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Sue Fox Named  in the "Top Ten" Most -Significant Female Boxers of All Time - Ring Magazine - Feb. 2012


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Fight Report: Moreno vs. Kentikian
by Yvonne Caples
December 3, 2012

(DEC 3) It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 years since I fought Regina Halmich in Germany and when my husband got the opportunity to come to Germany to work, I was excited about checking out the boxing scene here where women fighters are treated like queens.

I remember I was in awe of what a production a Regina Halmich fight was back then and she truly blazed a trail for all of the talented fighters here in Germany now. Susi Kentikian is the heir apparent to Halmich’s legacy and she is an exciting, explosive fighter who has won over a large German following and most recently the backing of Felix Sturm Promotions.
During my stay here in Germany I hoped to see some women’s fights and Susi was definitely on my list of fighters to see. I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that she would be taking on tough opponent Carina Moreno despite having lost her last fight to Melissa McMorrow.

Having fought Carina in 2005 and being beat soundly by her, I knew just how tough she was. Carina has had a rough few years between injuries and the difficulty of getting fights in the U.S. She has found herself in the position of being a road warrior traveling far to get fights. A combination of tough losses and bad decisions saw Carina lose 4 of her last 5 fights which was probably just enough of a sign of weakness for her to be considered an optimal candidate for Susi’s comeback fight.
If you didn’t know the background for Carina’s losses, you might think she is not the fighter she used to be, but nothing could be further from the truth. Carina proved she is still one of the top fighters in the game in her fight with Susi. This fight pitted two queens vying for boxing royal supremacy.


The Killer Queen vs. La Reina made for an intriguing match-up and the two queens didn’t disappoint. They put on an exciting, action-packed fight that did women’s boxing proud and was televised throughout Germany.

I applaud both fighters for their talent. Yet, despite having all the advantages a boxer could hope for including hometown advantage, promoter backing, youth, size, the luxury to train full time, not to mention the financial sponsorship and support to do so at a high level, the Killer Queen was not able to impose her will over La Reina.

Carina used a quick double jab to frustrate Susi and kept a steady barrage of punches coming. Although every punch that Susi landed was punctuated by the crowd’s cheers, Carina answered with 4-5 punches. Carina was the clear winner, but Kentikian paraded around the ring at the end of the fight as if she had won, and I was nervous for Carina as the judges’ scores were read. But then in a split second Carina’s hand was raised as the new WBA champion.

I was thrilled that two judges gave Carina a fair decision. It was after the fight that Carina really demonstrated who is boxing royalty.

At the press conference Carina started by complimenting Susi for being a tough fighter and thanked Felix Sturm and the German people for the fight and simply said she was happy to have won the fight.

Kentikian and her promoter then went on to complain in German at length about how they couldn’t understand the decision and how they wanted to protest.

The idea that there was any wrong-doing with the judging is absolutely preposterous. Carina wasn’t supposed to win the fight and that she did get the decision is a further testament to how well she did. An astute reporter asked Carina if she understood what they were saying and when she said no, he explained and Carina aptly responded, “I answered every punch of yours with 4-6 punches. One punch doesn’t win a fight. You are not a true champion if you can’t take a loss. I have had losses and didn’t make excuses.” It was disappointing that Susi or Felix Sturm didn’t give Carina her due. It seems that due to her popularity Susi believes she has a divine right to be the champ, but if she wants to win her belts back, she will need to get honest about her losses. The new WBA champ on the other hand is ready to rule the world. In this fight, Carina re-established herself as the queen of the ring. Her grit, grace and fighting spirit not only won her the fight, but helped to raise the game in women’s boxing. A fairy tale ending to this fight would see an American promoter take notice and sign Carina. Unfortunately, she probably won’t get any royal treatment when she gets back to the U.S. I know she’s ready and willing to take on all comers, I just hope she gets the opportunity to do so.

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