story


Been There, Heard That
By Bernie McCoy -July 5, 2004
 Boxing fans have definitely heard it before, that slight air of amazement... Full Story


The Sound of Silence
By Bernie McCoy -June 26, 2004
The press releases have flown around the sport of Women's boxing ... Full Story


Anani Delivers Open Challenge to Rijker!
By Sumya "The Island Girl" Anani
June 14, 2004...
OPEN CHALLENGE issued by Sumya ....Full Story


Ann Wolfe responds To those concerned Over her actions in Wolfe vs. Ward-By Team Wolfe -June 2, 2004
Waco TX (June 2, 2004) Responding to those who have been critical over  Full Story


Ann Wolfe: Act Like You've Been There Before - By Bernie McCoy -June 2, 2004
Paul Brown, the legendary football coach, out of Massillon, OH, begana... Full Story


Team Rivers Talks about the fight in Guyana -June 1, 2004WBAN was recently contacted by the Kathy Rivers Team, and they talked about Kathy Full Story


Another Bogus World Title Fight on the Books   By Sue TL Fox -May 21, 2004--This weekend, there will be an all women’s boxing card staged in Japan on May 23rd, where the main event  Full Story


Press Release: Hill Responds to the stripping of her WIBF Belt-Sent in by Trish Hill - May 18, 2004
As many of you know I participated in the Women’s International  Full Story


Italy requires Headgears for Pro Women Boxers! -May 13, 2003-Presently in Italy, it is a requirement for women boxers to fight IN HEADGEAR and 10 Oz. Gloves.  Due to this... Full Story


Women's Boxing NOT new to Clint Eastwood! ....By Sue TL Fox - April 8, 2004 In the "Movie Land" news this week, it has been reported that actor Clint Eastwood is set to direct and star .Full Story


My Two Cents...By Sumya Anani - August 29, 2003  That was very interesting reading by Christy Martin talking about how accessible she was in promoting this fight. What she..Full Story


Ali vs. Martin..by Brian Ackley - August 23, 2003 Opinionated lines, ominous signs, and personal pre-fight whines about Ali-Martin......Full Story


Buyer Beware--check out this crook!
By Sue TL Fox - August 21, 2003
First thing to remember when buying things over the Internet....Make sure that the people you are dealing with are reputable...Full Story


The Best Fight: Wolfe vs Mahfood
By Bernie McCoy -August 21, 2003
Those who spend their time publicizing the sport of boxing, sometimes known as "flacks", will tell you that....Full Story


The Big Fight:  Ali vs. Martin
By Bernie McCoy -August 19, 2003
.. Despite the fact that the "mainstream" boxing press has not been affording much "ink" to the forthcoming fight.....Full Story


There Has to Be A Better Way
By Bernie McCoy -August 12, 2003
..A very smart guy told me once, "The quickest way to get a million dollars is to start with two million and become a promoter"Full Story


WBAN's Top Ten Picks of Crazy Federation Ratings!...By Sue TL Fox-August 9, 2003...If boxing federations wish to earn more credibility for their monthly or quarterly women’s boxing ratingsFull Story


"Say What"..By Bernie McCoy
August 8, 2003
...Listening to Mia St. John talk about quality boxing opponents is a bit like listening to Jennifer Lopez talk about quality movies......Full Story


I Definitely Hit Christy Martin Too Hard....
By Sumya ‘the Island Girl’ Anani - August 7, 2003
...Anani talks about the Martin - Ali fight and tidbits about Martin...Full Story


Maybe Women's Boxing should have Six Strikes you’re out!  By Sue TL Fox
July 20, 2003
Last night at the Sky Ute Casino, in Ignacio, Colorado, there was a women’s match...Full Story


“Little Mama” wouldn’t sit down!
By Sue TL Fox -July 1, 2003
...Today in Biloxi, Mississippi, the press conference for the August 23rd, Pay-Per-View fight that is to take place at the ..Full Story


HBO---FIND some other excuses... These are getting old...By Sue TL Fox -June 28, 2003...WBAN has endured reading comments made as early as ...Full Story


"Crying Wolfe"...By Bernie McCoy
June 28, 2003
The out-of-the-blue announcement of the August 23,  Laila Ali and Christy Martin matchup brought the expected reaction from.Full Story


Anani Talks about the Women's Matches on the Lewis Card....she was there!
By Bernie McCoy -June 25, 2003
.  Following the weekend of "Boxing goes to LaLa land", it continues...Full Story


Gosa....not much like a boxer… .
Photos - Mpegs and Story by Sue TL Fox
June 17, 2003
Meet Emily Gosa. Gosa is a 24-year old, mother of two. Gosa fought  Tonya Harding  ..Full Story


The Professional...By Bernie McCoy
June 17, 2003
A professional athlete is, by literal definition, someone who is paid to perform in athletic events. Unfortunately, in today's sports world .. Full Story


Level Playing Field?..By Bernie McCoy
June 6, 2003 
Sporting events, despite what we've been told, are seldom, if ever, contested on a "level playing field". There is usually a "home team" and .. Full Story


If Not Now, When?..By Bernie McCoy
May 29, 2003 
The Luddites were a conservative sect in England, in the early nineteenth century, led by a self-styled "General" Ned Ludd.. Full Story


WBAN's Top Ten "Pet Peeves" in the Sport! By Sue TL Fox
(MAY 28, 2003) WBAN can see the progress that women’s boxing has made since 1998 Ten Top Peeves


The Knockout Gets Out..by Bernie McCoy
May 28, 2003
....There is an adage in high stakes poker that advises, "If, after a half hour, you don't know who the weakest player at the table is ...Full Story


Sequels seldom work....By Bernie McCoy
May 20, 2003
....It was a cliché when I heard the joke the first time; an eighteen year old, know-it-all, Irish kid bartending at a quintessential Jewish resort ...Full Story


Regime Change in Women's Boxing
By Bernie McCoy -May 16, 2003
....It seems apparent that the torch has been passed in Women's boxing. For years, the coveted slot for female fighters ...Full Story


Anani Responds to Mia St. John's Comments...By Sue TL Fox - May 18, 2003 On May 16, 2003, WBAN had an One on One Interview with Sumya Anani AND in that interview.... Full Story


St. John Responds to Anani's Interview
By Mia St. John - May 16, 2003

WBAN went one on one with Sumya "The Island Girl" Anani, and in that interview she talked about her last fight....
Full Story
























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