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Latest Update on
Duda Yankovich!

by Sue TL Fox
March 4, 2013

(MAR 4)  WBAN recently made contact with Duda "Diamond" Yankovich, of Brazil.  Duda has been a professional boxer since 2005, and has a 11-4-0 (5KO) record."

Duda first wanted to set the record straight about her last fight in Barranquilla, Colombia, when she fought Enis Pacheco.  Duda told WBAN, "I see that you have a lot of information, until my last fight in Colombia---most of them are true, but I have some observations to make."

Duda said, I mean, I am criticized because I had four losses in a roll---but actually after I lost to Holly Holm, I was almost a year without any training, because of my injury.  I had a surgery and recovering was tough.  That period was very difficult.  After that, I went to Africa, but I lost because I was out of competition rhythm."

"Talking about the Ann Sophie Mathis fight---I still don't know why the referee stopped the fight at that moment.  I was not even on the floor.  I had no count down.  He just stopped it.  I mean, Anne is such a great fighter---very strong, but I could fight more easily..."

"And then, a total disapointment in Colombia Fight.  Believe it or not, it was a big set up.  I was ready, I felt great and I was in great shape.  From the initially 12 rounds, the organization changed just before the fight for 10.  The gloves were huge, and not proper one, and I was fighting 135.  I mean, 8 ounce gloves, no way!  That knockdown is a pure BS.  The ring floor was full of holes and I slipped, not even fell on the floor and the referee counted.  To view the fight go here."   In regards to this fight, "That really made me very disappointed, and believe me, boxing is my passion.  I have been fighting all my life, but boxing is something I love to do."  

"I have not left boxing---I just need some time of and wait for a fair, decent fight."

"In the meantime, you know me, I love fighting.  MMA is so popular in Brazil and the most successful fighters come from Brazil.  So it is very easy to enter that world, especially for me that trained in Karate, Kick boxing and boxing."

I wasn't training ground fighting (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) much, and that cost me a loss on my MMA (135 lbs) debut by a Guilhotine on September 8, 2012.  I was winning a clean fight, but at one moment, I came too close to my opponent, who is a very good in BJJ and she got me."

"After that I got on in a Jiu Jitsu Camp, and trained so hard, morning and afternoon, and on December 1, I won the American Cup in Jiu Jitsu at 135 lbs."

"Next wee on March 9, 2013, I am fighting my second MMA fight, on Bitetti Combat famous event in Brazil."

"I train and belong with the biggest MMA Center in Brazil, and one of the biggest in the world---Team Noguera, which belongs to brothers Minotauro, and Minotouro Noguerira."

"Other athletes who train in my team are Anderson Silva, Rafael Feijao, Rony Jason, and few otheres from UFC and from Bellator Event."

"I am very serious about MMA, hoping that I can finish my career with a positive result, and also still hoping to have another title shot in professional boxing.  I am working harder than ever."

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